Fairy Godmother Inc, (Book 3- Julius's Dove) Book

novel - Fantasy

Fairy Godmother Inc, (Book 3- Julius's Dove)

F. R. Black

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Dear Reader, My name is Charlie Wilford. This is not an alcohol anonymous class. This is my disaster of a life. Let me start by saying that up until this point, in my twenty-five years of existence, that I had everything a Southern Bell could wish for. I had it all. I met the love of my life, the famous dance instructor Tanner Frasier. The good girl meets the bad boy in a storybook, whirlwind romance. I packed up and moved to New York City to dance on the Broadway stage as their new shining star. Charlie Wilford, the dazzling dancer from the sweet home of Alabama. Now cue the record to stop. Everything came crashing down when I walked in on my love sleeping with my back-up dancers-plural. Due to the protection order against me, I can no longer be around Tanner. I am broke and without a job. Well, until I received an acting/reality T.V gig in the mail. Fairy Godmother Inc., I think it was. The silver lining here is that I will never date another bad boy again. I don't care how hot, or suave he seems, the answer is NO. Good girls don't mesh with bad boys, it just ends in restraining orders. Charlie Wilford, Charlie Wilford Actor/Singer/Dancer