~Silva K. POV~


After ending the battle with Acnologia and giving myself time to rest I began to make my journey back to Magnolia.

Using my spell to teleport myself back to my apartment room I closed my eyes and wondered how far I've been through in this life I've been given a second chance at.


Landing on my bed and viewing my room I couldn't help but feel a bit sad looking at it now. Now it lost that little bit of happiness.

But… closing my eyes so long as I have my memories of her then it won't be a totally bad place to dream of her being around. Just like she said though I gotta grow up someday.



[Next Day…]


Opening my eyes viewing the sunlight flashing through my window I woke up sighing out loud scratching my hair, "Sigh… today is going to be a hectic day. Hahaha…"

Laughing lightly I began to get dressed up in my usual clothing oh? My eyes soon landed upon a certain key that could open somewhere but I had never seen it before activating my observation skill on it.

<Observe >.


Item: Time Key

Rarity Item: SSS?

Type: Dungeon Key

Description: Congrats gamer you have defeated the majority of enemies left in the Fairy Tail world proving your might once and for all! Although… A key that allows you to open an instance dungeon in a Rift in Time and Space. The entrance to this dungeon is in the vicinity of Crocus's Clock Tower.

A certain someone is waiting for a challenger. Are you brave enough to take the challenger gamer?


What the hell is this? Post DLC?

My eyebrows were raised seeing this. But it is not like I would willingly – 



Listening to the sounds of 3 angry women slamming at my door I felt a chill run down my spine listening to Mira, Erza, and Juvia's voices.

Aw, crab baskets. I could listen to their voices of anger as my fight with Acnologia didn't go unnoticed.


"Silva Knights you better open this door right now and explain why the hell could everyone sense your Magic Power skyrocketing against fucking ACNOLOGIA?!!"

"Silva-sama please let me heal you of your post-morning wood!!"

"Silva by my power and authority big sister authority you better open the door or there will be hell to pay?!!"



You know… taking on that incredibly dangerous dungeon sounds more reasonable than this!

Opening up a portal with <Aqua Aera> as I know my doors enchantments won't last soon. Once conjured I stepped through the other end till I heard the girls bringing the big guns to break through my door.

"<True Sword Magic: OMNI-SLASH>!!"

"<True Darkness Magic: DARK HOLE>!!"

"<True Water Magic: BERMUDA TRIANGLE>!!"



And that's my cue to leave. My portal closed immediately seeing the girls glare at me reaching towards me as I waved them off, "SILVA!!!!"


Man… talk about cutting it close there. Now then… clenching my fist I wonder who would challenge me?


~Third POV~

Wandering through Crocus disguised wanting to know who sent him the key. He had a distinct feeling of who but was merely curious why sent the item to him in a roundabout way.

Remembering the warning Silva had to be careful of how to proceed in dungeons and have to be extremely cautious. Years of his time being an S-Class Wizard showed analyzing the key carefully.

Going towards his destination Silva took a moment to observe the area till his eyes landed on the mountains to the west, recalling that the arena for the Great Magic Game. Soon he followed the directions towards a specific location of his item the Time Key near at vicinity of Crocus' Clock Tower.

Once Silva was near the vicinity of Crocus's Clock Tower he received a notification from the abilities as [THE GAMER] with a screen popping up.


[You have the item Time Key in your possession! Would you like to use the item to enter the Rift in Time and Space dungeon?

Notice: You cannot leave the dungeon once you enter inside. You must finish talking or challenging your opponent to leave.

Do you wish to proceed?

[Accept: Y] or [Deny: N]]

Upon getting near the vicinity of Crocus's Clock Tower pressing the accept button Silva soon saw a purplish kaleidoscope glow surrounding him instantly devouring him whole.



[The Rift in Time and Space]


Exiting out his eyes widened as he looked around soon surprised seeing was no longer on Earthland but instead in the dungeon he turned around to see the place having tile floors of stone along with crystalized walls sprouting out from the room.


But then his eyes widened in shock seeing a person he wasn't expecting to meet greet him in a calm tone, "Welcome. This place is separate from the real world; an interval in between space and time, past and future. All sorts of things and beings from throughout all of time and space can be found here, including myself."

Silva looked in disbelief as he thought to himself seeing the person in front of him but soon rationalized himself of what she was saying, 'Ultear… but isn't she still alive in my time? I forgot I'm in a place that's separate from the real world like she says.'

Ultear continues to explain ignoring Silva's stare as if prepared for those entering inside as she turns her gaze at him finishing her words, "If you would proceed, be wary. This place is ever-changing. It's impossible to know what lies ahead until you go there yourself. Should you proceed… you might just find yourself confronted with encounters most surprising."


Covering his eyes Ultear suddenly vanished in front of his eyes as Silva holding onto his Balmung already drawn sighed out, "Sigh… this is certainly going to be a different experience. But time to game on Silva."

Then another voice soon interjected sounding smug responding to him, "Took the words right out of my mouth."

Like that Silva turned around to see a person before chuckling realizing who gave him the Time Key now, "Hahaha… of course it had to be you. Being X."

Jack revealed in his Huntsman outfit merely frowned crossing his arms and leaning his back on the wall annoyed still given that nickname, "Not gonna drop that nickname anytime soon, aren't you?"

Silva snorted at his claims seeing him armed with a blade giving him bad vibes responding, "Tch. Sure, still gonna call you that if out of spite. Why the heck send me to a home filled with dead bodies in the first place man?"

Jack merely smiled responding with a shrug surprising Silva leaving him genuinely speechless of his shamelessness, "Why not? I mean you needed a head start and found a way to grow past your limits. And besides that, though you managed to awaken your Magic through your virtue and help all thanks to me, right?"

Silva could only slam his hand over his face at Jack's shamelessness before sighing out loud getting to the point, "Sigh… let's get to the point man. I have like 3 angry girlfriends that will tear me apart today and I would rather have that than talk to you…"

Jack merely laughed as he began to start a conversation with Silva wanting to know handing him a Q&A feedback paper as he frowned, "The heck… Question 1 After having gone through playing my system some feedback would be best provided – Oi! Did you seriously call me across time and fucking space to ask for some fucking feedback about your Gamer System?!!"

Jack merely nodded in a serious tone matching with his expression leaving Silva genuinely speechless, "Of course I did! How else would I give the next Gamer in our little guild a better leveling system or benefits? Hence I kind of need your feedback to make the next Gamer more comfortable and adjusted."

Silva's eyes twitched deciding to give the guy his opinions honestly writing everything down with an annoyed expression.

When everything was done as Jack read over everything he smiled at the contents and reviews thanking Silva for his time and replying, "Ah… okay thanks for the feedback, mate. This will certainly help in adjusting the leveling system and nerfing the quest rewards with no quest but inventory. Or I could do better mhmm…"


Returning the paper of his information Silva couldn't help but finally respond to Jack as the challenge he was supposed to face, "Not to be rude or anything wasn't there a challenge I was supposed to face?"

Jack hearing that merely replied analyzing Silva in a curious tone of his adventure in Earth Land expressing genuine interest, "Sure, sure but before we get to that… ahem! how did you like coming to Fairy Tail? Did living and experiencing this world help you move on from your depression? Did experiencing the grand and dangerous situations help you as a person?"

Blinking at this sudden questioning Silva thought before slowly smiling recalling his experience being within the Fairy Tail guild, "Yeah… yeah they did. Fairy Tail… once thought fiction turned reality for me. Originally, I was a hopeless fool before I was tossed into this world and then met a great number of wonderful people. Taking the first step in this journey was truly something magical."

Silva took the time to reminisce his journey from beginning to end chuckling lightly in a happy tone, "The journey huh? I never saw myself going through what I've done in my lifetime or experiencing all that life has to offer. It is good to have an end to a journey toward, but it is the journey that matters in the end."

Jack smiled contently replying to an old quote catching Silva's attention recalling that familiar quote fondly, "You truly experienced a magical path, Silva. But tell me this? Do fairies have tails? Do they even exist… like them, this place is an eternal mystery… a never-ending adventure!"

Opening his arms wide and making a point Silva merely laughed replying holding his hand over his heart, "Yeah… I truly believe that an eternal mystery so long as I hold it dear to my heart. The treasure of adventures is those whom I made along the way. I may not have gone where I intended to go, but I think I have ended up where I intended to be."

Jack smiles satisfied by Silva's answer nodding as he flicks his hand to reveal an open arena-sized battlefield with the background of the galaxy shown walking back and accepting his answer contently, "Of course. It's the lessons of life we learn while living that give humans the shortest lifespan appreciation of life and death. Silva Knights, you have exceeded my expectations… but…"


Stopping he soon turned around revealing his Zanpakuto weapon revealing his <Spirit Pressure> causing Silva to be on guard as Jack responded proudly, "You have lots to learn about the world and its wonder. Thus give this old Huntsman some fun and show me the growth you've gone through in your journey! After all… The end of your journey is the beginning of your next one! A journey is a person itself, no two are alike."

Silva merely smirked showing off his Balmung at the ready not caring if he won or lost wishing to show off his skills proudly at Jack happily, "Very well then God or Being X. But be warned I'll show you what a Fairy Tail Wizard like me got to offer!! Time to game on!!"




Like that, the clash between the two began leaving only those to wonder what truly happened. Life has an end and a beginning.

It's not about who wins or who loses. It's all about remembering why you started in the first place.

Life is like a journey that has a lot of different paths, but any paths you choose use it as your destiny. The only thing that is ultimately real about your journey is the step that you are taking at this moment.

That's all that ever is… at least for this Gamer Path.



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