6 Uneventful




--Narrator Pov--

Magnolia, the town where once the strongest guild is situated.

Fairy Tail

But now it is just a husk of its's former glory.

And In the very Town there is a house among many.

The house was nothing special but the young man now laying in his bed was definitely special.

Romeo Conbolt.


--Romeo Pov--

I still remember that day clearly. The loss...

But that loss gave me something...Something that had propelled my power to be the strongest in the guild.

Fire Devil Slayer Magic.

Yes, I have a slayer magic.

I don't really know how someone gets a "Devil Slayer" or a "God Slayer" magic.

Porlyusica informed everyone about the situation.

It was a chaos to be honest.

Having a slayer magic was already awesome.

And something like "Devil Slayer" a totally unknown was even better.

As Porlyusica did some 'tests' on me basically checking if I can eat fire and how hot my fire burns.

And good news, My fire is hotter than that of Natsu but I can't manipulate like he can.

I even tried learning Pyrokinesis from Totomaru.

I did learn it and I can control flames but not my Devil Slayer Flames.

My Purple Flame and Devil Slayer Magic fused...?

As I like to call it "Hell Blaze".

Of course I can still use it as a separate flames but using "Hell Blaze" is better since it adds my flames the property of being non-extinguishable.

I summon the flames in my hand. It looked dark purple.

The surrounding starts begin heating up...

But I know this much is not enough...

Not enough for me to defeat any of the five dragons god or Zeref or Acnologia.

I am still weak.



Name: Romeo Conbolt

Age: 13

MP: A+

Strength: A-

Agility: A-

Endurance: A-

Intelligence: A-

Wisdom: A-

Luck: A

Abilities (+)


The stats point have disappeared. In other words, one of my cheat is gone.

The reason for that being that after becoming a 'A-ranked mage' system can no longer provide stats point that will increase my level.

In a simpler terms this is the system's limit.

A ranked mage.

I can no longer rely on system to give me stats points.

At least it still gives me skills. The skills point also can't raise the rank of skill after it reaches the "A-threshold".



Magic: Purple Flame (+), Lightning Magic (+), Requip (+), Barrier Magic (+), Fire Magic (+), Transformation Magic (+), Wind Magic (+), Rune Magic (+),Fire Devil Slayer Magic(+), Pyrokinesis (+).

Skills: Cooking (+), Fishing (+), Sense Danger (+), Speed Runner (+), Builder (+), Samurai (+), Magician (+),Good eyesight (+), Brain (+), Aura(+), Sword Heart (+).


The number of magic I have has only increased by two but my proficiency in these magics have gotten higher.

I also hardly get any missions nowadays only getting two but I am pretty sure it will increase after cannon comes along.

Grand magic Games will also start this year but Fairy Tail decided not to participate due to lack of strong members but next year we will participate...


A/N: I was not going to write a chapter today because of electricity problem but decided to write.

Take this as a bonus chapter since I don't think anything special will have happened this year.

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