Extra's Descent

‘Is this… an interface?’ Despite having no knowledge of where he was, he was familiar with the system interface. After all, it was oddly similar to the novel he closely followed. But… ‘This doesn’t make any sense, I should have died already.’ —--------------------------- After a tragic accident, he found himself transmigrated inside one of his favorite novels. He realized he was now Brandon Locke, an unfamiliar character, an extra. Armed with knowledge about the future, Brandon now has to traverse this new world all on his own. ---------------------------------- Join the Discord Server for the character illustrations and such! Discord Server: https://discord.gg/zukKB2ppDp Hoping for support on my first novel. Comments are well appreciated!

athex · Fantasy
Not enough ratings
212 Chs

Unravel [1]

A lot of things were possible in the new world.

So somehow…

Maybe somehow.

Just a fleeting thought.

Brandon had come up with a theory that his memories were tampered with.


But as he entered the original Brandon Locke's childhood room, there were no hints of feeling nostalgic.

Just unfamiliarity.

The sight before him was completely new to him.


Just the thought of it made him stifle a laugh.

After all the relationships he had built up with the people around him, he had started hoping that he was at least part of their story.



He was a stranger.

A fake playing the role of Brandon Locke.

That much became clear to him.


Shaking his head, he entered the room.

With his hands on his waist, Brandon thoroughly scanned the room.

Doing so, he had come to realize that the original Brandon liked to keep things minimalistic.