60 Chapter 60 - Vengeance?! Again?!

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[Adam C. POV]

I stand in the middle of the forest, my sword at the ready. The air is cool, and a light mist surrounds me, giving the forest an ethereal feel.

I inhale deeply, taking in the fresh scent of pine and the earth. Then without warning, I launch into action, my movements swift and precise.

My blade flashes in the air as I execute a series of intricate maneuvers, moving faster than the naked eye can follow, striking out at imaginary opponents, anticipating their every move and countering their advance with deadly accuracy.

My muscles burn with exertion as I continue to train, the seconds turning into hours, pushing myself to the limit. Sweat drips down my forehead, as the fluidity of my movements becomes more and more instinctual with every passing moment.

I had no idea what exactly, but there was something primal and exhilarating about this, about training in the midst of nature, in a way, it felt like something that connected me to a deeper part of myself that I didn't quite know.

I enjoyed this.

This moment of peace and tranquility wielding my blade brought me.

It was the only moment I was truly at peace.

As the sun began to set, I took a moment to catch my breath, my eyes surveying the area around me. It was then that I caught sight of Erza, hiding behind some trees.

She was standing a few paces away from me, watching me with intense curiosity. Her long, red hair was tied back in a braid, and her bright red eyes sparkled in the fading light.

I lowered my sword, a faint smile playing at the corners of my lips.

"Can I help you?" I asked, my voice soft and gentle.

She yelped, surprised I had noticed her presence. "I-I didn't mean to interrupt your training," she stuttered, taking a step forward.

I shook my head, sheathing my sword. "It's fine, Erza. I'm almost done anyway." I gestured for her to come closer. "Is there something you needed to talk about?"

She hesitated for a moment before nodding. "Yes, actually. I wanted to see if you had time to train, I've trying to increase my speed with the sword, but I can make much progress."


[Third Person - POV]

The moon was just starting to set over the training grounds as Adam made his way to the sparring ring of the training grounds, in order to have a spar with Erza.

Once in the ring, he took a moment to assess her stance and form before nodding in approval.

"Good," Adam said. "Let's begin."

They started slowly, circling each other with their training swords at the ready. Adam watched as Erza shifted her weight from foot to foot, searching for her balance.

He could see her nerves, but as sure as he saw this, he also saw the fire in her eyes, the fire of someone determined to better themselves.

Adam made the first move, lunging forward with a quick thrust, taking a step back, Erza blocked the attack with shocking ease, making him nod in approval.

It hadn't been long she had started training, and even then, she was quick and had good reflexes, that being said, Adam and I knew she still lacked the necessary control.

"Good block," Adam said with a smile. "That being said a block wont win you a fight, so after that you have to follow through with a counter-attack, never let an opening go by unused."

Erza nodded, readying herself for the next attack.

"Don't hesitate," Adam said, watching her wait for him to attack. "Don't let your enemy be the one to strike first, take the initiative and strike with confidence."

Taking his words to heart, she took a deep breath and lunged forward, aiming for Adam's side, her speed leagues above anything she had shown so far.

However, as much as she had improved, she still had a long way to go.

Smiling, Adam took a step forward, and parried her blow with ease countering with a swift strike aimed at her shoulder. Seeing this, and with barely enough time to react, Erza threw her body back, and dodged it, showing clear strain in her movements.

"Excellent job Erza," Adam complimented. "But you need to work on your footwork. You need to be light on your feet and quick to move, that last move you did to dodge my attack took a toll on you."

At this, he demonstrated the footwork he wanted to see, showing her how to step to the side to avoid an attack like he had thrown, and how to pivot on one foot to gain an advantage.

Erza watched intently, absorbing every detail.

That done, he turned to her, smiling. "Try it again."

Without wasting time, they started again, and this time Erza's movements were smoother, more fluid. A simple lesson, and she now moved with more grace and control, her strikes becoming more and more precise.

"That's better," Adam beamed at her, pleased with her quick improvement. "Now, let's work on your defense. You need to be able to read your opponent's movements and anticipate their attacks."

Giving her no time to process what he had said, he attacked again, but this time he varied his movements, increasing and decreasing the power and speed behind them, throwing in feints and deceptions.

Struggling to react, Erza blocked some of the attacks, but others caught her off guard, pushing her back, and giving birth to the frustration in her eyes.

Adam knew what she was thinking, but he also knew it was a necessary lesson.

"Erza, you can't rely on your eyes alone to strike," Adam smiled, patting her in the head, before pointing at her with his training blade. "Don't just react to your opponent, instead anticipate his moves, and strike accordingly."

"I see!" Erza beamed at him, giving him a bright smile through her exhaustion.

"Well, that's enough for today," Adam said, sheathing his training blade. "Rest well, Erza. You did well today."

"But… what about my speed?" Erza pouted, feeling like she had been cheated out of what he had offered to do, help her increase her speed, or guide her in the right direction.

Adam chuckled, looking at her fondly. "Erza, your speed is great. You're one of the fastest sparring partners I've ever trained with. But remember, speed without control is useless. You need to learn the bases first, and then increase the level of power behind them."

Erza sighed, giving Adam a nod.


[Gildarts Clive POV]

I watched from the sidelines as Adam trained with Erza, a proud smile on my face.

Ah, how proud I was of the son I never had but had anyway thanks to a series of hilarious events.

Adam had come a long way since he first joined the guild, and it was clear that he was on his way to becoming of the most powerful, if not the most powerful mages in the continent.

Heck, I might even have to up my training if I want to keep ahead of the kid.

As for Erza... Well… she was something else entirely. Her skill was impressive, and her determination had no equal, I had no doubt that she would be one of the strongest mages in the guild one day.

As they finished their training for the day, I walked over to them, clapping my hands, startling Adam who as always didn't expect me.

I could see in his eyes that my demeanor was not the one he expected…

Perhaps he had done something I had yet to find out, and that was why he was looking at me that way… who knows? Who cares?

"Good job, you two," I said, grinning. "Erza, you're getting better every day. And Adam, my son, my lovely, lovely, LOVELY, son, you're an excellent teacher."

Adam smiled in a tense manner, before nodding his head in thanks. "Thank you, Father, lovely, lovely father. I couldn't ask for a better student."

Erza blushed at the compliment, but I could see the determination in her eyes, something that said she wanted to be worthy of such praise or die trying.

"I want to be the strongest person in the guild," Erza said, her voice firm.

I chuckled, ain't she ambitious? "Well, you're well on your way, Erza. Keep up the good work."

With that, I left them to continue their training, feeling proud of the young mages who were quickly becoming some of the guild's strongest members.

As I walked away, I couldn't help but feel a sense of satisfaction. Watching these young mages grow and—-

"Are you by chance Gildarts Clive, from the Fairy Tail guild?" A man appeared out of nowhere, holding a pack of papers on his hands.

I turned to look at the man, studying him for a moment before answering. "I am. What can I do for you?"

The man stepped forward, extending the packet of papers towards me. "I am front the FCP, Fiord's Child Service program, and we have come to notice you owe your first born, Adam Clive, over two hundred million Jewels in child support."

My eyes widened in shock as I took the packet of papers, scanning through them quickly. This couldn't be real. I had adopted Adam a few months ago!

"Is this a joke?" I asked, incredulous. "Did the brat put you up to this?"

The man sighed, looking at me with a mix of sympathy and annoyance. "It's always the terrible excuses for a human that have kids. Sir, I know it's a lot of money, but it's been accruing interest for years. And unless you want to go to trial, you need you to make a payment as soon as possible."


"ADAM! I WIL KILL YOU!" I roared to the skies.

Wait, I can't kill him… That would make Cana cry… but I could cripple him… right? I mean, it had to be within my rights to cripple my 'first born.'

I understood now why Adam was so tense, the little bastard had fucked me with this, but this wasn't over!

"You will never catch me alive, bitch!" Adam shouted from the other side of the town.

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