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It was his first time driving his Bugatti Centodieci and he had to say that it looked pretty cool, but he somehow felt very uncomfortable.

The sporty look was fine and all, but it was too flashy and too loud.

Whenever the car passed, he'd have 99.99% of every sentient creature looking at him. To make matters worse, he did not know which species those who wanted to get into his car belonged to.

It was very cold but these people kept wanting to take off the little they were wearing, saying that it was hot. Where was it hot? He had the AC on but he still had to wear his sweater.

This was why he liked bikes more. A girl approaching because of your bike, most probably knows what she's doing. At least most of them are not as brainless.

"Aria, I need you to buy as many Cryptocurrency mining companies as possible. With that FTX thing going on, there is bound to be some that are desperate to sell, no?"

"Yes, Mr. Lu. But very few can be found in the country."

"It's okay. Just buy any of them. It is better if they are in cold countries. See if you can get it done before those agents come. Don't care about the prize, just get it done."

"Should I buy them as your private property, or set up a shell?"

"Set up a shell. It is best if they don't know who bought them. All I need is their servers. Let's just set up an Email company as a front."

"I'll get it done."

Lu Fan did not wait for her. He did not know how she did it, but she was faster than his car.

'Bell, leaving aside how she moves around, I haven't even given her any resources up till now. How did she get the things I asked before?'

[As I said before, she's 90% human. What do you think the other 10% is?]


[Don't ask further, or we'll be censored.]

'Do you think that I should take advantage of the situation or wait a bit?'

[Why do you keep asking this stuff? You know that I can't give you advice that'll influence your development. And you should have already decided.]

'I just wanted you to say it. I am not sure if it is a brilliant idea or a foolish one.'

[You would have had to work with them sooner or later. At least now, they will watch you develop and won't have to be shocked by your existence in the future.]

'That does not make me feel happy. If things go wrong, I might have to fight them.'

[Are you afraid?]

'Am afraid that they won't be able to handle me.'


'Can I get the formula for the beauty potion and strengthening potion?'

[Yes, but you'll have to wait till the system upgrades.]

[\ Warning \]

[What? It'll happen soon anyway.]


Lu Fan felt strange that they were entities that seemed to be arguing in his head. He could imagine that Bell was the troublesome kind that would make others helpless.

It did not take him long to return to his penthouse.

The things that happened today made him realize that not everything would go as he wished.

He never saw the thing with the government coming.

He knew that he could get President Zhou to agree to him doing five majors after a thorough convincing, but that was the least of their problems.

The good thing was that all the majors he chose were somehow aligned with what would become of that lab.

And he planned on taking full advantage of that.

If he had taken this development route under normal circumstances, he would have drawn suspicion and maybe even had a rough time with the government.

But since the guys were going to do it for him, he did not see any reason to hesitate. The only downside is that he'll have to work very closely with the government.

Everything he did had to go through screening.

But it was also good. The things he planned would definitely not work without them.

Since they were going to open a cybercafé, then it was better to do it for real. The Email company was not just a front.

Sitting in front of his computer, he opened a new project and started using his smart glasses to input data.

Lines of code kept flying across the screen as his Extreme Programming, Extreme Reading, and Extreme Academics were put to full use.

If one looked closely at the lines of code, they'd be utterly confused.

The language was completely different from anything that had ever existed. But any professional could see the beauty.

It was like a mixture of all the advantages of all the numerous programming languages but still maintaining the simplicity of Assembly.

The Extreme rewards were not as simple as one might imagine. The more he programmed, the more he realized the depths of what he received and the more he understood what he was capable of.

He was making a simple Email Service Website, but the things he included in his code would make any techie have a cold sweat.

The protocols alone were more advanced than most of the internet messaging protocols. If he wanted, he could bypass all those generic routes and protocols and implement a direct delivery.

But if he did that, it would be impossible to show the source code to anyone else.

It only took him an hour to code the whole site.

Seeing that it was still early and Aria had yet to return, he decided to add more features.

Who said that Email services could only be used for Emails? His code was too advanced for that alone.

He also wanted to make something that would catch the attention of everyone.

He was not ready to reveal himself to the public, but that did not mean that he could not build his reputation.

It would also serve as a good excuse for all the equipment he wanted in the future.

He added a chat and group chat function. A video call and video conferencing feature. Translation services, Transcription Services, and Encryption Services.

He wanted it to be the most advanced email service out there, and the most secure.

But that was not his main purpose in developing this thing. If it was money he wanted, there were better things he could make.

What he wanted was a product that he could use to let the government let him run the site. He did not have to know what they were doing, but he had to at least make their firewalls for them.

The Encryption he made was so strong that it'd take a Quantum Computer a whole year to crack it. And that was assuming nothing changed.

But this thing changed its encryption logic patterns every day. And that was because he was holding back.

If he gave them all the benefits, would he get room to launch his version 2.0?

The whole Email Service could run straight from his laptop. Hell, his glasses could also do it, but it was better to keep these things hidden.

Even his source code was directly translated to pure binary digits because he wanted to hide his programming language. But this was also the best with the kind of hardware he was going to work with.

While Crypto mining companies had some pretty hardcore hardware, that did not mean that they were the best for what he was planning.

Using direct binary digits would double the outcome with half the effort.

The only problem was that they were easier to steal, but who cares?

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