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Selene the kind-hearted, workaholic and gorgeous girl dwells amid humans and the vampiric world...

Selene transforms into a vampire and learns witchcraft to keep her soul at peace...

Does life unfolds her into the unpredictable realm?.....

Selene preps up her day to attend her cousin's wedding despite attending her usual college day. The sunny bright day uncovers the mysterious night filled with dwindled happiness, mystery and unseen fortune that lays twisted ahead of her life...

Will Selene understand the mysterious plot laid ahead of her?

Did Selene meet her twin flame?

Can Selene break the Karmic bonds?

Is Selene illuminating the superpowers?

Does she have bloodline connections?


Tom the bloodline cousin of Selene, plays a subsidiary role in the storyline. He is mesmerized to have a glimpse of Selene at a relatives wedding. He reveals the unpredictable and carefree trait.


Kane is the life partner of Selene bonded by beautiful love and unpredictable reserved characteristics.

He exhibits cool character but loses temper in a certain stance. Is he the Twin flame? Or Karmic partner? or does he belong to the Soul group community?


Hudson the cousin brother of Kane gets impressed by Selene characteristics of being a strong independent woman. Hudson serves the higher authority in the vampiric world to serve for good deeds. 

Does Hudson lose his heart towards Selene?

Will Hudson's interference break the beautiful relationship of Selen and Kane?


Gia is the bloodline soul sister of Selen, attributing a cool and commendable character in the story.

Does she love her sister that much to go beyond the boundaries to protect her?

Will she support her soul sister from the trap?


Elena is the cute adorable daughter of Selene and Kane. Elena has the super skills of being active at all times.


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Year: 2020

My heartfelt thanks to 'Webnovel" for providing me with this fabulous platform to pen down my book on "Extortioner".

I am happy to explore and read a plethora of other books on the Webnovel.

Extortioner has the essence of a fictional story with a blend of familial relationships. The book involves the lead role of Selene and Kane. Our fictional hero is Kane and the heroine is Selene.

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