10 Chapter 10: New Totems(2)

* Earth Land, Ishgar, Fiore *

* December 6, Year 771 *

* Evening *

Speaking of sentry totems, the sentry totem that I've made is from a Iron shelled tortoise that I've exterminated in a mission. Apparently it was blocking the road so 3 villages piled up money to hire a wizard to exterminate the tortoise.

The mission was pretty easy I only need to keep firing baryon formation beams at it. It took a whole 20 baryon formation beams before it died since it's defense is at the Peak Low stage E-rank Wizard. That's 20! Baryon formation beams that had a pinnacle F-rank wizard strength, one can imagine the horror of that tortoise's defense.

After I've killed the tortoise I took it's corpse back to the Mage's Sanctuary, and refine it to a powerful Low E-rank totem. The effects of the totem is when I activate it, it will form a shield of ethernano 5 meters around me. Since it's refined the same way as the wolves, it's defense is equivalent to a low rank middle stage E-rank wizard.

That totem is also my very first E-rank totem, If I'm not wrong this wolf pack totem individual power is Pinnacle F-rank and Low E-rank for the Alpha totem. I can't wait to test the totems so I went out of the Mage's sanctuary and went to sleep.

*********** LINE BREAK **************

* December 7, Year 771 *

* Morning *

After doing all my morning routine I went to the forest east of Magnolia and find an open clearing. After I've found a open clearing, I stand there and experimented with my totems new strength. After a bit of testing I found that the attacks of the totems had variated a bit.

The wolf pack totem is now different from the normal, It's attack now is a blood red beam filled with fierceness and blood thirsty. And their concentrated attack that have a power of Pinnacle F-rank wizard attack, is now a bit different.

It's no longer a concentrated beam, it's concentrated attack when it fires it. The attack that will come out is a blood red wolf head that can bite at the enemy causing more damage than the totems before.

Seeing this I took a look if there is a difference with other attacks. After I tested out the other attacks, as I thought there's a bit difference than the other attacks.

In line formation, there's still a slash, But the slash is slightly different from before. If before the slash is just plain now, its a blood red fang that can cut through low E-rank Magical creatures leather.

And the baryon formation is when fire is a giant blood red wolf head with a sized of 4 meters in size. This thing is massive!! The baryon formation can also separate the wolf head into 4 smaller 1- meter wolf head that blows up upon impact.

The Baryon formation's attack is equal to a pinnacle Low E-rank Wizard's attack.

And when they rush at the enemy they don't look like just green beams. Now when they rush at the enemy Blood red energy surrounds them that forms into a Hideous and Fierce looking wolf head that can bite the enemy.

Now that where already experimenting, I took out my Iron defense sentry and stuck it to the ground forming a five meter energy shield around me that cannot be penetrated from the outside. Since this sentry is connected to my Mage's Sanctuary then It will never run out of power.

The only way to destroy it is to attack it with a power far surpassing the defense of this totem which is low middle stage E-rank Magical creature defense. Or fire 10 attacks equivalent to the defense of the totem

If the attacks do not land at the same time then the sentry will not be destroyed since it can fix the energy shield by itself.

As I look at the Silver totem that is shining with a metallic light, It's about 7 meters tall and have a tortoise shell at the top of it. The tortoise head is connected to the middle of the totem and look like a gentle creature .

As I test the defense of the sentry I fired consecutive baryon formation beams at it and it did not even budge by a little. Worthy of a defense that I've crafted I thought in a narcissistic behavior.

As I was looking at this I'm excited to take it for a mission and that's what I exactly did. I reach the fair tail guild hall when it's about to be afternoon. I entered the guild hall and notice that it's a bit less chaotic than yesterday as I wondered why.

As I look around, I found them four person sitting by the guild bar eating. As I was looking at them they noticed me too, They smiled at me and waved, I waved back as I approached the bar table.

" So you're the new kid huh?" Asked a young teenager about 11 years old wearing a camel colored outer shirt, with a black long sleeve underneath the outer one, and he's wearing green military pants with his signature headphones.

This is Laxus Dreyar the grandson of Makarov Dreyar, At this year Ivan Dreyar is not yet exiled, so Laxus is still not that power hungry compared to the original. At this year although Laxus is still arrogant he still cares for fairy tail even for the weak ones not like cannon Laxus.

" HAHAHAHA Is this the kid that I've heard about that uses the same magic as me???!!!" I turned to the source of the crazy laughter. And immediately saw a boy about 10 years old that wears exactly what he wears during cannon. ( Too lazy to describe the other guys and gals outfit so just search it on google.)

Same as in the cannon timeline I think Bickslow has a screw or two loose on his head with his crazy laughter. " If the rumors are indeed correct then it should be similar to yours. " Elegantly said a 9-Year old Freed.

"Hello there Cutie, How about you come to play with big sis?" I looked at her weirdly when she's just nine years old and dare to talk to me like this???

Freed Justice and Evergreen the other two members of the thunder god tribe. Even though they are just kids now they are quite strong, since Laxus will become an S-rank mage 7 years later.

"Hi Big brothers and Big sister, I'm just new to the guild. My name is John Osborne I use [Totem Magic], you Big Brothers and Big sisters who are you. Why I haven't saw you in two weeks that I'm here?" I introduced myself and asked them.

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