Extra's Magic

Aiden, who spent his days staring at a screen and playing the same game, 'Leclentia', had finally succumbed to his unhealthy lifestyle and died... However, he found himself reincarnated in a world full of mythical creatures and magic, with his consciousness inhabiting the body of a frail young boy who was supposed to attend the mage academy. "Wait... I've reincarnated into Leclentia!"

Gurdon · Fantasy
Not enough ratings
231 Chs

Restaurant Fight

The demon worshiper effortlessly lifted the waiter into the air, gripping his neck with an iron grasp and cutting off his breath. The poor waiter dangled helplessly, his face turning red and his eyes bulging as he struggled to break free from the grip of his assailant.

"Beg for mercy human... Beg!"

The demon worshiper's voice resounded through the restaurant with inhuman and twisted glee, causing panic among the few customers present. However, I remained focused on the man in the grey jacket, undeterred by the chaos around me.

The waiter couldn't even breath, his mouth agape as saliva dribbled down his chin and onto the man's hand.


As the waiter's drool dripped onto his skin, the man in the grey jacket hurled him into the air. With a swift kick to the stomach, he sent the helpless victim hurtling towards a nearby table, which splintered and shattered upon impact, sending wooden shards flying in all directions.

The man's dark eyes swept over the other people, who had gathered in the corner of the room, cowering and trying to avoid his gaze. None of them appeared to be awakeners, and in the face of the demon worshiper, they seemed utterly powerless.

"You! Beg for mercy!"

Suddenly, his gaze fell on me as I still sat there, unperturbed by his ghastly appearance and instead looking at the meal that had dropped to the ground.

"It was my order..."

I pretended to be not okay in the head, focusing all my attention on the dropped food on the ground as if it was the most pressing matter at hand. Meanwhile, I held my katana concealed beneath the table, my entire body tense and prepared for action as the man drew closer to me.


The man loomed over me, closing in until he was just a few feet away, his eyes boring into mine with an intensity that made me feel uncomfortable. He shot his hand towards my neck, planning to strangle me just as he had done with the hapless waiter.


The blade of my Katana sliced through the air with deadly precision, cutting the man's hand clean off, before he could even react.


The man's scream echoed through the restaurant as his severed hand fell to the ground, and I wasted no time in pressing my advantage. With a swift movement, I lunged towards him, my katana slicing through the air with deadly precision towards his neck.

The demon worshiper moved with supernatural agility, dodging my attack at the very last moment. My blade sliced through the air, barely missing his neck but drawing a thin line of blood across his throat.

I gritted my teeth, feeling a twinge of frustration at my failed attempt to strike down the demon worshiper in a single blow. I had hoped to end him quickly and decisively, knowing that it would reduce the chances of me getting hurt. But now, I was forced to confront him directly, with no guarantee of victory.

'Let's just hope he doesn't have any powerful skills...'

My eyes locked onto the demon worshiper as he fumbled with a health potion, trying to drink it to heal his wound. Without hesitation, I dashed towards him, closing the distance in a matter of seconds.

With a swift movement, I knocked the potion out of his hand and delivered a quick strike, causing him to hiss in annoyance and pain.

"Just you wait! Once I'll get you, I'll torture you to death! You'll regret this!"

Despite the demon worshiper's random threats and taunts, I could see that he was weakening. Blood gushed out from his severed limb, and I knew that if I could hold on for just a few more minutes, he would die from blood loss.

[ Leap! ]

Suddenly, the demon worshiper used one of his skills to appear right in front of me, his one remaining hand swinging towards my face with incredible force. I barely managed to cross my arms in front of me, bracing for the impact as his fist collided with my forearms, making me groan in pain.

As I faced the demon worshiper, I realized that his strength was greater than I had anticipated. Every blow he landed on me felt like a sledgehammer, and my hands were already starting to throb from the force of his punches.

I knew that I was outmatched in terms of raw power - the demon worshiper was likely a minor realm higher than me.


As I regained my footing, I saw the demon worshiper approaching me with an urgent, frenzied look in his eyes. His face had turned pale, and I could see that he was losing a dangerous amount of blood. His movements were more erratic now, his previously fluid motions reduced to crude and clumsy flailing.

[ Leap! ]

As the demon worshiper stumbled towards me, I sensed a slight disturbance in the mana around him, and my instincts kicked in. I ducked just in time to avoid his swinging fist, which passed harmlessly over my head.

Taking advantage of his momentary vulnerability, I planted my leg in his abdomen with a swift and well-placed kick. I heard him gasp in pain, and I could see the blood spatter from his mouth as he vomited violently.

"Kill him!"

"Please save us!"

The customers, gathering in the corner of the restaurant, began applauding my performance and I suddenly froze. The demon worshiper had already shown his willingness to harm innocent people, and now they were drawing his attention.

"Get down you dumbasses!"

I tried to warn them, but it was already too late.

[ Leap! ]

The demon worshiper appeared behind one of the people, catching her by the neck and raising into the air.

"If I die, I'll take as many of you as I can!"

Before I could even react, he snapped the woman's neck with a sickening crunch, killing her instantly. The other people in the restaurant screamed in horror, their cries echoing off the walls and mixing with the sounds of breaking glass and overturned tables.


I tried to get there as fast as possible, but I was too late. Before I could reach them, the demon worshiper had already taken the lives of two more innocent people. Their bodies lay motionless on the floor, while the other customers cowered in terror.

The worshiper's eyes had lost all reason, and he was attacking everything that moved. I took a deep breath and sprang into action, drawing my sword and preparing for the worst.

As the man turned towards me, I could see that he had abandoned his defense in his bloodthirsty rage. I seized the opportunity and launched a single, swift strike. With a sickening sound, my sword cut through his body, and he fell to the ground, motionless.

I wiped the blood off my face and turned to look at the survivors lying on the ground. Their eyes were still trembling, tears flowing down their cheeks. Despite the fact that the threat was eliminated, they were still in shock.

"We're saved!"

A man with a thick mustache whispered, noticing me standing before the bloody demon worshiper.

I turned to face him, my eyes still locked on the corpses of the people who had lost their lives in this demon attack. The man's face turned a sickly shade of green as he took in the gruesome scene. He stumbled back, leaning against the wall as he vomited.


I approached the table where the waiter had been thrown, and knelt down beside him, checking for a pulse. But as soon as I touched him, I knew that it was too late. The impact of the throw had been too much, and the man's head had hit the edge of the table with a sickening crack. He was already gone.


Suddenly, the door and the table blocking it were hurled aside as an intruder burst into the room. Before I could react, a sharp, glinting silver sword was pressed against my neck, its cold edge sending shivers down my spine.

"Surrender yourself!"

I heard a commanding tone and slowly dropped my bloody Katana to the ground.