9 I Should Be Happy

Hearing the male employee, Roland could not help but knit his brow in annoyance.

'What lean on the glass? When did I lean on the glass?'

Because of his previous mentality, Roland was still afraid of breaking something in this expensive store, hence, he made sure not lean too closely in the glass cabinets while viewing the expensive watches behind the glass cabinet.

And yet this employee still has the gall to tell him not to lean too closely?

What does he want? View the items 10 meters away?

What's even more infuriating was that he actually thought of him as a bodyguard?

When did he become a bodyguard? And for whom?

The employee's condescending look made Roland even more irritated.

However, Roland was just about to retort when he recalled something very important.

'Wait. Why am I getting mad? Shouldn't I be happy for something like this?'

'If I face-slap him, wont I obtain Face-Slapping Points? Hehe.'

When Roland looked at the employee's condescending attitude again, he no longer felt irritated. Contrary, he was even feeling a little pleased.

Face-Slapping Points were valuable currencies he needed to buy the miraculous goods in the Face-Slapping Store. With this man's attitude towards him, wasn't this the same as delivering free Face-Slapping Points to him?

Unknowingly, a grin escaped Roland's mouth as he eyed the employee like a hungry wolf.

'More. More. Try to look down on me more. Hehe,' Roland secretly thought to himself.

'Wait, that seems to be wrong?'

However, noticing that he was actually getting happy for being humiliated, he could not help but think that there was something wrong with him.

Why would he feel happy about getting humiliated? He was happy for the incoming Face-Slapping Points.

'Yes, that should be it. I am not a masochist,' Roland assured himself.

At this point, the employee noticed Roland's grin. He became even more irritated, thinking that Roland was looking down on him.

'How dare you. I'm an employee in this store while you're just a mere bodyguard. How dare you look at me that way?'

"You should go outside or else I'll report you to your boss," the employee threatened, seeing that Roland did not budge.

On the other hand, Roland only looked at him as if he was a fool.

'Boss? Boss your face. I don't have a boss.'

Seeing that Roland still did not budge, the employee could not take it anymore. He turned around and walked towards Stacey.

He bloomed his most gorgeous smile as he said while pointing at Roland who was still standing there with an amused expression.

"Excuse Miss Stacey? Can you tell your bodyguard to wait outside? I'm afraid that he is blocking the way for other customers."

In his mind, Miss Stacey would surely agree. After all, she was a kind woman who always wanted the best for everyone. She was always especially caring towards customers.

If he reported that her bodyguard was blocking the customers, won't Miss Stacey reprimand her bodyguard? And perhaps, Miss Stacey might even realize his consideration towards the customers and might even notice him more properly.

While the employee's thoughts were running wild, Stacey already had a confused expression on her face.

'Bodyguard? When did I have a bodyguard?' She thought to herself.

However, when she saw where the employee was pointing, she could not help but yelp back in surprise.

Seeing Roland's amused expression, Stacey more or less understood what happened.

Stacey could only smile wryly to herself.

I just got distracted for a moment and the next second, someone is already looking down on you? Just how did you do it?

However, seeing that Roland had no intention to tell the employee that he was not a bodyguard, Stacey decided not to reveal it too.

Inside, she was also secretly looking forward to what was going to happen next.

At this moment, Roland has already walked towards them.

"I am not familiar with watches. Do you have something that you can recommend to me?"

Hearing that, the employee looked at him with a disgusted attitude.

Not only do you have the courage to view the watches without the capability to buy them, but you actually have the courage to ask for a recommendation too? Just where did you take your courage from?

Just as he was about to shatter Roland's 'delusions' his words were suddenly struck on his throat when he heard Stacey speak.

"If you don't have a watch collection yet, I suggest you buy something at mid-range prices. Amongst the ones displayed here, I think what's gonna suit you the most is this," Stacey smiled as she answered before she approached a glass cabinet situated at one corner of the store.

Roland ignored the stunned male employee as he looked over to the watch that Stacey had recommended.

"This is the Jolex Yatch-Master. Not only is it the first Jolex watch to feature a rubber strap, it also came with a lot of adaptations, including a version for the ladies…"

Stacey introduced the watch's features to him with great detail. It was apparent that she was extremely knowledgeable in this area. No wonder she recommended that they go here first.

As Stacey introduced the watch, Roland gradually also became interested in it. He was mesmerized by its features that he never knew existed before. Only now did he realize how ignorant he was towards watches.

With Stacey's description, Roland liked the Jolex Yatch-Master even more. It was apparent how great Stacey's selling ability was.

After Stacey was done with the 'history' lesson, Roland nodded his head and pointed to the watch in the glass cabinet. "Great watch. I'll get this one."

At this moment, he recalled that this was a very expensive watch brand.

He turned to look at the Jolex Yatch-Master again. This time, he took the time to glance at the price listed below the item.

The moment he saw the price, Roland could not help but hiss back in shock.



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