37 Ch.37 Moving in

Half an hour later, Jax was awakened by Cana as she lay down next to him. "Did you get your bag?" Asked Jax as he kept his eyes shut.

"Yes, and I also said goodbye to the matron of the orphanage. I didn't have any friends there, so it didn't take long." She said, a little disappointed at her failure to make friends.

Opening his eye, he comforted her. "It's okay. Aren't we friends? It's their loss that they didn't make friends with you." He said while smiling at her.

Seeing her smile back, Jax got up. "Have you been staying here when I was gone? If so, have you chosen a room?" He asked as he helped her up.

"Yeah. Since you left me the token, I have stayed here, but my bag stayed at the orphanage just in case I had to go back. When I stayed here, I took the room right next to yours on the third floor." She answered while skipping towards the house with Jax.

"Oh? That's great. And what do you think of the house? Have you explored it yet?" He asked back as he was happy to get someone to live with him finally.

"Hum. I visited the house." She answered as she pushed the door while Jax took back the egg he had left on the table while waiting for Cana.

Nodding at her, Jax and Cana made their way up the stairs as they both went into their rooms to store their things. Cana placed her dresses in the wardrobe while Jax wanted to prepare a space for the egg and put the new keys he had in duplicate on the key rack near the window. On top of each hook of the keyframe was a piece of paper that recorded the key's name.

As Jax separated the keys and stored the duplicate ones on the same large hook, he silently looked at his collection with a smile. It was vaguely satisfying to have so many keys when he knew that they were limited in the world. He felt he had started one of those collections the rich people did. With a small laugh, he finished storing them. Turning to the wall's left corner, Jax used his nature magic to create a little stand to leave the egg while closing the surroundings to protect the egg. The last thing he needed was a magically charged ice lacrima to give the egg the right temperature to hatch.

As he finished storing the egg, Cana entered his room as she hadn't seen it yet due to Jax locking the door previously. "Wow! It's big! And you have a lot of keys!" She said as she went to his proud collection.

"Right? They are celestial spirit keys. They are limited in the world, and I'm trying to collect them." Jax said as he came closer to Cana to introduce his collection to her.

"But why do you collect them?" Asked Cana as she tilted her head to the side while looking at Jax.

"I don't know. I just feel calm when I have them close to me. As far as I know, the keys calmed me since I came to Fairy Tail." Jax said with a smile. "Have you stored your things?" Jax asked as he walked with Cana to the door.

"Hum. Everything is stored." Cana answered with a smile. "I like it here, it's better than the orphanage, and I can have a room to myself. Previously I had to stay in the same room with the other girls, and they were all noisy." Cana continued as they walked down the stairs.

"Well, it's good if you're comfortable here. You can stay for as long as you want." Jax laughed as they both went towards the gate of the house. "I have to go and buy some magically charged lacrimas. Do you want to come with me?" Asked Jax as he was ready to leave the house once again.

"Alright. I have nothing else to do anyway. When we come back, I'll train my magic. I need to become strong like you in the future." She said while nodding and clenching her fist tightly as she looked towards the gate of the house. 'My magic is not strong, and he can already do such amazing things like building his house. He's also only a bit older than me. I need to work hard in the future!' She thought as they left the house.

Walking in the town, Jax and Cana ate some snacks from the stall, although nothing cold as Jax was irritated by the cold after spending almost a week where there was nothing but ice and snow. On the contrary, the small hot pies of a dessert shop or the cakes were welcome by both of them.

Stopping at the lacrima shop, Jax and Cana entered. The lacrima shop was a shop that sold all types of lacrimas. Communication lacrimas, deodorant lacrimas, movie lacrimas, surveillance lacrimas, fuel lacrimas, tanning lacrimas, there were a lot of different types. Jax went to the section of the magically-charged lacrimas. There were some which were currently empty and needed a mage to fill them to be of use. On the other hand, there were some which were already filled with a specific element.

Looking through the various types of properties of the lacrimas, Jax finally found the ice type lacrimas. Seeing the shop owner approached the two of them, Jax decided to inquire about the limit of those lacrimas. "Sir, how long can they last, and how cold can they be?" Asked Jax as those answers would decide the number he would have to buy.

The shop owner was shocked by the question since ice lacrimas were typically used to keep food cold when they went on a picnic, for example. No one ever asked him those questions. However, as a proud shop owner, how could he not know those answers. "When using their full capacity, they can only last a day where they will release a temperature of about minus forty degrees celsius."

"Alright, they are worth five hundred Jewels each, right? I'll take twenty." Said Jax as he took a ten thousand Jewels bill from his wallet and gave it to the shop owner as he took the bag the shop owner gave him. Storing the lacrimas in the bag, he left the store with Cana following him as he left the bag in his shadow storage right after leaving the store.

"Why did you take the bag of the shop owner since you could simply store them directly in your shadow?" Asked Cana as she was surprised he had accepted the bag.

"Well, it's because if they see me storing objects directly in my shadow, they'll always have the suspicion that I stole from them. By accepting the bag and not showing my magic, they will keep their false sense of security." Jax answered with a smile as he remembered the first time he had used his shadow storage in a shop. The owner had been staring at him until he left the shop. That shopping experience had been pretty bad. He never bothered going back to that shop since.

"Alright! Do you need to buy anything, or are we ready to go back? I must say that even if we ate snacks on the way, I'm pretty hungry." Said Jax as he felt his stomach rumble.

"If you can wait for a bit, I can cook at the house. I'm not that good, but I learned in the past with my mother." She said while trailing the end of her sentence.

Jax was not stupid. Knowing that she had been staying at the orphanage, something had happened to her mother. As such, he simply smiled, took her hand to distract her and said: "Alright, let's go back quickly. I can't wait to taste your cooking!"

As he finished speaking, he rushed towards the house while buying more food for the kitchen. He believed that from now on, he would eat less at the guild and a bit more home-cooked dishes.

Buying enough food to last the two of them for a week, Jax and Cana made their way back home. At this point, the sun was already beginning to disappear at the horizon as night appeared. As they walked up the walkway Jax had made from the road, they soon arrived at the gates surrounding the house's land. As he was about to open the gate and go to the house, he heard some whispering in the surroundings.

Frowning slightly, Jax stopped with Cana, and he used his light orb spell to light up the surroundings. As he looked towards the whispering sound, he saw three well-dressed kids hidden behind the trees. Thinking that he would have to not only install detection traps to the walkway but also surrounding the wall made of trees, he asked. "What are you doing there?"

The kids seeing that they were discovered, came out and, when they saw that the two others were also around their age, answered him. "We heard our father saying that he wanted to buy this mountain for something. So, we came here to see it, but this wall blocks us. It surrounds the entire mountain, and it's impossible to enter."

Jax, hearing this had a weird look as he wondered if this would be like those bad novels he had read in the guild. The villains thought that they could have everything just because of status or power and try to force or threaten the owner to give it up. Laughing slightly at the novel he hated, he answered the three kids. "I see. But you know, the mountain has already been bought, so I doubt your father will be able to buy it."

Once he finished saying this, Jax opened the gate and entered with Cana before closing it behind him. At the same time, he decided that he would increase the number of earth detector traps the next day as he didn't want to have more of those random encounters.

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