17 Cooperation

Lu Fan sat opposite Ye Qingyu and waved to the waiter who served him tea to leave the room.

"My name is Lu Fan. You must be Owner Ye."

"Please call me Ye Qingyu."

She was the one in charge of Crystal Palace and many other companies. Real Estate was just one of the small ones.

"Ms. Ye, did you need something? We are all busy people, it best to get straight to the point."

Ye Qingyu was caught off guard. She knew how lethal her charm was and she expected Lu Fan to try to catch her attention, but this guy seemed like he wanted to get rid of her as soon as possible.

Was she so repulsive?

"Yes. I wanted to meet the new owner and discuss a few matters."

The truth was that she wanted to meet the person who could make her grandfather sell Crystal Palace.

Her Grandfather was one of the old-fashioned generation, who firmly believed that land is wealth and all other forms of wealth are fleeting. For him to sell Crystal Palace, it was unbelievable.

What was even more unbelievable was the person who bought it. She had heard that he was young, but the word young from her grandfather's mouth was a different concept.

At least she expected that he'd be older than her. But it seemed that he was even younger than her little sister.

"What matters?"

"I heard from Alice that you did not change the staff or even the existing contracts. What are you planning to do with Crystal Palace?"

"Ah, yes. I also have this problem. Why doesn't your real estate company continue managing it? You are already doing a good job, no need to change anything."

"Mr. Lu must be joking. That is not how it works. Our company only handles our property and we have already sold Crystal Palace to you. Even other companies would only do it at a fee Mr. Lu."

Ye Qingyu did not expect this. Was he dumb, or was he pretending?

"Oh, so that is how it works. I had that you Bailu is having a hard time in Jiangbei, is it the case?"

"What has that got to do with this Mr. Lu."

"I found out that Bailu is not part of the family business and was established by you two sisters. Is that correct?"

Ye Qingyu was starting to get uncomfortable. Was this not too much?

She had been doing it and many thought that Bailu was part of the family business, but it was the opposite.

While the outside did not know about her preferences, the family knew. And they did not like that.

Her father was looking for young men for her to marry and if it were not for how much her grandparents doted on her, she would have been forced to marry by now.

But these were well-hidden secrets. Did this young man know all of them?

"Oh, I just met with President Zhou a moment ago. It seems like your sister is doing pretty well for herself."


"What do you want?"

Ye Qingyu was about to lose it. And that smug smile on his face was egging her on.

"Ms. Ye, please sit."

Lu Fan said as he waved at Aria who handed a small bottle of lotion to Ye Qingyu.

"Ms. Ye, this is a product of mine. You should try it."

Ye Qingyu did not like this one bit. She had lost the initiative and control of the meeting. She was in a very disadvantageous position and there was nothing she could do.

Looking at the ordinary bottle of lotion in front of her, she put a bit on the back of her hand and rubbed a bit.

"What is this supposed to do?"

She did not think that Lu Fan would dare to harm her. Especially when he had a mysterious connection with her grandfather.

If Lu Fan knew what she was thinking, he would be speechless.

"The product is not the lotion itself, but something I added inside. This additive would make any woman fight to buy your product regardless of price."

"Oh, quite a tone you got there."

"Just look at your hand, Ms. Ye."

Ye Qingyu was doubtful, but the moment she looked at the spot, she could not believe the difference.

Her skin was already soft and clear. But after applying that lotion, there was no comparison. The softness, texture, and even the glow of her skin went to an entirely different level.

This was not something that could be done with the product in the market at the moment. She had searched and she was sure that nothing could come close to this.

"Ms. Ye, this is the most basic product. Depending on the concentration, the effects are even more exaggerated."

" … "

Ye Qingyu did not know what to say. This much was already unbelievable. There was something better?

"How much for the product?"

Lu Fan smiled upon hearing this. She was indeed very capable. Any average woman would first think of acquiring this thing for themselves.

"You can only get the finished product directly from me. Don't think of the formula."

"Eh? That is understandable, but how much can you produce?"

"400 litres per week. All you have to do is find your own way of selling it?"

"That is too little. It won't be enough."

"That's all you get. A capable woman like you should know who to sell this thing to right? Trust me, as long as they are not dead, any woman would want this thing. The queen would look 30 years younger after a month of using this product."

"Is that true?"

"Does that matter?"

"No, it doesn't. How much?"

"You decide."

Ye Qingyu was having a headache now.

If this was a test and she said something wrong, she might lose the whole thing. This is what she had been running around looking for. If Bailu was successful, she'd have a legit reason to keep staying in Jiangbei.

There was no way she'd let this chance go.

"How about 50-50?"

She was anxious as she said this.

Lu Fan just looked at her… and stood up to leave. Aria followed.

"Wait, 70-30, no 80-20. I can't go further than that."

"You should look at your phone, someone must be looking for you. You can send someone to my place to pick up the first batch."


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