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Story summary: 2 universes clash, The Star Federation (Super advance technology setting) and the Great Divine Universe (Magic setting for what i can tell) go to war with eachother for the rare super energy resource "Kryptonite". After less than a century of war, a third party of super insects with absurd strength appears to wage war with both sides, the Federation and the Great Divine then join forces to keep the insects at bay for an absurd amound of time. David transmigrates into the body of another boy named David, son of "Statesman" (a war veteran with a lot of political power for some reason) with a complicated family history, Becouse of pride and hubris the original David tried to perform a magic ritual to gain strength and gain independence but it backfired and kill him allowing the other David to take over, but the ritual wasn't a complete failure, the new David now has a "Shadow Servant" that obeys his commands (think of a "Stand" from JoJo's Bizzare Adventure) with the abilities of being invisible, sharring his vision and detecting danger, but most importantly, it can gain the knowledge and some power from the nearby souls he feeds itself with. After coming into terms with his situation he finds out that the events leading to the dead of the previous David were actually a careful plan to get him out of the picture Why? GO READ IT AND FIND OUT! The story "Summary" is long enough already! As for characters, David comes out a bit too childish at times and it feels a bit forced, besides that its the standard "Kids wins the super power lottery" kind of story but he's not annoying in any way besides his innexplicable affection towards his new family. All other characters are also fine and so far the intrige is well constructed, besides the aparent TEN THOUSANDS OF YEARS of technological stagnation i have no problems with the setting, its servisable.

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Does anybody mind commenting a better synopsis on this review? I can’t read without knowing what I’m getting myself into.


I read the mtl and it's pretty interesting the only downside is the romance is lacking otherwise the story is pretty interesting and raises a lot of unanswered questions around chapter 900


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Title: Extraordinary David/超凡大卫 Rating: 8.4(19) Status: 1200(Ongoing) Author's other work: Abe the Wizard Achievement: Acquired 100,000 collections in total(2020-02-28)


I can't express more than this , this novel diserves a solid 5 * ✨✨✨✨✨✨ Another great work by the author of abe the wizard . Give it a try fellow readers, you won't regret it . ...... 5* .......5* ✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨


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wrote rewiew on other forum...btw its good so read it..im reading on mtl and only one of the two novel what i read everyday.... so really good only fownside lack romance like read in comments... but its beat almost every novel. .. so go ahead an read worth it


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It's a great book about someone who transmigrated in another world. His cheat is reasonable given the setting of the world. Moreover, while the setting isn't absolutely original, it's quite refreshing compared to all the VRMMORPG we get usually. So far a good book


This is amazing . I mean I am also a fan of his other work 'Abe the Wizard'. Anyone got any pics for how the exoscelotan armor is in the beginning?


top novel best grade high level gem best best n best novel i give you best novel i read award🤔😁 but why stop author has created masterpiece


At first i was none too interested in the happenIngs around the extraordinary david , but as i cultivated the chapters i found him to be a rather interesting fellow! Now i need to know more about this chap!


Amazing story. It's a real gem. The protag can control his shadow, it can swallow souls of the dead to help him get knowledge orbs. The cheat seems Decent. Though a bit overpowered of you ask me. Luckily for us , not so much for him, his enemies are way too strong for his current level anyways. there is a big conspiracy targeting his life and it seems extremely interesting to reveal. his family seems Decent. his father is a big big shot, buy is a retiree, he remarried after the original's mother's death. hence the estranged relationship. but he cares about his son. anyway the power system and plot seem really interesting so do vote for this!


This is a great novel. Good story development and side characters are great. If you want a novel where mc is not too overpowerd at the same time gradually develops his powers this is the best novel. But, this novel is dropped. Webnovel always dose this.


and I woke up to a shiny stone in the world that day we are all in all of the biggest thing that happened here in a detection program in a detection system


I am in love with fantasy,, this book is worth reading because falls in the group. Writing quality is good as well is the flow of the story.


The book is really good the characters are different but makes the story. The way its written makes it seem like your there and I like that.


I really like this novel because of the way the author uses the characters and adds personalities instead of just filler characters that are bland and dont mean much. From tbe 60 chapters i read, the story keeps a good pace and is always adding something new while keeping the MC growing stonger. All in all, i really enjoy the novel as a fun read and do want to see it continued. Please give this a read and support it to pass the Trial Phase!