42 Chapter 42: Sub-Zero Emperor (7)

Chapter 42: Sub-Zero Emperor (7)

~Third POV~


As the two were exiting outside the rest of the Fairy Tail members soon heard the sounds as they rushed in with Gray stunned seeing a person he thought had died protecting him as Natsu voices out of the demons cry, "Silva!! There you are!!! What happened to preserve it!! There's only one thing to do now!!! We got – huh?"

That was when they finally looked behind the two as the roars of Deliora became silent with them witnessing it dying crumbling down as Erza glances at the woman around Silva's neck supporting her in curiosity, "So… care to explain who you are miss?"

At this Ur sees Lyon crawling over only to be stunned seeing her again as she introduces herself to the group, "I'm Ur. The one who's the mentor of my two Ice Mages Gray and Lyon."

The group's eyes widen at that declaration as all eyes dart towards Silva with a cheeky grin on his face replying to them, "Yup! It was a major pain in the rear to change her back to normal by the way in a short time. You all can ask the how later. Right now, I bet you both have lots of explaining to do."

Moving again if a bit wobblily she thanked the group as Silva with Lucy, Natsu, Happy, and Erza left with them wanting answers as Ur eyes her two students.


A cold ice formed encasing Lyon in ice from the neck down as she walks over as he tried to wriggle against his confinement she frowns seeing him in this state talking to him, "Lyon. Deliora has been defeated and killed. In what sick idea in your head is reviving a demon ever a good idea?!"

Lyon gritted his teeth as his pride broke down seeing Ur alive again could only have mixed emotions as he argued back, "But you were encased using Iced Shell! I thought you died with no way to surpass you!! The only way to surpass you in death was to revive the demon!!!"

Ur frowns at this leaning closer to Lyon reduced to what he was like when she first met him sighing as she replies back, "Your work was trying to revive the demon to surpass me? Lyon you know better than this. And what's with you ordering an attack on a village?"

Lyon could only hang his head with shame before feeling warmth from her with a sudden hug as Ur motherly instincts took over wishing to see her students again, "I love you both. I really missed seeing you both grow up into fine young men. But first… <Ice Make: Brass Knuckles>!!!!!"



A sudden uppercut to the chin knocked Lyon out as a tick mark grew on Ur head she scolded Lyon for his rash actions, "Next time don't try to be an idiot!! Attacking a village is already dumb my foolish student!!! Unless you want to receive some TOUGH love from me you better be prepared for the consequences you damn brat!!! You got it, Lyon!!"

Lyon despite being knocked out smile spread across his face missing such moments with his mentor silently exhausted mentally and physically being knock out as Ur turns around to see Gray with mixed emotions before he finally falls to his knees in front of her, his head bowed low.

A glint of surprise flashed her eyes as she smiles seeing how much Gray have changed over the course of 10 years have passed.

Gathering the courage, he held in his heart over the years of his mistake he finally spoke out wanting to apologize for what he has done to force her to lose 10 years of her life for him with a guilty tone, "I'm… glad to see you again Master!! I apologize for causing you to lose your life 10 years ago!! The pain and guilt I build up not a day going by I stupidly went to challenge Deliora and the harsh words I said to you –"


With one tap over his shoulder, Gray flinched expecting pain but instead a hug making him pause in place shock filling him as Ur responds to his emotions, "I'm fine. I made the call, and you were just a kid at the time. I just hope you don't go making those kinds of calls again anymore."

Gray flinched as he was reminded that he did almost exactly that to Lyon but didn't in the end as Ur chuckled ruffling his hair, "Maybe you haven't grown up as I thought? You're still that 8-year-old brat I remember. It's good to finally see you grow up into a fine young man with friends to rely upon."

Gray lifts his head up seeing Ur but smiles contently before finally asking the next question confused, "Thanks Master… but… how exactly you got out from the Iced Shell? I thought once you use it there was no way to return you back?"

Ur for her part was equally confused but the smile on her face as their eyes dart towards the passage out of the temple as she replied to him, "I'm not sure myself. But frankly, your friend Silva seemed to have broken me out of my icy prison. I would've never gotten out on my own – whoa…!"

Feeling tired and stumbling Gray eyes widen as he caught her as she laughs nervously regaining her footing again, "Whoops. Seems like I still need to get a better handle on my body again. So used to having Ice as an implant I kind of forgot I have a new limb again."

Gray let Ur use his neck to anchor her arms around him as he spoke out kindly to Ur in a grateful tone, "Yeah… here let me help you out Ur. It's the very least I can do for you Master. Got to have to ask Silva how he managed but also thank him for bringing you back."

Ur could only nod as Gray helps her out…


Getting some distance out and leaving the temple the group got together once Erza managed to destroy the curse that was inflicting the villagers.

After that point, the village chief wanted to give them their reward but Erza refused but took the Golden Key as a gift and gave it to Lucy much to her joy obtaining another Golden Key that this one belonging to the Golden Key of Sagittarius.

Later they decided to stay the night till the next morning before leaving as the group with Ur included listened to the story of how he managed to get her out of her Iced Shell form of ice with a genuine surprise from the group with Lucy asking surprised, "Wait? You simply have a Magic Tool used to help Ur regain her form. That's it?"

Silva nodded explaining the story he fabricated not revealing the Philosopher Stone sticking to his story, "Yeah. I happen to use a Magic Tool to help regain Ur original form. Sadly, she lost her strength under the exposure of the Moon Drip, but it beats being stuck in ice for the rest of her life."

The group wanted to hear more but Erza merely nodded ending the topic as she talked to the rest Ur was confused about what Erza spoke next, "That's a very interesting tale to be sure but frankly though we aren't here for that now. Natsu, Lucy, Happy, and Gray when we return back to the guild you all better be prepared for your punishment."

They all flinched at that as Ur raised an eyebrow asking Gray what Erza specifically meant by punishment in a curious tone, "Gray? What does Erza exactly mean by that getting punished? Did you do something naughty?"

Gray could pale further as Silva makes a silent prayer to the 4 mockingly playful manners to himself, "It was a pleasure meeting you four. May the afterlife be pleasing for you all. You shall be missed."


Silva merely grinned instigating the reaction as Gray, Natsu, and Happy cried out knowing getting punished with the exception of Lucy worried what the punishment is.


Mavis was witnessing everything as the barrier of the Moon Drip side effect ended listening intently to the conversation as she smiled at their hard work, "Interesting. I didn't expect this outcome to appear. From what I'm aware of there's no spell that can revert a person back to normal again with Magic and yet you seem to find, that fact but found a different result than my own. Interesting…"

Witnessing their interactions within the trees sitting down kicking her legs back and forth as her eyes wander towards them with a mischievous, smile on her face, "Still though it would be a shame if those four were to be expelled from the Guild. Despite breaking the rules, they managed to bring something interesting out of the boy."

Her eyes then dart towards Silva listening to how he managed to save Ur as Mavis shook her head at his incorrection mumbling to herself, "No. Even if you could the possibility of it occurring was impossible with your current power. But I don't know how if you kept it a secret or not for a brief second, I sensed it. It may have been faint, but I most certainly sensed a greater dwell of power one that doesn't belong to you but rather…"

She remained silent as her curiosity grew for a moment Mavis thought she sensed a power of a God being used but later shook her head again talking out loud, "Maybe you borrowed their power or by some miracle, you called your own. Whatever the case Silva you keep getting more interesting the second."

Standing up 'stretching' her ghostly body a grin appeared on her face as she floated knowing what to do next, "Hehehe! An instigator huh? Maybe I should do something so that those four won't get expelled. Not when everything is starting to get interesting. Maybe they're that lucky."

Floating away from Galuna Island Mavis floated away with the intention to make sure that those 4 remain in the guild her eyes dart towards a figure escaping the island looking somewhat hurt as she shook her head, "Seems like whoever that person was fighting Natsu and Erza didn't come out unscathed. Whatever the case maybe I have better things to do now with things taking such an interesting turn of events."

Like that Mavis left the island going back to Tenrou Island for the night pondering to herself what kind of future her guild would be heading towards with interesting people around.

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