9 Sylph Labyrinth


I came out of the train.

My training begins...I need greater power, sure I can keep on training till Natsu and others come and I am pretty sure I would be as strong as a S-ranked mage.

But that's not how I roll...I am not some super intelligent, expert manipulator type guy. I am just a normal guy who is a little lucky and am little strong.

I looked around and arrived at the [Sylph Town] one of the towns present in Fiore.

The reason for me coming here is for power-up. I won't get power-up here but I will find the information of something...something very important.

As I searched for the guild, I finally found it. A treasure hunter guild.

The Sylph Labyrinth, the strongest treasure hunter guild..

I saw a fairly large and flashy building.

With a insignia of the guild.

"Really flashy huh as expected of Treasure Hunters", I entered the guild unlike our guild it had a more professional environment. Three counters all having a line.

The guards looked at me, I stared them back.

They flinched...

A man wearing a suit came near me, "How may I help you, sir?"

"I want some information."

The man nodded and he escorted me to a room.

I sat on the sofa.

Another man came in the room. He too was wearing a suit but in his hand was a notebook. A peculiar notebook as it had lacrima in the middle of it.

'A magic item huh'

The man greeted me and we shaked hands.

He sat infront of me.

"What kind of information, sir?"

"About a location of a place."

The man nodded and asked, "Which place sir?"

"The Sun village, the place that holds the eternal flame."

The man nodded once again his face stoic not even a speck of surprise.

"That's a really valuable information. I will inform the guild master about this."

I nodded and after a while he came back once again, escorting me to the guild master's room.

As I went closer, I sensed a powerful energy. It was of a S-ranked mage but it was concealed a little.

'A hidden bodyguard eh'

I entered the room.

There were actually two S-ranked mage, one hidden while other shown.

I also noticed 10 other strong mages hiding in the shadows.

I looked at them all directly in the eyes.

"Greetings guild master"

The guild master surprised by my skills looked a little surprised before maintaining composure in a second, "Hello there young man. Take a seat"

I nodded and took a seat.

"What would you like, tea, water or a juice perhaps?", He asked. His tone formal.

He was a old man wearing medieval clothes.

"A water would be enough"

He nodded and a second later I got a glass of water.

"So I heard you wanted the location of sun village?"

I nodded as I drank the water, finishing it in a gulp.

"How much are you willing to offer?"

"Seventy thousand jewel"

He thinks for a while before agreeing, "Alright."

He summons a map in his hand and gives it to me. I summon the jewels and give it to him.

He does not checks and simply takes the jewel. I look at the map and nod.

"Thank you guild master"

The old man smiles, "No worries. Come again next time if you want anything."

"I will"

As I see the map in my hand. I can't help but smile.

I exit the building and make my way towards a restaurant.

'Let's eat before going'


--Narrator Pov--

"Guild Master, did you just scam him?", the guard right next to Guild Master asked.

He was a trusted bodyguard of the master of the guild. He was a personal guard hence no any problems.

"Why do you say so?", The guard transformed from a hooded tall man to a shorter man. The hood gone revealing his face.

"You know that the eternal flame is literally frozen. No magic can unfreeze that atleast no ordinary magic."

"Well. Do you know who that boy is?"

"Who? A Fairy Tail wizard?"

"Yes, He is a fairy tail wizard. The strongest currently. They call him the 'Hell Flames' "

The bodyguard nodded his head, "So he is strong?"

"Yes. His flames hot enough to melt a mountain"

The guard nodded. If the guild master acknowledges then he must be strong...


Going there, Romeo noticed the frozen surrounding...

Can he really melt the ice?

This was a test of strength for him...


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