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Fading Scars: Scars Of The Past


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This story is indeed very interesting. The more you read it, the more you want to know what happens next in the story. The way the author has portrayed the story is incredible. All the best to the author.


I read the synopsis of the book and it was enough to make me read the book. This one is definitely going in my library as this is one of the best books I've read so far on this app. The writing style of the author is captivating and the words compliment each other. So far, I'm loving this book.


Wow, this is a really good story! I was bummed out when I got to the end of chapter 6 to find there was no more. The author has really developed an emotionally charged story that I'm sure many readers can relate to. The protagonist is really well developed right from the start as the reader is given insight into her happy but slightly poor family life before her parents separate. I like how the mother is set up as a really unlikeable character, but done in such a way you can somewhat understand her motivations. The characters are all portrayed really effectively and are each unique and have their own quirks. The dialogue reads exactly like real-life speech, adding an air of authenticity to the whole piece and the prose flows really well with some nice vivid descriptions. This book is a must read and I commend the author for their talent and ability to convey such strong emotions in just a few chapters so far.


I can say that the story is a roller coaster one. Though I am a fantasy/action type reader, this even made me enjoy its first person narrations. Splendid choice of narrations and choice of words. I can say your grammar was decent enough for me as I am not an English speaker. You can read Nr_Yet's godly narrations for more insights and other authors for more methaporic and poetic lines. Though the narration was proper for your genre as it was direct and precise. No need for flowery words to play with our tongues. Some may like it, some don't so let the readers say your success. Kudos for a job well done!


I like the girl a lot. You described her really well. And your writing style is amazing. Keep working on it and definitely don't drop it! Good luck!


I really really liked this book and it was well worth the purchase. The characters were so well designed. I have had a lot of time on my hands lately and a lot of books just dont speak to me like this on did.


You are indeed talented. I admire your writing style The way Athena was described makes me want to cry Thumb up to the author for a job well done I love this book


A Good story, success on characters and story background, updating frequency is a success top. Thank to the author for sharing such a nice one...✋✋✋✋✋



A very interesting story! The plot is intriguing, your characters are expressive. You're doing well! I wish you endless inspiration and a lot of great ideas!


Amazing. Thats what this is. A perfect blend of happiness and sadness to keep you needing more. Not to mention the chemistry between Athena and Aiden. The way they are written and the conversations they have. All round amazing!


A very solid story overall. It's a nice change up from the horror stories and magic stories that I see so often on here. I could use something more light-hearted. I really liked the childhood aspects of the story. Keep up the good work author. I would put a bit more description into how the characters look and to describe their feelings. I think that's it. Everything else is spot on.


Interesting story to read, really like the the way the story is going on, looking for the the chemistry between Athena and Aiden spice up a bit more, way to go author.


[img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend] You described her story very well! You definitely have a unique way of writing, I can relate to her somehow, and I wish that her future character development grows! Givin' this a perfect 5!


The author's great attribute is, they provide the questions for the readers that makes them curious enough to read the story. And then they get trapped in those well distanced paras of nicely crafted words, and lost in the story. The story unfolds, enticing plot moves forward and the author promptly goes on answering all those questions plus leaving new ones to edge on the curiosity. That's good. This story is great. It's loaded with potential, do try it. (Dear author, it's just my humble personal opinion, I think you're telling so much and there is not enough show. I mean I got the emotions and all but I had trouble properly imagining it. Creating it in my head. It can be just a problem with me. I might not be understanding the point of view by which you tell the story. Sorry I don't meaning anything bad by sharing this."


It's such a good story with perfect character development and world-building. The pace is smooth and so is the writing style. The author has done a great job in portraying FL's thoughts and I'm really liking her character. It's definitely a must-read!


I could explain how the story is charming, interesting, and well-paced, but you could also read it for yourself and experience first hand. If you have free time make sure to give it a read.


I really like the story! It has this elements that a novel needs, and I cannot wait to see the character development of both the girl and the boy protagonists/maincharacters. Kudos for the author! ^^


It is a very interesting story showing the growth of the main character and her relationship with those close to her, it really hits close to home in some parts and I really enjoy reading it, a very good job from the author!


I really love how this story slowly unravels. Athena is a very strong girl and I hope that as the story progresses, she will find happiness again. I couldn't stop reading it once I started. She is so relatable. Thank you for this story, CodeyVanilla <3