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Samul is a novel author. He enjoys writing novels and even reading other's works as well. But that's just it. Reading and writing novels. Those are the only things Samuel enjoyed in his whole life. His parents were well-off and he didn't need to find a job to feed himself. Everything going well for him until he died, his health was worsening as the day went by. Before he died he tried to write a thank you letter to his parents but he couldn't do that too. The next thing he knows he wakes up in the world that he created, [Blade Of Destiny]. However, instead of transmigrating into the body of the main character or even a side character, the boy became an extra called Lucas Darkheart. Who is Lucas Darkheat? No Idea! He's just an Extra in the novel! ...Or is he just an Extra? ______ Note: The cover is mine and also this cover is made by Author A4KL.

Ink_Weaver122 · Fantasy
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362 Chs

Aqua Veil Falls

The only sound I could hear was the gentle crunching of twigs and leaves beneath my feet.

It's been 10-15 minutes since I had walked forward in this dense forest after my short training. I'll also be able to get a better understanding of [ Swordsmanship Lv2].

Even though this area was inhabited by G-rank monsters and few F-rank. The slightest misstep could cost me my life. I couldn't afford to let my guard down, not even for a moment

'I'm sure that I'm able to fight G-rank monsters as for F-rank, let's not talk about it.'

' I'm F-rank I still doubt that I'm able to kill F-rank monsters because this body is still new to me, so I better be safe than sorry.'

Keeping my grip tight on the hilt of the sword, I moved forward, keeping a sharp eye out for any signs of danger.


Suddenly, the leaves of a nearby bush began to rustle, causing my face to shift into a smile. My first fight was about to begin!

My heart pounded as a massive creature leapt out from the cover of a bush. It resembled an azure serpent, its colossal form stretching beyond four meters, its scales shimmering in the dappled sunlight. A G-rank monster, the creature was recognized as the 'Azurecoil'.

"I need to strike its vitals," I muttered to myself, my gaze locked onto the towering form of the Azurecoil. Its presence was both awe-inspiring and daunting, a living embodiment of the challenges that lay ahead.

As I squared my shoulders and tightened my grip on the sword's hilt, a sense of determination coursed through me. My knowledge as the author gave me a crucial advantage—I knew its strengths and, more importantly, its weaknesses.

With a deep breath, I darted forward, my heart pounding in rhythm with each step. The forest floor was a mixture of soft earth and fallen leaves, muffling the sound of my approach. As I closed the distance, I swung my sword in a wide arc, the blade gleaming in the dappled sunlight.

My target: the vital area of the creature's serpentine neck. I could feel the weight of the sword in my hand as it cleaved through the air, aiming for the mark that would incapacitate the Azurecoil.


My strike was met with empty air, the creature's serpentine agility allowing it to dodge my attack with ease. Its movements were a blur of azure scales, and I found myself off balance as I tried to recover from my missed blow.

'I still need to get used to this speed.'

At that moment, the Azurecoil seized the opportunity. With a sudden lunge, it lunged towards me, its massive jaws lined with razor-sharp teeth snapping shut. Instinctively, I raised my sword to block, but the force of the impact sent me staggering back, my arms trembling under the weight of the assault.

Pain radiated through my body as the creature's attack struck true, leaving me winded and vulnerable. The forest around me seemed to spin, a kaleidoscope of colours and shapes as I fought to regain my focus.

'Even if it's just a G-rank monster I still have trouble killing it. How pathetic, If it was the original Lucas he could have killed this monster a a long time ago.'

'I need to speed up my game, I also have a strength that I haven't used and that is knowledge.'

Gritting my teeth, I forced myself to my feet, my sword held defensively before me. The Azurecoil circled, its eyes fixed on me, its body poised for another attack. I could feel its power, its dominance in the wild—every inch of its form was a testament to its primal strength.

But I wasn't without my strengths. With a deep breath, I summoned my knowledge as the author—the awareness of the creature's weaknesses that lay hidden beneath its formidable exterior. I had to use every tool at my disposal to turn the tide in my favour.

As the Azurecoil lunged once more, I sidestepped with a prpractisedrace, my sword aimed at its vulnerable underbelly. My blade met scales, and the creature recoiled, a hiss of pain escaping its massive jaws. It was a small victory, a testament to my determination and understanding of its weaknesses.

The battle raged on, each clash of blade against scale a testament to the struggle between an extra and a powerful adversary.

I received my share of strikes, my body a canvas of aches and bruises. But with each hit, with each exchange of blows, I learned—learning from my mistakes, adapting my strategy, and capitalizing on the creature's vulnerabilities.

And then, in a moment of clarity, it happened. The Azurecoil lunged once more, its maw wide open. With a focused mind and a determined heart, I sidestepped and swung my sword with all my might.

The blade connected with the creature's vulnerable underbelly, a triumphant cry escaping my lips as I struck its vital area.


A roar of agony echoed through the forest as the Azurecoil writhed in pain. I had found its weakness, exploited its vulnerability, and in that moment, the battle was mine. With one final, decisive blow, the creature's movements grew sluggish, its defiance waning.

As the dust settled, I stood before the fallen Azurecoil, my breath ragged and my body battered. The battle had been fierce, the odds stacked against me, but I had prevailed—armed not only with my determination but with the insights I had as the author.

And as the forest's tranquillity returned, I couldn't help but feel my hand start to tremble.

'Oh, Fuck this is the first time in my entire life that I killed something'

Even in my old world, I could not even think of killing a Serpent, but with trembling hands come satisfaction I don't how or what but I like it this 'satisfaction'.

As the battle's fervour began to wane, a surge of fatigue washed over me, the adrenaline that had fueled my every move now ebbing away. With laboured breath, I dropped to one knee, my body heavy and my muscles protesting the strain they had endured.

I reached into a pouch at my belt, my fingers closing around the cool glass vial of a low-grade healing potion. Drawing it out, I stared at the liquid within—a promise of relief and rejuvenation. With practised efficiency, I uncorked the vial and brought it to my lips, the potion's taste was a mixture of bitter and sweet.

The effects were swift, a surge of energy coursing through my veins as the healing potion went to work. The aches that had gripped my body began to subside, and I felt a renewed sense of vitality returning to me. The fatigue that had threatened to overcome me was pushed back, and replaced by a renewed sense of focus.

As I set the empty vial aside, I couldn't help but reflect on the foresight that had led me to bring these potions along. In preparation for this very moment, I had acquired three low-grade healing potions and one mid-grade potion—a life formidable battle's chaos.

The mid-grade potion remained untouched for now, reserved for more dire situations. Alongside the healing potions were two vials of strength potion—a secret weapon that could potentially tip the balance in favour when facing formidable opponents.

With a steadying breath, I rose to my feet, my body feeling remarkably better than moments before. The forest around me was once again serene, the battle's echoes fading into the distance. I regarded the fallen Azurecoil—the creature that had tested my mettle and pushed me to my limits.

After recovering from my first fight I continued to make my way towards the base of the mountain, feeling my heart beating with slight anticipation.


I hit my cheeks and told myself to focus. I needed to clear my mind of any unnecessary thoughts and concentrate on what was ahead. 



The terrain was rougher than I expected, making it hard for me to collect my breath as I moved up the mountain. I had to stop a couple of times to check my bearing, as there was no path for me to directly follow.

Three hours had already passed since my journey up the mountains, and my fight with

Azurecoil serpent.

I didn't find any monsters after Azurecoil Serpent so I'm having a peaceful journey. 'Maybe lady luck is still with me.'

Anyway, let's talk about all this another time.

Right now my breathing was a bit rough, I wasn't that tired. Well because I had ready condensed mana inside of my body, It really shouldn't come as a surprise that I managed to last this long.

Keep in mind that if a normal human with no mana concentration in their body were to climb this mountain, they would by no means reach the same point as me. Then again, I really shouldn't compare myself with normal humans.

Right now I was making my way towards the third highest peak, where a small cave containing the 'Luminar piece' resided.

Since I only spent a couple of sentences describing where to find the 'Luminar piece I don't know the exact location of the cave. I only know that it's on the third-highest peak of the Hunter's Haven.

 I could already see the sun trying to hide itself behind the mountains reducing my visibility considerably.

Clenching my fist I decided to do one last struggle and climb my way towards the third peak.

Climbing the mountain at this time was reckless, but it's not like the protagonist was waiting for me to catch up to him, and thus I steeled my mind and slowly climbed up the mountain.

So I began to climb, It had been 3 hours but I was barely able to see the peak. If not for my F rank it would have been impossible to climb this high.

Finally, another 1 hour later I reached the peak, but the sun had set a few minutes ago.

My heart raced with excitement as I forced my fatigued body to climb near the massive rock that stood before me. The anticipation was palpable as I reached out, placing my hand on the cool surface of the stone. With a focused effort, I applied pressure, and to my delight, a small gap emerged behind the rock.

My pulse quickened as I confirmed that this was indeed the right location—the hidden entrance I had sought. A grin spread across my face as I gathered my resolve. With a bit more force, I shifted the rock aside, revealing the space behind it.


My satisfaction was undeniable as I surveyed the result of my efforts. With newfound determination, I summoned all my strength, pushing the rock outward until it tumbled down the mountainside. In its wake, it left behind a small gap, just large enough for a single person to enter.

The resounding thud from below the mountain sent a shiver down my spine, a reminder of the potential danger that lurked beneath. Imagining what might have happened if it were me falling, I couldn't help but feel a mixture of unease and relief.

Refocusing on the task at hand, I turned my attention back to the opening. With cautious movements, I manoeuvred my body into the tight space, crawling forward for several meters until the cavern expanded into a wider opening.

As I entered the cave, a wave of exhaustion washed over me, like a heavy blanket settling onto my shoulders. The journey had taken its toll, both physically and mentally. With a measured breath, I reached for another vial—a low-grade healing potion—and drank, feeling the restorative effects seep into my weary muscles.

My body ached, and my mind felt hazy from the strain of the day's events. But with each sip of the healing potion, a glimmer of renewed strength emerged. I was determined to press on, to uncover the secrets that lay within this cave. Every challenge, every obstacle, was a step closer to unveiling the mysteries of this world.

With newfound resolve, I pushed myself forward, crawling through the wide opening of the cave. The path ahead was uncertain, and the journey had only just begun.

Splash... Splash...

I heard the sound of a waterfall and breathed a sigh of relief, knowing that I had found the right place. Emerging from the Cave, I was greeted by a magnificent sight.

My eyes widened in awe at the breathtaking sight that unfolded before me—a tranquil waterfall, its beauty a testament to the marvels hidden within the earth's embrace.

I named it the "Aqua Veil Falls," a title that encapsulated its ethereal essence. The cascade descended from an unseen crevice above, a ribbon of liquid silver that caught the faint glimmer of light filtering through the cave's recesses. The water tumbled with grace.

The walls of the cave seemed to come alive with the play of light and shadow, dancing in harmony with the gentle ripples of the pool. Stalactites dripped with moisture, contributing to the cascading rhythm of the waterfall's melody. Amidst the cool, damp air, a sense of serenity enveloped me—an invitation to immerse myself in the tranquil beauty of this hidden oasis.

But my gaze was not solely captivated by the Aqua Veil Falls' breathtaking sight.

Amidst the shimmering cascade, a small Luminar crystal piece dangled, catching the light and refracting it into a mesmerizing display of colours that danced across the walls. It was a treasure of unparalleled beauty—a reminder that even the hidden corners of the world could hold priceless wonders.

My heart quickened as my gaze shifted to the shadows beyond the waterfall. There, emerging from the depths of the cave, stood a formidable [ F+] rank monster and three towering [G+] rank creatures—a trio of sentinels whose duty was to protect the precious crystal.

With each guardian's gaze fixed upon me, I knew that my journey through this hidden realm had taken an unexpected turn. The Luminar crystal piece was a prize worth pursuing, but it came at a price—facing the guardians and overcoming their formidable might.

My gaze was also locked with guardians with one thought in my mind.

'Do I have Life insurance or not, I hope I do.'