Fairy Tail: A New Dawn

For all intents and purposes, a normal person with no recollection of his past has reincarnated in the world of Fairy Tail in order to live his second life however he pleases. Will he try and change the overall story and fate of Fairy Tail? Or will he want to focus on changing the fates of those immediately around him? No matter what though, he will live his second life to the fullest. Be sure to check out the Author's Review for a bit more info about the story itself!

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The Test

{January, X778}



That was the sound of me crying out in pain as I got slammed into a tree. So much for thinking that I had a good sense of situational awareness.

It's been five months since Master Draculos had intensified his training as per my request, and I will be the one to admit it.

It was very brutal. Remember when he said this training might be my undoing?

He wasn't wrong.

I knew that this world was no longer just like the manga and anime that I was familiar with, but I am once again reminded of one undeniable fact. It was that they did the Four Gods of Ishgar an injustice. Maybe God Serena really was as strong as he was after joining Alvarez. But the remaining Gods are certainly not weak, and I have a suspicion that were they were to fight in this Earthland if and when Ishgar and Alvarez come to blows, God Serena will have to work harder for his win. Because I can say that Draculos' combat training was so rough that I didn't even last 10 minutes into the first day of training before losing consciousness.

Let me explain.

While our training followed the same balanced regimen of studies, combat and rest, this one was completely different than what we did originally regarding the second aspect. The first two weeks were especially rough for me. For almost the entirety of that duration, I had ended up being knocked out cold throughout the day, and I would be out for so long into the evening that I would have to go straight to studying when I regained consciousness since I wasted so much time, and each consecutive session that followed the first, Draculos would try to hold back further and further until he had reached a maximum level that I could take and still remain standing at the end of the day, even if barely, and once I got slightly accustomed to that limit, he would further raise it to put me through the wringer again and again. It wasn't fun, but at least I knew where I stood now, and how much work I truly had to read the pinnacle.

Honestly, it was very humbling in a strange way.

But after those two weeks, the routine itself would settle back to normal. I would train my body as much as I can during the morning, afternoon and evening at the regular pace we had both developed, because that is just something you can't rush no matter how much you wish it so at such a young age. On top of that, I'm no Elfman or Laxus either with their incredible stature, and honestly, respect to them. I'm perfect fine with my own body.

Studying went the same way as well. I would read through any books that Draculos was able to acquire for me containing information on different magics I want to learned, such as a book on advanced Letter Magic, specifically the Jutsu Shiki and its Word Enchantment.

That will certainly come in handy in the future, that's for sure. Gonna have to send this to Bero or Spetto so Lucy can learn this. She probably won't be a Freed, and frankly, neither will I, when it comes to proficiency since that stuff is his bread and butter, but she will be good enough.

I also performed further experiments with my Light Magic, drawing on my knowledge of other anime or manga I had knowledge of upon reincarnating and working to form spells that either did the exact same thing or something similar as their original counterparts, much like I had done with Rho Aias from the Nasuverse. Honestly, I was thankful to be extremely proficient in Light Magic and my Light God Slaying Magic, because there were many, many ideas that I was able to test out. Some were successful, but many were just not possibly for me, for various reasons.

At the same time, I continued to create my own custom spells, tailoring them to somehow fit the altered names of the special Brave Burst attacks used by the characters in the Brave Frontier game. Wasn't that a fun experience with Endless Genesis and Heavenly Gate?

But that was the study and also self-study part of my training.

Combat though?

It was a trial by fire.

While by no means did he go so far as to break my bones or something so ridiculous like that, I honestly lost count of how many bruises I walked away with, how many times I had a hurt throat or ended up unconscious trying to dodge his attacks and failing, or the many times I had to breakout of his less limited Vampire Magic, which he now started to use without physical contact, making spars with him that much worse for me. Back then at least I could fall back on any defensive barrier spells I had to block him from touching me physically, but now that luxury escaped me.

It also didn't help that it was primarily physical combat, as he didn't want me to show my hand too much since for my final test, so I can only use magic that I had used against him previously. The reason behind me was that he wanted me to come at him as an enemy whose full capabilities he didn't know, so that he can properly judge my growth without any unfair advantages, such as having knowledge about all the spells I had at my disposal.

It was genuinely Hell. There were plenty of days where I honestly felt like it was too much. Truth be told, those were the times when I wanted to stop the training. But then I would remember why I am doing all of this and subjecting myself to this hellish routine, the greater goal beyond what I told Draculos.

I made a promise to Layla that I would watch over Lucy after she was gone, knowing full well the trials that my little sister would go through. Much to my chagrin though, as much as her abilities may change in the future because of my intervention, I admit that she has to go through a majority of the trials in question anyway in order to grow as a Mage and a person, but it doesn't mean that I can't help whenever I can and lessen that burden for her.

I would sometimes take out the cloak that I had worn during my first mission in February last year. Layla had gifted me that cloak on my birthday and ever since that mission, I stopped wearing it as much out of fear that I would get it unnecessarily dirty, instead trading it out with a plain white traveler's cloak instead. It would help keep me calm and remember the good times I had with Layla when I was still with her if I felt like I needed to unwind. It truly helped more than I thought it would, something that was definitely needed at the time.

And of course, I made a promise to Lucy that I would wait for her at the finish line. And I will do just that after I become 'a very strong Mage' as I have told her multiple times. Though as bright as she is, I doubt that she will make that connection to me being a Wizard Saint.

Regardless, I'll still keep pushing on and survive his training from hell so I can fulfill those promises.

Which is what has led me to this current situation I'm in.

"Can you keep continuing?" My master had asked me as he had his body positioned in an upright stance, hands raised and fists tightened. Honestly reminds me of that one butler. Sebas, I think his name was? Something like that anyways.

'Can you keep continuing' my ass. Even if I didn't get up, he would make me kiss the dirt even further. He has no mercy whatsoever, the freaking demon.

Honestly, I feel like this training had loosened my filter a bit regarding how I addressed him and my thoughts of him as a whole.

"Yes, sir." I answered...more like groaned out...as I pried myself from where I had caved in a bit of the tree trunk before rushing forward at Draculos.

Just another day of training.

{May 15th, X778}

One more month until my birthday. One more month until the deadline.

Honestly, this is the most nervous I've ever felt with Draculos. After all, today is the day I need to show my progress and display the minimum of what is needed for me to be considered for a placement within the Ten Wizard Saints.

Honestly, the system in which it works is very strange. What Warrod said about the Ten Wizard Saints is true. They are essentially ten Mages chosen out of many by the Magic Council to be the faces of power within Ishgar, even if there are many other Mages who are on par with or surpasses some of the Wizard Saints themselves. Two men who come to mind with that potential is Gildarts and Laxus, the latter because he ended up defeating Jura in the Grand Magic Games, and as for Gildarts...no words need to be said.

There is also the somewhat subtle responsibility involved in being a Wizard Saint as well: to uphold the image of a model Mage in the eyes of the people and other Mages as well. Though according to Draculos, that is quite situational, as he told me about how Warrod is often a Mage who travels to revert deserts by turning them into forests so he isn't really around others to truly convey that image, his proclivity to jokes aside.

It honestly makes my mind drift off to 'Siegrain', Makarov, and Jose. One being nothing more than a physical Thought Projection belonging to a possessed Jellal, wanting to 'revive Zeref'.

Definitely need to learn how to do that. Maybe I might have a reason to free him from his possession early after all.

The other being an old, happy, silly, and sometimes perverted geezer even if he does have a heart that can love many of his 'children'...I definitely should get him to keep his hands off Lucy. Sorry Erza, Mira, and company, your sacrifices won't be in vain. Not to mention when he slept during a trial after the war with Phantom Lord.

And speaking of Phantom Lord, that leaves Jose. Well, he probably upheld that image but was willing to throw it away out of jealousy. So you know, mixed feelings about that.

Truly, the cream of the crop.


The title of a Wizard Saint, while a coveted status, isn't one that makes you rich, nor does it guarantee happiness it seems. After all, being given such a title by the Chairman of the Magic Council, you are always under some sort of scrutiny to uphold the image of said Council and not tarnish it through foolish actions. As such, while not known to the populace, the Ten Wizard Saints aren't always exactly 'Ten', and as such, the Council seeks to find suitable Mages who they believe possess the minimum power a Wizard Saint should hold and is able to help maintain a positive image for the organization as a whole.

Geez, no wonder that in spite of their strength, Gildarts and Laxus probably wouldn't cut it. The first is sometimes an oaf who is quite literally a walking weapon of mass destruction. The second, even if his personality improved after his excommunication and by the time-skip, doesn't really have the personality to fit what a Wizard Saint should be.

But enough about the Ten Wizard Saints system. Time to focus on the point at hand.

"As you know, all guilds within our home continent have trials that serve to function as a test for determining if a Mage is worthy of being an S-Class Mage within their respective guilds. Because of this and of the values that each guild master looks for within their candidates, just because you are an S-Class in one guild, you are not guaranteed such a status in another guild.

But I digress. Atro Heartfilia. Today is the day of your own test. While your feats through Ishgar have been commendable, helping the people in need during your travels, even during the missions that you have been assigned by myself, we shall see if you possess the strength and skills that are expected from a Wizard Saint. By no means are you expected to defeat me for obvious reasons. Only display your mastery over your magic at its best as I fight you at the most recent maximum limit that you can survive, which we have established is now at the level expected of a Wizard Saint."

Now...are you ready to begin?"

"Yes, I am." I calmly answered as we both calmly stepped away from each other before turning around and facing the other.


And with that I took the initiative.

"Heavenly Gate!"

I thrust my left hand out, a magic circle forming over my palm before a barrage of pure white beams were fired at Draculos through the use of normal Light Magic, causing the man to jump away to avoid being struck by my light.

Much like how Grand Chariot can be used in different ways, instead of using Heavenly Gate to cause widespread destruction of my immediate surrounding, I can focus it into one magic circle and concentrate my fire upon a single area. However, every shot was avoided by the man using only his speed to dodge my spell. Even so, it wasn't for nothing.

I dashed towards him, my other hand swinging to my side as I called forth my next spell.

"Light God's Darksaber."

After two whole years of mastering the use of my magic, I had finally become capable of quickly summoning the Star Wars inspired weapon with only one hand while retaining the memory of how it was supposed to be shaped, the white-tinted black blade erupting from my clenched right hand.

And in my other hand...

"Light God's Shattering Spear!"

A spear made of of the very same light formed in my left hand as I raised it into a throwing position, the black light construct brimming with a great amount of Magic Power. Sorry Lancer, but I wanna steal this from your book this time.

"Fly! Gae Bolg!"

I threw the spear at Draculos, and as planned, he quickly jumped back to avoid it, but as the spear struck the earth.


It had detonated with the black light of my God Slaying Magic, blowing him away as he was caught in the explosion, and yet he still landed smoothly on his feet. But I'm not going to let up!

In a quick burst of speed, I quickly closed the distance to swing my sword at him diagonally from right to left, beginning the start of our close quarters melee. I wasn't some Erza level swordsman, but as I am now, I was good enough as I swung and thrust my sword at Draculos while he struck out with his own fists reinforced with his Body Reinforcement Magic while I used my God Slayer Magic's innate attributes to stand a chance against him.

Wasn't that a treat to learn about? There was apparently a method of reinforcing your body in this world that wasn't just pumping out Magic Power. Very Nasuverse-like to be honest. Instead, this one was a Magic that only a few people can truly use as he masterfully channeled his Magic Power throughout his body like some intricate vessel to enhance his physical attributes, something you needed to spend years learning how to do, maybe decades. Unlike Jellal's Heavenly Body Magic which showed signs of use due to the outward light, as shown in Meteor, for Draculous, there was a thin layer of Magic Power surrounding his body. If anything, it also further impresses on how he was skillfully able to use his Vampire Magic in an indirect fashion. How dangerous indeed.

And with that, the two of us began to dodge each other's attacks while we tried to land our own blows on each other.

As a result, the both of us, while not making direct contact with one another, continued to give each other glancing blows, my sword inflicting small strikes on him, while his fists graze by body, where I felt the damage and strain on my muscles regardless. However, at some point, one of us would end up making a mistake. Guess who it was.

I missed one of my thrusts and followed up with a kick, and he blocked it with his arm before grabbing my leg and pulling me in, causing me to lose balance as he rapidly struck my stomach and chest using his free hand multiple times, each blow feeling like I was struck with a hammer. To escape, my own black light empowered fist slammed into his cheek, causing him to let go of me as he stumbled back, giving me a small opening for my next attack.

As I lunged forward and swung my weapon, he was quick to avoid my attack by lowering his body and moving immediately to his left, in which I turned my hand to redirect the blade towards his lowered chest.

But he in turn reached his hand out to catch my wrist before my blade made contact with his clothes and flesh, knowing full well that I could still turn it and the blade can still touch and hurt him if he had only grabbed my arm. On top of this, he directly applied his Vampire Magic on me, the paralysis taking hold. At least it was direct this time, otherwise, my neck would be in pain.

Not wanting him to get an attack in, I flared my Magic Power to resist his magic hold on me, my right leg quickly kicked out, and with my smaller stature, I channeled some light magic into my leg to enhance the kick as I knocked his legs out form underneath him, his widening eyes being the only sign of his surprise.

Unfortunately, it didn't go as well as I expect because through excellent control of his body, he brought his legs up while pulling me in to trap me in an arm bar, with his weight taking the both of us to the ground.

Damn it, even in close combat, he's a force to be reckoned with. No wonder he is such a badass with Vampire Magic when I first fought him. That in tandem with his physical skills, it makes for some bullshit!

But if that's the way he want to play then...sorry Master, but I'm afraid that for once, trapping me was a bad move.

"Light God's Broken Phantasm!"

It's time to take another page from EMIYA's book.

I pushing more Magic Power into the Darksaber, the white 'fractures' within the blade expanding and brightly glowing as it was being fed more of my Magic Power. He must have sensed the buildup of Magic Power being funneled into the 'weapon', which was why he quickly released me and started to get up, but then I dropped it between us and watched as my makeshift bomb prepared to explode. It may not even be close to the real deal, but let's see you dodge this.

What can I say? I guess I like explosions.


The both of us were caught inside an explosion larger than when I threw the Spear as we were besieged by the black light. It didn't quite affect me since this is literally my own Magic Power, but the knockback was still certainly there as I was sent flying back from the spot it when off, rolling across the ground as I did so before I tried to get to my feet as fast as I could.

But I'm afraid I was too late. Out from the cloud of dust in the opposite direction, I saw that Master Draculos obviously escaped the explosion, but I was satisfied enough to see even further damage to his clothing as well as the additional marks of damage upon his skin. I tried not to use the more destructive spells in my arsenal in our past spars as to not ruin the surprise, so it's not often that I can actually hurt him like this, even if it doesn't seem like much in the grand scheme of things.

Unfortunately that satisfaction was erased when I realized that I had allowed him to put distance towards us and that he had a clear view of me. And before I realized it, he raised his hand and pointed in my direction with his middle and index fingers making a slightly hooked shape, my hand moving to my neck in pain as I fell to my knees. Oh god, every single time it hurts so much.

Knowing that given enough time at his current level I could break my hold, Draculos seemingly covered the distance between us in an instant and sent an upward kick straight to my stomach, carrying enough strength to lift me into the air before he thrust his palm out and slammed it into my chest, sending my flying into one of the nearby trees, where my back made impact with one of the trees in my way, my head hitting the bark as well, bringing around a small bout of dizziness.

Ah crap...that hurt a lot. I'm pretty sure I can feel my bones shaking, and I'm not sure that's physically possible.

Though not one to give up, I quickly stumbled onto my feet and went right behind the tree to get out of his magic's area of effect before activating my variation of Concealment Magic.

'Light God's Reflection.'

And with that, the light around me bent as I turned invisible, producing no shadow in the process. And with haste, my fingers started sliding across the ground as Draculos slowly approached my vicinity, most likely staying on guard as he did so. Of course he knows that I have this spell in my bag of tricks, but this is one of the few times that he'll have made a mistake against me. Normally he would be right about me disappearing from my hiding spot and planning an ambush from elsewhere, but not today. Because in his caution, I just finished the last of the Magic Runes to unveil my next trick. One that I never used against him in the false pretense that I hadn't gotten around to studying it.

Jutsu Shiki complete.

A ten by ten feet barrier of Magic Runes rose up around the Wizard Saint, trapping him within the enclosed spaced with nowhere to run, allowing me to have a small breather.

Word Enchantment activate.

[Rule: In order to escape the trapped individual must do so by jumping into the air, where the Jutsu Shiki is inactive.]

And since this is a rule that is possible to follow in accordance with Draculos' skill, the spell will remain active, but that's fine with me, allowing a massive hole to lie there. It just helps to set up my next move.

I placed my hands together in prayer as a magic circle opened from above my opponent.

"Light God's Endless Genesis!"

And just like what I had done at the Red Scorpion's guild hall, white-tinted missiles of black light rained from the circle, all of them bombarding down on Draculos and the area where he was stuck, all of them raining down on his location without mercy.

Now's the time, while he's distracted!

I undid the Concealment Magic and jumped out from behind the tree to unleash the classic God Slayer spell, Magic Power building around my mouth while preparing to quickly rewrite and take down my Jutsu Shiki.

"Light God's Bell-"

But all that Magic Power dissipated as I immediately felt my throat close up with the familiar feeling of being choked by my master's Vampire Magic. What? How?!

That was when I learned that in my rush to attack him, in that one moment, I forgot one of the most basic rules of combat.

Never keep your eyes off your opponent.

When my eyes drifted up to where Draculos was standing, I saw that while he was indeed injured by the Endless Genesis spell, his clothing being in tatters with clear signs of injuries, however minor they may be, what stood out to me the most was how his fingers of his left hand had been on the ground as his right hand was pointed out at me. Seriously? He waited until the last moment when I showed myself to rewrite and deactivate the Jutsu Shiki instead of just trying to quickly escape from it and fall into my trap? I knew that he had knowledge about Letter Magic, seeing as he was the one who gave me my books on the Jutsu Shiki, but I didn't think that he was one of those people who could apply it mid-combat, while being attacked no less.

Seriously. This man is just so terrifying.

And even worse, I think he's putting out more Magic Power into his Vampire Magic to keep me in place since I'm having a harder time breaking its hold over me. But still, I can't let him trap me like this unless I want to get another physical punishment.

'Raining Light!'

With a larger burst of Magic Power, I lifted his hold on my and raised my hand toward him. A magic circle appeared over my outstretched palm before 5 thin white lasers shot out simultaneously, curving and aiming right for Draculos' hand to prevent his Vampire Magic from being used on me, causing him to move his hand away from my direction as planned as I struggled to catch my breath, while more of the lasers continued to fire at him, so he'd have no choice but to keep moving. Sadly I knew that he would eventually find an opening and come straight at me.

I could feel the toll of this fight taking it's hold on me. I've been trying to make this a swift match and stack damage upon damage without giving him time to recover in order to maximize my offensive capabilities against him, but between that, using my Magic Power to enhance my close combat capabilities, and needing to use it to break from his Vampire Magic, I can feel that I'm currently dwindling low.

Against a normal opponent, I would have won at this point. Unfortunately, he was no normal opponent.

I still have one more card up my sleeve, but I know that if I use it and end up exerting myself excessively from this point on, I'll probably be afflicted with Magic Deficiency Disease, and that will put me out for some time. Should I take the risk?


You know what? Screw it. I really wanted to save this for later, but I can't help but want to show off against my teacher right now. Of all the people in this world, he deserves to be the first to see how far I can truly go as I risk everything on this bet. The man who took my under his wing even if he didn't have to.

I cancelled my offensive spell before pushing both of my arms out together, wrists touching and palms facing Draculos as I prepared my first spell.

"Bright Flash!"

I watched as a wide blinding light shot out of the magic circle forming over my palms and washed over the Wizard Saint, yet not dealing a bit of damage whatsoever. But I didn't need it to. I only needed to temporarily impair his vision as I dashed elsewhere so he doesn't see me the moment he somehow quickly regains his vision. I'm very thankful that I have never used such a move against him during our training, otherwise it wouldn't have worked as well as it had. All for what I am going to do next.

Sorry Master, but I'm afraid that you leave me no choice!

I crossed my arms in an X-shape across my chest, palms facing outwards to the side, as four magic circles appeared, all hovering above my opponent one over the other as I began the next component of my plan. Once all four were set up, I uncrossed my arms and spread them out.

"Four Layer Restraining Circle! Hainawa, Rikujōkōrō, Sajō Sabaku, Hyapporankan!"*

In the order I had declared the names of the spells, a rope of light swiftly descended from the first circle and briefly wrapped around Draculos' whole body before six wide beams of light shot from the second, slamming simultaneously into his midsection, which began to imbue a seal, limiting his movements.

Thanks for the inspiration Sting.

Afterward, a thick white chain of light was released from the third circle to further wrap around his upper body as an extra measure to restrain the already restrained man's upper body, and then for the finale, ten white rods of light shot shot out of the final circle above him, slamming into the ground to kick up more of the earth underneath to slightly block his sight for a bit longer while making his range of movement further limited should he manage to escape his bindings and try to dodge what is coming next.

I may not have been able to create a genuine copy of some of the Bakudo spells from Bleach, especially with how unsure I am about how some of them would interact with human bodies instead of spiritual bodies- I'm under the impression that Hyapporankan would actually pierce someone's flesh and kill them if I shot it directly at them, unlike what the anime showed- I like to think I did a faithful recreation, all through the use of Light Magic.

Say what you want, but if I didn't have my Light God Slaying Magic, I would have tried to recreate all of Bleach's Kido that I could remember due to the sheer variety of spells...maybe if I meet Laxus before canon and pull that stick out of his ass, I can help him develop something like Raikōhō.

No. Help someone develop a technique that mimics Goryūtenmetsu. That would be the ultimate 'fuck you' to God Serena.

Food for thought later.

That aside, it's time for the finale.

I can feel it. For some time now, I had already fulfilled the conditions needed for what I was going to do next. The effort needed to do this was truly astronomical, and it took me so much time and patience. But finally, I had managed to succeed.

If Erza was able to do this, so could I. If Wendy could use this magnificent power at the age I am right now, then so can I!

Even if I still won't possess the strength to take on a man like Makavor, Precht, or that monster Gildarts in six years, I will surpass the others to help change their fates! So that a new dawn may arise!

"Draculos Hyberion! You may be my teacher and worthy of respect for that alone on top of being one of the Gods of Ishgar, but I suggest you try harder to release yourself from those restraints otherwise you might actually get really hurt!"

Maybe I shouldn't have said that, but what can I say? This moment was one where I put my pride and my soul on the line.

'Second Origin...Release!'

[Narrator POV - Draculos]

Upon hearing Atro's declaration implying that he needed to take this more seriously, unless he wants to be harmed, Draculos was admittedly confused. Yes, while these restraints were quite impressive and at the level of strength that he is currently displaying, equal to one of the middle ranks of the Wizard Saints, it will take him quite a small moment of time to free himself, his student had already expended much of his Magic Power.

Although it wasn't a wasted effort. During this fight he had to limit himself less to present himself as a nigh unbeatable opponent, yet one his student could fight, which was the strength of a Wizard Saint equal to that of Makarov and Jose, whereas he had started on the lower end of the spectrum of power expected from a Wizard Saint.

Yes, Atro has done enough, and it's clear that he may keel over soon anyway with how much he has thrown out all of his offensive spells to cause this much damage.

So why would he make such a bold statement-


As if a dam had just been shattered, Draculos felt Atro unleashing an astonishing amount of Magic Power. Something that should have been lost at this point and certainly not recovered in time, no matter how strong you are! No, it seems like there is more than before!

What is this power that suddenly unleashed itself like a beast no longer being chained? In such short a time, did he manage to unlock more of his potential Magic Power?


While he doesn't mean to seem boastful about his status, even he was weak once upon a time before he made it to where he was now, having the strength to be openly considered as the strongest Mage in all of Ishgar. Back in a time when all he possessed was a great amount of Magic Power, knowledge of some magic, and his Vampire Magic, which he was on the cusp of being able to use indirectly through hard work.

Draculos remembered when he himself had managed to unlocked what seemed to be a hidden reservoir of Magic Power within that helped him to later ascend to his title as the God of Ishgar. The power that came with such a breakthrough, the feeling that his limits had seemingly shattered. The elation that he had felt upon surpassing his own limits. It was all astounding.

Is this the very same phenomenon that his student is undergoing right now? At such a young age and with even more room to grow? Yes, it seems to be the case.

"The bane of divinity converges." He heard his student utter out as he felt the massive flux of Magic Power being channeled into this one spell. This unknown gambit.

"I see..."

Atro has very far to go, and much to learn, not only regarding magic, but about the world and himself in spite of his intelligence. It may not be something that he will achieve at such a young age, but one day, perhaps in fifteen to twenty years, he will certainly be strong enough to either be the fifth ranking member of the Wizard Saints or, more likely, allow Warrod to properly retire by taking up the new mantle of one of the Four Gods of Ishgar.

But for now...he will force his student to surpass his limits and unleash this wild magic that he has in store.

"Come, my student! Show me the fruits of your training!"

And with that declaration, the God of Ishgar unleashed more of his Magic Power, slowly watching as the restraining spells around him slowly broke away in the face of overwhelming force. While he can certainly break from this easily by unleashing the entirety of his magic, as these restraints aren't even of Atro's God Slaying variety, he's not here to merely defeat his student. He is here to see how far he has come against a superior opponent that he has a chance of victory against, no matter how slim it seems.

'How fate loves its games. A so-called God teaching a student with the power and potential to slay a true God. Let us be the witnesses to this day Atro. Yes, it will be quite some time in the future until you reach such a status, yet I believe that the day has come.

The day that a new God of Ishgar emerges in this world.

It seems that I need to take this attack far more seriously after all.'

[Atro's POV]

I truly did feel the rush of Magic Power that seemingly burst forth within me, but I didn't give myself time to acclimate to its power, not did I pause to feel the euphoria I would have felt upon taking that next step. No, I was too focused on what I had in store for my teacher before he could free his hand and use his Vampire Magic to stop me.

I raised one of my hands to the sky and began to gather every bit of Magic Power within myself to prepare my spell, sending it above me to yet another magic circle that was forming right above Draculos' head.

I'm glad that I took the time to develop this move. The strongest spell currently in my arsenal, one that surpass even the potential destruction of Endless Genesis. With my current Magic Power, it won't defeat him should he unleash his own to help protect himself, and I know this fully well.

I know that I don't need to defeat him. But still...

I just want him to go down!

"The bane of divinity converges.

O light that has rebelled against the gods.

Shine from the heavens and smite thy foe with your radiance!"

I never got to find a book regarding Light God Slayer Magic, so this technique is not really a secret art. But how about I give my spell this name as a tribute to the predecessor of my own?

"God Slayer's Ultimate Brave Burst: Transcendent Sky!"

And my hand fell, outstretched and aimed at his direction as if passing judgement.

It looks like Draculos recognized the true danger of this spell, seeing as that he is actually started to put out a massive amount of Magic Power to quickly free himself from his small prison.

However, he realized it just a bit too late.

Just as the God of Ishgar freed himself from his bindings and quickly tried to move out of the spell's range of effect, or raise his hand to use his Vampire Magic, maybe both, the massive magic circle suddenly expanded further over him before a black light shot down from the circle to fire down on him from above, destroying the area he was standing at as he was struck by the spell, dragging up the earth and covering the entire vicinity in dirt and dust, my arm rising up to block any debris from hitting my eyes.

A light that, against the strong, can mortally wound or kill them without the proper defense set up.

A light that, against the weak, can vaporize and wipe their physical presence from the face of Earthland.

A light meant to shine above any others of its kind.

A light born from the magic created the express purpose of slaying a God.

This the ultimate expression of my magic.

If Mavis Vermillion can create someone as powerful as Fairy Glitter, who is to say that someone else can't do something similar? This Spell may not have the same destructive potential of Fairy Glitter which is said to deny the existence of the caster's nearby enemies and gathers the lights of the sun, moon, and stars, but in its currently state, it's more than enough for me to try and take down my Master, even if just for a moment in order to prove my strength. Besides...I can always just eat Fairy Glitter anyways. Take that Mavis.

As the dust cleared, I felt my legs failing me as I fell to my knees. My eyes felt heavy as well. Am I losing consciousness already?

'No...not yet...' I thought to myself as one of my hands smacked the ground to hold my body up.

I forced myself to keep my eyes open as I stared into the epicenter of the blast in order to see the effect of my culmination of hard work. Where is he-


There he was.

In the center of the blast, Draculos Hyberion, the first ranking member of the Ten Wizard Saints, the strongest God of Ishgar, even if he was fighting me in a suppressed state...

He was on his knee, some of his skin showing burn patches across his exposed upper body as I saw the remnants of a seal shattering into nothing, probably from a hasty defensive spell. Of course he could do that.

I did it.

I honestly felt like I could laugh in joy if I didn't feel my consciousness fading.

I actually...did.....it.....

Mom...Lucy....I can.....finally...finally...

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*Crawling Rope, Six Rods Prison of Light, Locking Bondage Stripes, Hundred Steps Fence (the literal translations of these spells)

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