1 Chapter 1: Tutorial?

Chapter 1: Tutorial?

~Silva POV~


All I saw was darkness as I was simply walking home but then in a flash of light I was suddenly taken away as I laid on my bed.

I would say I was kidnapped but people won't spend fucking lights to rob people.


Then does that mean I was screwed?

Was an organ donor wanted me because fuck me if I didn't have bad fucking luck already with my life.

I really don't have any shred of luck, don't I?

It's not uncommon for me though…

In my old world, it felt like I never ever got my chance.

I felt ashamed that I could never keep up with the people around me.

Besides, things never worked out for me anyways.

As the gap between me and everyone else got bigger and bigger, I eventually just stopped trying to move forward at all feeling I'm wasting my life.

But if I could only make a difference…

A chance to do some good then even I would be content…

At least that way I won't have to be like myself feeling like a failure to everyone.

While my eyes closed as the light engulfed me. I felt like a word suddenly popped into my head empowering me but also a sense of foreboding…




Suddenly I heard a deep booming voice enter my head like something out a god word if that's what I felt was right then – AHH!!

I felt something placed into me as I suddenly see something of a golden and purple figure with gold and purple horns on each head as the being spoke to me in a soft tone, "Sorry you came this way. But I won't let those assholes do as they please with us people anymore. I'm forcibly taking control here."


What are you!

That's what I wanted to say but the figure only laughed as I was shocked as I was slowly being enveloped in the light, "Hahaha! No worries kid. Will talk after you get sent. Will talk more when we get to town. But for now, I'm granting you my gift. Consider it an early blessing to see you are worth the investment. At least you won't go there in that Yuri anime but... guess this world will do."

Before I could even mouth anymore or think I was suddenly enveloped in the light sucking me as the figure smiled at me before vanishing along with purple and golden light particles was the last thing I saw before darkness my old friend returned…






Where am I?

Wasn't I in my room just now?

Getting my eyes adjusted I tried to see where the hell I'm at slowly getting myself together from the fucking ground.

And said ground has a satanic ritual on it huh?

I swear to god if I'm in hell I'm going to commit suicide – wait… shit.

Someone beat me to the punch…

That was when I finally saw a bunch of dead people corpses that committed suicide judging from the wounds in front of me as many thoughts goes through my head guessing what the hell just happened in the last few minutes that happened in my life right now.

I couldn't help myself as I yelled out in complete and utter shock as I started panicking, "What the fuck god. Why here?!!"

The rush scent of blood filled my nose as I couldn't help but throw up my lunch in the process, "Blegh…!!!"

How am I certain that the being that sent me here wasn't Satan or something judging by the clothing these people have to which doesn't make my situation feel any better in the slightest.

In fact I'm more or less fearful of the dead bodies with a satanic like circle that I happen to be standing on appearing out of thin air…

Just what's with these people as well?

They're like cultist or black wizards or something?

Wait, no fucking way for real this cliché happened to me of all people…?

Did I seriously get isekai'd?!!



[Through continuous observation, a skill to observe objects, situations, and persons was generated allowing the user to quickly gather information.]

[Skill: <Observe> has been learned]

<Dead Avatar Follower Lv.?>

<Dead Avatar Follower Lv.?>

<Dead Avatar Follower Lv.?>

What the hell…?

Blinking my eyes, a bit as a flash of light upon me covering my eyes as I couldn't help but shield them as I somehow couldn't help but ask, "Uwah! Damn it turns that thing off. It's too bright. W-what was that light just now?"


[The Light Lacrima shining in the abandoned Avatar base!]

The fuck… why the hell is Avatar the Last Air Bender shit name is involved with Satan?

Sigh… everything is just plain weird today and not in a good way either. I was confused by the whole situation happening to me as I don't have the faintest of idea of what's going on anymore…

Taking the moment to leave out of whatever I stumbled into I took a quick breather regaining my nerves again, "S-shit… what the fuck being X?! How the hell is this supposed to help me out here!!! Looking at this makes me a fucking murder suspect!"

Venting out my frustrations by yelling as many curses as I could till, I felt calm or satisfied of my bitching of this situation was when I realized something….


Too quiet…

Taking the moment to get out of there I soon find myself walking up some stairs finding myself to be in some kind of banged up home like abandoned even. The claw marks surely don't make me feel any better.

It took me a few minutes regaining my calm attitude trying to rationalize everything before coming here. Right… didn't that being X said he sent me here instead of some Yuri anime instead I came into this world instead…

And he did mention this 'gift' is that Being X figure forced into my own body or soul.

[THE GAMER] ability…

Taking the moment to rationalize my mind before standing in the middle of dead people corpses I remembered this ability from that Web novel? Web toon? Web comic?

Whatever which one it was I remember the ability it gave the MC the powers of a video game character but at the same time also gave him a skill that forcibly calms his mind.

But ignoring that for a moment completely that Being X forcibly placed this ability instead and said invested as well as place me here in this world right…?


Whatever could that being wanted from me I should focus on my own concerns about what to do now.

Like test out my – actually second thought…

How about leaving here before I'm suspected of murdering these people…

I began to walk away from whatever here is while thinking what I have as I took the chance to move away and examine everything I have like [THE GAMER] ability I was given using <Observe> skill.


That was when I clearly saw a window pop up out of nowhere as I began to see the name and contents described below. How cliché? Unique? Original?


Thankful should be the term used here considering he did give me this ability to survive so far…


Name: Silva Knight

Class: The Gamer

Race: Human

Title: None

Level: 1 Exp: 0/100%

HP: 100/100


STR: 10

AGI: 10

VIT: 10

INT: 10

SEN: 10


Stat Points: 0

Cash: 0


I checked my status and checked on my race to since it seems like a button to check out the description provided to me.

Tapping on the Race icon on the status screen to see the perks or benefits of these races.

[Race: Human

Humans, as you know, are mainly known as intelligent, resourceful and strong, especially when united against a common threat. These traits have allowed them to survive in the hostile worlds.

However, Humans have the tendency to fight amongst themselves for stupid reasons, when divided represents a serious weakness. Yet despite being the weakest they are the most versatile to learn different powers of spirit, magic, curses, superpowers, divinity, and etc.]

Yeah, that sounds about right as it can be that's for sure about the human race. I should take this chance to look at my skills of what I have.

Would saying Skill List work?

One way to find out, I guess.

Trial by error it is.

Skill List?

Like that I saw a blue window text written on as I saw the list of skills written over inside the box as I got the chance to view them of what I got at hand to work with here.



<Observe> (Active) Lv. 1/100 Exp: 1.0%

Description: Through continuous observation, a skill to observe objects, situations, and persons were generated allowing the user to quickly gather information. The higher the skill, the greater the data obtained.

<GAMER'S PATH> (Passive) Lv. MAX

Description: Due to having the God of Chaos blessing his powers he granted his vessel the ability of [THE GAMER] with limitless growth but the Player will have to figure out how he proceeds without the usual Skills of <GAMER MIND> and <GAMER BODY> as the God of Chaos likes to have the user to experience their GAMER PATH. Life is like a game.



So essentially, I have limitless growth and able to think and feel like myself at the cost of not gaining those while great skills could be crippling as well depending on who sees it that is.

I mean GAMER MIND is great no doubt but to only think and calmly would make people around you seem like a crazy or cold hearted, sociopath like the MC done when he realized he was taking the situation too calmly.

GAMER BODY I wouldn't have mind having but then again having to explain why I didn't lose a limb or simply get crush would lead to a big misunderstanding… and whatever world I'm in I doubt I need that kind of bullshit here.

Stopping myself in place I began to look around the place till my eyes catches something useful as a book that seems to be more or less intact considering the damages done here. Although it does lead me to wonder what caused it…

I would rather not find that out.

When I touched the book, my eyes widen in surprise seeing what the screen says about it making me go wide eye just seeing it. I mean I seen it happen in the story of The Gamer but seeing it in real life is just as freaky.

Pausing for a bit seeing this I decided to go ahead since I'm in need of some skills and this one seems useful enough?




[An error has occurred!]

[The Skill book is too damaged to be of any use!]


[The user needs to unlock their MP Bar first before obtaining any Magic Skill!]

Seeing the screens popping up warning me I frown at this since I have no idea of how to even unlock my own Magic Power because of the issue being I don't know how to in this world because of my origin.

People in my world don't suddenly get powers you know.


I kind of wish I was going to unlock there and be done with it buy guess I have find out the hard way it is then…

Although I would've liked to have some skills beforehand to survive this dangerous world. I'm at the very least I'm thankful having limitless growth is a good thing in the end along with scout and distraction in the literal making.

I need to prepare for what's to come for better or worse…

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