38 Ch.38 Amusement park?

"Jax, will it be okay? Those kids said that their father wanted to buy the mountain, and the way they were dressed showed that they should be from a rich or a noble family." Said Cana as she showed some doubt and fear. She didn't want to go back to the orphanage now that her life finally took a turn for the better after meeting Jax.

"Don't worry about it. Even in the unlikely situation that they come to force us to sell the mountain, I have the token of the royal family that would stop them. After all, in Fiore, there is only one person at the top, and it's the ruler of the land. Even the magic council is an organization under the various kings across the kingdoms. No one will dare to do anything to us when we have that token." Jax said as he brought Cana to the kitchen of the house.

"Hum." Said Cana while nodding as Jax took out the supplies they bought, and Cana started to prepare the supper. While she was doing so, Jax went upstairs and entered his room. He wanted to start the hatching process of his egg. After all, the sooner he hatched, the sooner he would grow up to help him fight.

Opening the small space he had created with his nature magic, he installed four ice-type charged lacrimas in the four corners and with the egg in the center, it would be in an environment as cold as the top of Mont Hakobe if not even colder. Closing the makeshift incubator, Jax strengthened the new small facility made of wood to keep the ice-cold air inside.

Leaving the room and going back downstairs, Jax was surprised at the aroma spreading in the air. With a slight gulp due to the smell, he walked to the kitchen only to see Cana wearing her newly bought apron. The purple apron with flowers imprinted on them looked great on Cana as she focused on cutting the vegetables while the rice was cooked.

Looking at her working hard, Jax held back from helping her as he knew she wanted to repay him in her way. As such, he went to the kitchen, where he sat down. Taking a gray bracelet from his shadow, he focused on his magic as he started to insert his magical energy and the spells he wanted the beads to hold. These bracelets were the first he had bought, and there were six remaining bracelets with eight beads in them. He tried to get used to inserting his magical power before moving on to the bracelets he would be using, giving as gifts or selling to other mages. After all, the older mages would be resistant to receive such a gift from him.

As he started his training, he slowly let the magical energy flow into the bracelet as Jax inserted the same magic he did with the previous bracelet. Step by step, he spent over five minutes, and as he had tried before, his magic power was once again 75% exhausted as he confirmed that there was also only space for five uses of every magic.

Once he finished the bracelet, he sent it back into his shadow storage and took a book from it in exchange while waiting for his magical power to replenish itself and for Cana to finish with the cooking. He had taken this new book when he came back to the guild after the end of his last job in Mont Hakobe. This book was mainly on monsters, specifically on the Blizzardvern and the best methods to hatch it. It was said that there were multiple things you could do when it was in the process of hatching. Those processes could strengthen the link the monster had with you, enhance the monster's physique, increase its intelligence, increase his affinity with his magic or even give it another one or create a telepathic link with the monster. Those were all things that the egg owner could do to improve the egg before it hatched.

Unfortunately, of all the methods, the resources necessary were quite costly. So the only ones who would normally do such things were strong mages, wealthy merchants, nobles or the royal family. However, none of them needed a pet monster since the mage was already strong. The merchant could simply hire wizards while the nobles and royal family had their guards already. As such, those kinds of practices were rare.

In this old book of a bit more than a century, there were the steps necessary to give boosts to the magical monsters. For the Blizzardvern, the first step was to use magically charged lacrimas to provide the right environment and keep the egg from dying due to the heat and start its hatching process. Then, he would have to collect specific materials to use during the hatching procedure, which would improve the monster.

As he continued to read, he finally heard a noise coming from the kitchen. Closing his book, he stared at the kitchen door, only to have Cana come in with plates full of food. Jax got up and brought out the cutleries to eat. As they set down everything on the table, they sat face to face as Jax praised her upon smelling the odour. "It smells great. I'm sure it'll taste great as well."

With a smile, Cana took some food and started eating. Jax immediately imitated her as it honestly smelled great.


After finishing the meal, they had eaten everything as Cana was indeed a great cook. Seeing the contented look on each other's faces, they smiled as Jax used his air, water and fire magic to lift the various dishes in the air, wash them, destroy the water with his fire magic which turned into steam and finally drying the cutleries. Once everything was clean, he used his magic to store everything and smiled at Cana, who looked happy not to wash the dishes.

"It was even better than I thought. Do you like cooking?" Jax asked Cana as he didn't know whether she did it because she liked it or because she wanted to repay him one way or another.

"I like cooking. I'll also cook for you from now on if you don't mind." She said with shyness. "I'd love to." Answered Jax as he loved the meal she cooked.

"So, tomorrow, was there anything you wanted to do?" Asked Jax as he only had to shop for the necessary materials to improve the qualities of his future flying mount.

"No, I don't know anyone in the city except for the people of the orphanage, but I'm not close to them. Except for that, I spent my time at the guild." She answered with a shake of her head.

"Then tomorrow I have to go shop for a few materials for the egg. It shouldn't take more than two hours. Afterwards, do you want to go to Magnolia's amusement park?" Asked Jax as he had requested Laxus to go with him in the past but had been rejected as he was busy with jobs.

Hearing his words, Cana's eyes shined as she nodded her head. "Alright then. Tomorrow morning we have breakfast, buy the necessary materials, and by ten, we should be at the amusement park. I've never been there before. I wonder how it is." Jax continued with a smile on his face.

"Alright, I'm tired. I almost didn't sleep in the past few days on the job. It's time to sleep." Jax said as he got up.

"Hum. I'll also go to sleep. Tomorrow we have to get up early." She said with a smile on her face.

Going back to their rooms, Jax changed into the bottom of his pyjama as he slept shirtless. It just felt better to sleep this way. Closing the light, Jax stayed on his back as he put an arm behind his head as he thought of the past few days.

Unknowingly, more than half an hour passed by while he was lost in his thoughts. Turning his head to sleep, he heard his door open. "Cana, is there anything wrong?" It wasn't hard to guess who it was. Except for him, there was only Cana in the house.

"Eum. Can I sleep with you?" She asked between two sobs.

Figuring that she might miss her mother, Jax simply pushed the covers out of the way, and she entered the bed next to him. Holding her, the two fell asleep no more than a minute later, a night without any nightmares for either of the two.


The next morning, Jax woke up earlier than Cana and tried to make as little noise as possible as he got out of bed. It was currently five in the morning, and he was planning on training a bit. Going down to the first basement, Jax saw that Cana had used it as he saw that some magic training equipment had moved.

Not worrying about this, he went to the other side of the training as he started to train by releasing his magic in the bracelet. It was an excellent way to stay tuned with all of his different magics and train his control. After finishing a bracelet, he released a few spells of each of his magic until he exhausted all his magical power. Seeing that he was done with his magic training, for the time being, he took a magic sword from the wall and started to train his physical combat on an automated mannequin. The target had healing properties as long as there was a supply of magical power which was one of the uses of magically charged lacrimas.

Continuing his sword training for half an hour, he turned to daggers, lance, whip and archery. He was pretty good in physical combat as he had trained extensively in the past and continued training every morning he had a chance. While he preferred swords, he was good with other weapons or in hand-to-hand combat style, of which he took down even the older mages who had magic that strengthened their bodies with simple techniques.

Finishing his training at 7:30, Jax went back to his room upstairs to take a shower. As he entered the room, he saw that Cana had already gotten up and even made the bed. With a happy smile on his face, knowing that she had most likely gone to prepare breakfast, Jax entered the bathroom to clean himself.

---Author note

Now for all of you pervs, Cana simply misses her mother and living in a new environment got her stress up. So, sleeping with someone who cares and helped her let her relax. Now I'll repeat THEY ARE SIMPLY SLEEPING.

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