Fairy Tail and the Rise of the Fairy's God

Ajax, a young man, supposed to be completely normal, changed, by a twist of faith at his first birthday. *I do not own Fairy Tail, neither anything related to it* I do hope you enjoy and have a great day!

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Ch.49 Erza Scarlet

"It's a pretty name." Complimented Jax as he looked at Erza, who was still eating. "So, how do you feel?" He immediately asked after.

"I'm feeling better, and what is your name." She asked back.

"I'm Jax, simply Jax." He answered with a smile.

"I saw that you had a lot of scars on your body, and I guess that since you are wearing this eyepatch, something happened to your eye?" Asked Jax as he wanted to understand her situation.

"Yes. I was captured as a slave, and they whipped us. As for my eye, it was when I was captured." She explained with a sad voice.

"I see. I can heal your scars and your eye if you want. I may not look like much, but I'm one of the best healers on the continent." He continued with a smile. "As for the people who kept you as a slave, were they part of a dark guild?" Jax asked with a frown.

"Can you heal me? And I don't know if they are part of a dark guild, but they are trying to resurrect the dark mage Zeref." Erza answered as she looked at Jax, with some doubts but still hoping he could heal her.

"Yes, and I will heal you. Can you tell me the location of the slavers? I'm currently on a mission to get rid of people like that." Smiled Jax as he asked her.

"Yes. It's in the ocean a few kilometres away. Can I ask why you don't heal your scar on your face if you are such a great healer?" Asked the red-haired girl.

"Thank you. And the reason I don't heal it is that whenever I see it, it will remind me of who I was before and who I want to become. As for you, let's get you treated now that you're done eating. We can't let such a beautiful girl like you have scars for the rest of your life, can we?" Asked Jax as he winked at her.

Jax felt good teasing this girl he had just encountered. His heartbeat was slightly accelerating when she smiled and looked at him. As he looked at her eyes, he coughed slightly and said: "Alright, let's begin. Please take off your eyepatch; I'll start by healing your eye." He smiled as he transferred everything on the table into his shadow storage and brought her to the bed.

Nodding, she slowly took off her eyepatch. Jax's face turned cold as he saw that her torturers had taken her entire eye off. He really couldn't wait to go and get rid of those dark mages. However, before this, he had to heal her properly.

Putting a hand on her head, he slowly stroked her red hair, giving her a reassuring smile as he concentrated on the place where her missing eyeball should be. With one hand in her hair to calm her, his other hand stopped above the injury as he used his fairy magic. To be even more certain, he transformed into his fairy mode. His body turned a shade of pink as his fairy magic increased in both power and control.

On Erza's side, as she saw Jax reassuring her before treating her, her heart couldn't help but beat a few times faster, especially when he smiled at her. She had never had feelings for other people since she had never had the opportunity. However, seeing the person who saved her, took care of her, fed her and healed her from an almost certain death scenario, she couldn't help but look at him a little more carefully. It helped a lot that he was good-looking. With blue eyes and long silver hair, paired with that scar that added to his charm and his gentle smile, she blushed slightly.

Slowly, a pink aura appeared surrounding his palm as Jax felt his fairy magical power decrease rapidly. Regenerating an eyeball wasn't easy at all. It needed a lot of concentration and time. However, he had once restored a limb, and while it wasn't the same at all as the eye was a lot more complicated, he didn't doubt that he should be able to do it.

And indeed, twenty minutes later, as Jax concentrated intently and Erza was lost in her thoughts with a red hue appearing on her cheeks from time to time as she looked at Jax's serious face, the eyeball was completely regenerated and looked the same as her other eye. It wasn't possible to notice that Erza had once lost her eye.

Taking his hand from her eye, he looked at her two eyes and slightly smiled while he took a hand-mirror from his shadow and showed her her reflection.

As she looked at her reflection in a daze, she slowly recovered and saw that her face was now unblemished except for the few scars she had on her face. "C-can you help me heal my scars as well?" She asked a little shyly. She was embarrassed to ask him to heal her scars when he had already given her her sight back.

Showing a gentle smile at Erza, who had red cheeks, he nodded. He helped her get up before asking her to take off her dress and lie down on her stomach as he would start healing her.

With wide eyes and a bashful look, she slowly undressed after Jax turned around and lay on the bed with her two fists clenched. While she knew it was necessary to show him her body to let him heal her, she was also shy to show the man she barely knew everything about her.

"I'm ready," Erza said in a resolute voice as she looked at Jax, who turned around and looked at her back. She saw his frown as he looked at the various scars all on the back of her body. "Alright, I'll start from healing your neck to your feet. It might tingle a little, so please bear with me as it only means that it's healing properly." Said Jax as he prepared to begin. He still had enough magical power to heal her completely.

"It's fine; I'm sure it hurt a lot more when they whipped us." Said Erza with a resolute tone.

"Yes, you are good to stay positive even if you went through that." Answered Jax as he smiled a bit at her and started the treatment.

She had countless scars, which had both poorly healed or not healed at all. However, through Jax's fairy magic, everything disappeared as he slowly got down her back and reached her ass. Giving it a few extra glances, Jax felt his cheeks redden up as he continued his work on her legs and finally her feet.

"Alright, your back is healed. Please turn around." Said Jax with a straight face even if his heart was racing. It wasn't the first time he had seen a naked girl as it happened from time to time when he healed girls, but his heart only raced when he saw Hisui or Cana in underwear or swimsuit.

At that time, he had thought that it was because he had known them for long, and it was a normal reaction. However, seeing that he felt the same thing with Erza, who he had just met a few hours prior, he thought there was something more about it. He firmly decided to do some research on this when he went back to the guild.

As Erza turned around, Jax started from her feet but took a glimpse at her face, which was looking at him intently. He only felt that his face heat up, and his heart race even more. At the same time, he noticed that Erza's face was also getting redder.

Bringing back his attention to her feet, he started to heal her as he continued to rise until her hip, upon which his face completely turned red, of which he noticed that Erza's skin also turned the same colour as her hair.

Giving a few nervous chuckles due to a nervosity that appeared out of nowhere, Jax touched her skin near her erogenous region before continuing his way up, much to both their reliefs. Unfortunately, this wasn't all as he finally arrived at her two small bumps on her chest and her tiny pink nipples. Holding his breath, he concentrated even more. He rapidly made his way to her face as he finished healing every scar she had on her face.

Finally, as he finished, he looked at Erza's face, who was just as flushed as his own and said: "I'm done, get up, and I'll confirm that I didn't miss a scar."

Closing her eyes, Erza gradually got up and turned around slowly to let him admire *cough* confirm that Erza didn't have any scars left on her white skin.

"Alright, you can dress up. You're completely healed." Said Jax after a moment as he felt his dick hear up slightly and get a bit harder.

Dashing to her dress, she quickly wore it on before standing once again in front of Jax.

"If it can help, you are gorgeous." Said Jax with a gentle smile on his face.

"You mean with or without the dress?" Asked Erza as her face, which had just begun to cool down, heated up again.

And intending to tease her again, Jax brought his mouth to her hear ear and whispered: "I like both." With a wink as he backed off.

---Author note

Honestly, it always bothered me why it took so long for the tower of heaven to be destroyed when Erza could have told others whenever she wanted. Instead, she let her friends be a slave for who knows how long.

PS: MC is twelve, while Erza should be about eleven or twelve years old.

(And I don't know where you guys come from buy twelve is a reasonable age for getting 'aroused' tho certainly young for sex, although it happens at this age. Now nothing of the sort will happen until older!!