27 Chapter 27 - Beautiful Danger.

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[Adam POV]

I spent roughly more than three weeks traveling towards Alakitasia, crossing the border with false documents to avoid any kind of suspicion from security personnel. 

Luckily, finding someone willing to create the forgeries had been no challenge.

Now all that was left was keeping a low profile, and the rest would fall into place.

The hardest part of keeping that low profile was keeping my power sealed within me to avoid drawing any unwanted attention.

It hadn't been an easy feat to accomplish, I had to meditate a lot on my way, and visualize the complex network of barricades that I wanted to place around my power before putting them on, preventing it from leaking out into the world.

But, against all odds, I had managed to succeed. 

But that's beyond the point now.

Right now time was of the essence, 

Mavis leaned in and her voice dropped to a whisper as she said, "The Rod of Flesh if not something you will find in a common market, some if not most people consider the item a... taboo item, not enough to be considered black magic, but enough to be sold in the black market." 

With a name like that? I can see why, honestly. It didn't sound like something you would find in your local grocery shop.

"Any idea where the market would be?" I asked, hoping for the answer not to be the capital.

"The Capital."


"We could find it somewhere else, but our best bet is the capital," Mavis added, reading my expression.

I chuckled, cracking my neck from side to side. "Let's go then."


It took me two days to arrive at the capital, via several modes of transportation.

And, the first thing I noticed as I approached was the sudden switch in the air. It didn't take me long to realize this change was due to an undeniable force that seemed to be emanating from the castle at the center of the city. 

Never in my life, I had ever felt such a magnitude of power, it was as vast an endless sea and as unyielding as hellfire itself. All I had to say was that it was overwhelming. 

Even from afar, I could feel it.

The most shocking part was that the power I was feeling wasn't even trying to be suffocating, or aggressive in any manner for those capable of feeling it, it was just there... and that alone was enough to send off a warning.

In fact, the amount of magic power I was feeling was so immense that I didn't know if it was the combination of two energies in one place or just one.

Regardless of that, whatever I was feeling, it far outclassed Gildarts, or the old man for that matter, by a lot.

I had to be extra careful now.

Pushing those thoughts aside, I shifted my gaze around the bustling cityscape, scanning the crowds and taking note of any suspicious characters. 

After a few moments of doing so, I spotted a figure in a dark hoodie lurking in an alleyway. 

Now all I had to do was find a way to make the man guide me to the place I was looking for. 

Deciding to take a direct approach I took a step forward. However, before I could take another step, a looming figure emerged from the shadows behind me, emanating an almost suffocating amount of power.

To the point I could feel the hairs on my arms standing on end, halting my advance completely.

That's all it had taken?


Ten minutes?

I meditated to seal my power, and all it took for someone to find me was ten, fucking MINUTES?!

Please God, let it be August and not anyone else.

I closed my eyes and slowly exhaled, sending a silent plea to the universe to please do my a solid and have August behind me. Alas as I turned on my heel to see who it was that was behind me, I found myself face to face with none other than Irene Belserion, looking down on me with chilling curiosity.

Irene stood tall on the spot, with her head held high and an air of confidence surrounding her. Her long hair had been intricately and tightly braided and was adorned with bows up the sides. Near the top of each braid, there were two golden ornaments that glinted in the light. 

She wore U-shaped earrings in each earlobe, as well as red lipstick on her lips. 

Her curves were overly accentuated by the fabric of her sinfully tight dress, giving her a more than a simple alluring presence.

Well, I guess when it comes to ways to die, this is certainly one I don't... dislike that much.

Seriously, look at the size of those jugs. Please God, seeing you already fucked me enough already with who found me, let my death be by suffocation via those God-made orbs.

"This is bad, Adam, you need to run now!" Mavis ordered, her eyes widening in shock.

Yeah, that's not an option. Even if I happened to be faster than her thanks to Shunpo, her magic could counter my speed and keep me in this country no matter what I did.

Irene raised an eyebrow as she followed my gaze to her ample chest. "My, aren't you a bit too young to be interested in such things?" she said with a wry smile and an amused tone.

"I don't think so," I replied, there was no age to appreciate a good pair of tits, enemy or not. "Besides, you would need to take like... ten steps back if you want me to look at your face, have you seen the difference in our heights? It's kind of hard to see anything other than your... magnificent attributes when we are this close."

Irene chuckled softly, for a moment almost making me forget the delicate nature of my situation right now, being that one false move on my part could mean my end. 

Meaning I had to tread carefully, very carefully.

"You are quite straightforward, I like that," Irene said, her gaze turning cold and indifferent, her voice loud and clear despite the noise of traffic and conversations swirling around us. "Now for your sake, keep that attitude and tell me - why are you here today, and why are you sealing away your magical powers?"

"This is bad..." Mavis muttered, and I could see in her eyes was trying to come up with a plan to help me.

But that wouldn't change a thing.

Irene was older than me.

Stronger than me.

And smarter than me.

The only way I could turn this around in a favorable manner, was by playing around with the truth. Meaning… Half-truths, no lies.

I cleared my throat and spoke in a low voice. "The reason why I'm here, it's because I need something from the black market, a Rod of Flesh." I held my breath, watching Irene's expression carefully, but there was no reaction from her, so I continued. "As for why I'm sealing my power... it was to avoid problems, more than not people around me tend to... react poorly to my power, I'm not exactly the best at controlling it."


I hadn't lied.

If I let my power roam freely, it would hurt others around me.

And the reason I was here was to get the Rod of Flesh.

Irene's gaze moved up and down my body, and I felt like she was staring right into my soul. "I see," she said slowly, her lips curling into a strange, menacing grin. She let out a low chuckle that sent shivers down my spine. "Such potential," she muttered. "If that's the case, then allow me to accompany you to the black market. I can't in good conscience leave a young one like you alone in such a dangerous environment."


She had left Erza alone, in a dangerous place as a newborn baby, so this altruistic shit wasn't her reason behind shit, the only reason why she wanted to help me was because she wanted to play with me for a bit before deciding what to do.

She was like a cat, playing with its prey before deciding whether to let it go, or kill it.

"She's playing with you," Mavis said, stating the obvious.

I didn't need to be a tactical genius to know that the lady with massive boobs was playing a game of cat and mouse with me for her own amusement.

I smiled nervously, feeling her gaze fixed on me like a hawk watching its prey. "I wouldn't like to impose," I smiled, trying to deter her from following me, but alas her eyes remained on me, not backing down an inch. "But, if you insist," I said reluctantly, "I would love the company, especially if said company is such a beautiful lady."

"Charming, you will be breaking hearts in no time it seems," Irene smiled, her eyes twinkling with amusement, as her lips formed a slight smirk. "Come, I know the way. Oh, and that reminds me, what's your name, kid?"

I swallowed hard, hoping my name hadn't reached this continent yet, not even as a rumor. "Adam, just Adam, no last name, and yours?"

"Irene Belserion, a pleasure to meet you, just Adam."

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