Fairy Godmother Inc. (Book 4- Raine's Little Liar) Book

novel - Fantasy

Fairy Godmother Inc. (Book 4- Raine's Little Liar)

F. R. Black

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I'm supposed to introduce myself, I guess. My name is Camila Mastos De Cruz, I rarely give out my real name, so this is a first. I have been experiencing a lot of firsts. Where should I begin? I live a life on the run, never in one spot for too long. It's too risky in my line of work; one mistake could mean a life behind bars. Or, worse, a bullet to the head. I grew up in a life of extreme luxury, my father owning almost everyone in Brazil. Carlos Monteiro Cruz ran the biggest underground drug operation in four decades, feared by many. That was my dad, the one I looked up too. I know now why he taught me everything he knew on about how to stay alive - training me since I could remember. My father was murdered when I was sixteen leaving me abandoned. But, I know what you're thinking, such a tragic story. But at that point, I was already numb and ready to live my life how I wanted, on my terms. I could do this better than my father did. I would never make the same silly mistakes. My father's first mistake was me. It made him vulnerable. I will never be vulnerable. Or, that was the plan until I fell in love with Lucas Fontes. We were partners with like minds, and a hunger for passion-passion for adventure, passion for stealing costly things from wealthy people in high places. But he betrayed me. I am, after all, my father's daughter. And now I sit in a pool of my blood, a knife sticking out of my stomach. But It does not end here for me as I thought. Something happens, an extraordinary and charming man comes out of the shadows to kneel before me with an offer of a lifetime. As I bleed to death. Whatever he is offering I have no choice but to agree, because I am dying. Beggars can't be choosers. Camila