2 10,800 Flaws! Top-Grade Cultivation Method

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10,000 times amplification?

That's amazing!

Even without the system's explanation, Gu Xi knew how powerful this was. "Is it really that magical?"

Thinking of the basic cultivation method that the sect had given out to all the disciples, the Minor Element Gathering Technique, Gu Xi decided to test the waters with it first.

He took out a thick book with a blue cover from under his clothes. Perhaps it was because he often read it, the edges of the pages were raised. He casually flipped through it, and there were many insights and marks inside. It was obvious that the owner of this book was very hardworking.

It was a common cultivation method, and it was not very good. However, even so, Gu Xi had yet to cultivate to perfection. One could imagine how poor his aptitude was.

[System has detected the Minor Element Gathering Technique]

[10,800 flaws have been discovered. Do you wish to extract the flaws and repair them?]

For a moment, Gu Xi thought he was hearing things.


He knew that this technique was ordinary, but he did not expect it to be so trashy and have so many flaws.

After all, the Gu Clan was a large aristocratic clan. The cultivation techniques that were distributed to ordinary disciples in the clan and in the sect were all basic versions.

Although they could not be considered very good, at least they covered the basics, providing everything a beginner would need. Moreover, the more basic the cultivation technique, the less profound it was. Logically speaking, there should not be so many flaws and loopholes.

Gu Xi said without hesitation, "Fix it immediately."

As soon as he finished speaking, a golden light suddenly appeared from the blue book. Countless characters followed the golden light and floated in mid-air. Those characters seemed to have received some kind of energy and began to tremble violently. Then, a crack suddenly appeared.

They started to fade one by one. In the blink of an eye, the densely packed characters became few and far between. The remaining ones were also being reorganized.

After such a scene, there was actually only one sentence left.

"Tai Chi gives birth to two elements; two elements give birth to three talents; three talents give birth to four symbols; four symbols give birth to five elements; five elements give birth to six directions; six directions give birth to seven stars; seven stars give birth to eight trigrams; eight trigrams give birth to nine palaces; nine palaces expands to infinity!"

Gu Xi read it out subconsciously.


A buzzing sound came from the darkness, and something stirred in Gu Xi's mind. His body trembled uncontrollably and he did not speak for a long time.

In the silent night, there was no sound at all. Even the chirping of insects and birds seemed to have disappeared. It was extremely quiet.

However, there were several voices in Gu Xi's mind that repeated the floating words just now. It was like the voice of the Great Dao, reaching up to the Nine Heavens and down to the Abyss.

The large golden words floated in the sky. At this moment, everything in the world was eclipsed. Gu Xi could not see anything else but the large golden words, and they engraved themselves into his heart and consciousness.

They slowly flew into the blue cover. The originally old-looking book was now renewed. The original cover of 'Minor Element Gathering Technique' had been erased by a mysterious force. The title had been replaced by five large golden words, 'Infinite Element Gathering Technique'.

The words were profound and powerful, like the strokes of a dragon or a snake. Yet, they also felt natural. It was truly an extraordinary thing. Even the aura was filled with the simplicity and charm of Dao.

The originally ordinary cultivation method had been given a new life. Now, it was extraordinary. Golden light surged, containing the power of the Great Dao. It would strike fear into all who see it, but it would also benefit them endlessly.

Even Gu Xi's eyes were slightly golden as if affected by the inexplicable power within. He repeated the words he had just said.

"Infinite Element Gathering Technique..."

A hint of understanding flashed in Gu Xi's eyes. As if he had understood something, he immediately sat cross-legged and entered a meditative state.

"Tai Chi gives birth to two elements."

"Two elements give birth to three talents."

"Three talents give birth to four symbols."

"Four symbols give birth to five elements."


Following Gu Xi's meditative state, two clouds of gas appeared above his head, one clear and one turbid. They slowly condensed together. As the color deepened, two small black and white fish were born in the two clouds of gas.

In an instant, the wind and clouds surged. If anyone else was here, they would have noticed that the two small fish actually had pure Dao energy in their bodies. 

The two small fish roamed the world, and the surrounding spiritual energy gathered toward them. Originally only the size of a finger, they grew rapidly and were now the size of a palm. Every time they swam, they could trigger the power of the five elements in the air.

With the support of the power of the five elements, the two small fish gradually evolved into one yin and one yang.

An invisible force fused the yin and yang energy together and instantly entered Gu Xi's body. The huge Tai Chi eight trigrams pattern was faintly discernible. At this moment, his body had turned into Tai Chi. Under the circulation of the power of the eight trigrams, the True Qi in his body also grew endlessly, it was as if there was an endless amount of power.

Level 3 of Qi Refinement!

Level 4 of Qi Refinement!

Level 5 of Qi Refinement!


The cultivation in Gu XI's body continued to rise.

He actually broke through to the Foundation Establishment stage!

It was as if something had been broken. Gu Xi's entire body was unprecedentedly light, as if he had transcended the shackles. He slowly opened his eyes. A faint golden light overflowed from his eyes, making him seem extraordinary.

Looking at his current cultivation, he felt as if he was in a dream. After all, he was only at level 3 of the Body Refining stage just now, which was the result of his cultivation for more than ten years.

Now, in just a short while, he had already broken through to the Foundation Establishment stage. No one would believe this cultivation speed.

After all, the strongest outer sect disciples were all stuck at the Foundation Establishment stage, and he should be the strongest in the outer sect now.

"Impurities extraction is indeed worthy of its reputation."

Now Gu Xi finally understood the true meaning of this system. Removing the dregs to extract the essence, then extracting the impurities, leaving only the essence.

Just a simple 'Minor Element Gathering Technique' had such a magical effect. Without hesitation, Gu Xi withdrew the 'Gu Clan Body Tempering Technique' that the Gu clan had given to each of its disciples.

This type of body forging technique was also the most basic type. One would not become impenetrable by weapons just by mastering this basic technique. At most, it would strengthen one's body, and one's physique would be stronger than an ordinary person's.

[System has detected the Gu Clan Body Tempering Technique]

[7,890 flaws have been discovered. Begin to extract the flaws and repair them.]

After the system was done, Gu Xi obtained the 'Indestructible Body of Vajra'. After cultivating it, one would need to be at least several levels higher than him before they could deal any damage to him.

[Reminder to the host, there is a limit to the number of times you can extract every day. At this stage, you can extract three times a day. As your strength increases, the number of times you can extract will increase.]

Hearing the system's notification, Gu Xi was not too surprised. After all, if he could extract freely without any restrictions, that would be downright heaven-defying, right? However, three chances would be enough for now.

It was just that he would need to plan carefully next. In any case, at the later stages, when his strength increased, he would have plenty of chances to extract.

"Even ordinary cultivation methods could be refined to such a state... Then, if I had better cultivation methods and techniques, wouldn't that mean..."

Thinking of this, Gu Xi's heart burned with passion. However, it was a pity that his original body did not have any other cultivation methods aside from these two books. This was because he had yet to master the two basic cultivation methods, so he did not bother with other cultivation methods. 

Gu Xi decided to go to the library to take a look tomorrow. Perhaps he would find something new.

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