115 Update: From Corn’s friend.

Hi there. I'm one of Corn's friends. By his request I came here to update on his situation.

Right now, Corn is hospitalized.

His infection according to the doctors got worse, and they have him in pain killers and antibiotics.

The pain he suffers is such, that he cries while drinking water. And obviously refuses to eat, so they have him on IVs and shit to keep everything fine.

I've never seen the guy cry before, and I have seen him dislocate fingers while playing basket, and all he does during that is a mild groan.

He hasn't slept well, because even though the pain killers dull his pain, the pain still remains. He has to muster all his strength just to swallow his saliva, and every time he does shudders in pain.

He can't talk, or do anything honestly.

That was the update. If you have any questions feel free to comment I will answer them if I have the time.

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