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"Huh? This score… is much better than what I imagined. So, does that mean that I'll pass with just one more mark?"

Qin Guan was not entirely certain of this. He had thought that he missed a lot of fruits so his score would definitely not reach the passing mark, but what the dialog box showed told him that he was almost there.

And Qin Guan refused to admit defeat. 'My fruit knife is too short. Give me a sword, and I'll be able to score above seventy!'

Qin Guan did not continue trying. Instead, he opened the history records. He was already prepared to watch how the pro played the game.

This was a habit he had developed during Jump!!. He would first look at the standard answer and get a general idea of the direction he was about to take before beginning to work hard. At that time, it would still not be too late.

The history records were now divided into two tabs. One was for Jump!!, and the other was Map of Trials 2.

Qin Guan shifted to the tab for the new trial and flipped to the history records before his. Just as he expected, there was a new tab there

There was only one recording, but when Qin Guan saw the marks, he was astonished.


He was left speechless.

He looked at his score again, and he felt like vomiting blood.

"So the full score is 5,000 marks? And I only scored 59… I'm still far away from the passing mark…"

Even though he had already experienced how terrifying the pro was in Jump!!, at that moment, Qin Guan did not want to believe what he saw. It was an instinctive reaction.

'How could there be a one-hundred times difference in the score?'

So, he used the normal speed to play the record.

Once he finished watching it, Qin Guan thought quietly, 'Just expected of a pro. Sorry for disturbing you!'

Then, he dragged the slider slowly forward and began investigating the details of the trial.

The rules this time were clearly much more complicated compared to those of Jump!!. However, as Qin Guan carefully investigated the record, he concluded that there were only a few aspects that he needed to take care of.

The positions of the fruits that appeared, their types, size, and other factors were different each time, but that might be because the developer had tried their utmost to prevent the players from scoring high because of memorization.

The full score was 5,000.

Different fruits gave different marks. The smaller and faster fruits gave higher marks once they were cut. If the player got a combo streak, cut multiple fruits with one slash, or performed some other unique feats, they would get extra marks.

During the trial, some unique fruits such as Ice Banana, Passionate Banana, and Double Banana would appear. If they were cut, they would give special effects.

The final pomegranate could be cut multiple times. The more times it was cut, the more points would be gained.

The illusion in the record also used a useless person and a fruit knife. But this pro looked like he was playing a completely different game compared to Qin Guan.

The most noteworthy thing was that the illusion had a set of very unique moves. Every time he delivered a slash, he would swiftly return to the center of the hoop. This way, his area of attack covered all 360 degrees around him. He did not miss a single fruit.

And he was incredibly accurate with the blade. He tried his best to cut numerous fruits at once while avoiding the bombs.

Qin Guan felt utterly defeated, and this feeling of defeat was even greater than when he had played Jump!!.

After all, this operation was much harder...

"Looks like I'll have my work cut out for me tonight."

Qin Guan sighed and started to devote his limited life in cutting the unlimited fruits.


Qin Guan woke up the next morning on time.

This was very strange. Ever since he had gained the mobile AI system, Qin Guan's work-rest schedule had become healthier. He would climb into bed and challenge the trial every night at midnight, then wake up at seven in the morning. This would fill him with energy for the entire day, and he could even skip naps.

He pushed open the door to his bedroom and saw Su Xiaoyu scrutinizing the rapier in her hands in the living room.

Qin Guan stood stunned for two seconds before he went back into his bedroom.

"I must have opened the door to another dimension."

He sucked in a deep breath and opened the door again. Su Xiaoyu was still scrutinizing the rapier in her hands in the living room…

When she saw Qin Guan walk out of the room, she happily gestured for him to come over. "Qin Guan, what do you think of my rapier?"

Qin Guan very reluctantly went to the dining table. "I really don't want to look at it…"

He cursed up a storm in his heart. He finally caught up to Su Xiaoyu yesterday, but in the blink of an eye, he was surpassed again...

While his level of difficulty was much higher, he could not lower his demands for himself, could he?!

The rapier Su Xiaoyu held was the from Map of Trials 2. It was long, sharp, and looked very agile.

Qin Guan. Was. So. ENVIOUS.

Once he spoke a little to Su Xiaoyu, he became certain that the players would get weapons once they cleared Map of Trials 2 in Medium Mode.

And they got whatever weapon they first picked.

Qin Guan could already predict his tragic fate. Even if he did his best and used up every ounce of his strength to score 3,000 points—the passing mark—he would still only receive a fruit knife as his reward…

'This is life. It's just tragic.'

Su Xiaoyu flipped her hand, and the rapier was gone. She flipped it again, and it appeared once more.

"I can summon it at any time I want. It's so cool!" Su Xiaoyu was very pleased with her rapier.

While she continued to play with her new toy, Qin Guan suddenly remembered something.

"Hey, Xiaoyu, why did the supervisor ask you lot to go with him? I was too immersed in the trial yesterday, so I forgot to ask you."

"Ah, it's nothing," Su Xiaoyu answered. "He just repeatedly reminded us to obey the laws and to temporarily not use the new bodies to get involved in matters that will disturb order, such as using them in sports competitions and the like. He then said that the government will have a training programme with a clear direction for us in the future. The policy hasn't been set yet, but it should be soon."

Qin Guan nodded. It looked like things were progressing as he had predicted. The Transcended Gamers who obtained the bodies in the trial had already became an incredibly unique bunch of people. Instead of being wary and afraid of them, the government would be better off guiding and using them.

He could already foresee it. Not too far into the future, this would become a completely new selection system that will be independent of the National College Entrance Examination. Transcended Gamers would slowly become the norm, and they would be everywhere, from elementary schools to universities, and among all sorts of organizations.

Su Xiaoyu used her right hand to gently slide it across the air in front of her as if there was an invisible screen before her. "Are there really so few people who had cleared Map of Trials 2? Why is everyone still talking about Jump!!?"

Qin Guan was dumbfounded. "What are you looking at?"

"The Transcended Gamers Forum. It was launched together with Map of Trials 2 yesterday. You didn't receive it?"

"Oh, I did receive it."

It was only then that Qin Guan remembered that there were two notifications from the system the day before. One of them spoke about the launch of the forum, and the other the launch of Map of Trials 2. In the end, all his attention was caught by Map of Trials 2, and he completely forgot about the forum.

This was the drawback of his system. Other people's systems had a mobile AI that gave them reminders, while Qin Guan's system only gave him rows of words. If he did not see it, that was it. No one would bother whether he knew the new information or not…

Qin Guan opened the Transcended Gamer Forum. Once the screen was before him, he frowned.

[High score guide for Jump!! If you don't read it, you'll regret it!]

[Professional long-jump athletes will teach you how to clear Jump!! in Medium Mode!]

[Is there any pro who has cleared the new map? Could you give a tip which weapon is better?]

Qin Guan was speechless. He felt like he had just entered a gaming forum. Even the thread headlines were similar...

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