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Read ‘ExpSpeciality’ Online for Free, written by the author Ribka17764521, This book is a Teen Novel, covering Fiction, Light Novel, Internet Novel, and the synopsis is:


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In an international in which the superb and the everyday collide, "destiny's shadow: the selected one" weaves an enchanting story with a purpose to go away you spellbound. Meet Elara Blackwood, a genius with a mysterious past who unearths herself thrust into a realm where delusion and reality blur. From the bustling streets of modern-day cities to the ancient, hidden realms, Elara's journey is something but ordinary. Born with a unique gift, she's destined to come across the arena's most notorious villains, foxy geniuses, and enigmatic beingsᅳwerewolves, vampires, devils, and dragonsᅳevery with their own dark, fascinating appeal. While Elara discovers she's now not just any ordinary girl but a pivotal discern in an age-vintage prophecy, her life takes an exciting flip. abandoned as a toddler and raised by means of a secret society, she needs to harness her powers to confront the darkness threatening to consume the sector. As she delves deeper into her lineage, Elara crosses paths with Lucas Drake, a brooding and charming vampire with a tortured soul. Their connection is electric, their chemistry simple; however, can they conquer the shadows of their pasts to include their destinies? With elements of the Harry Potter universe and captivating anime affects, "destiny's shadow: the selected one" promises an epic adventure filled with love, betrayal, and redemption. unravel secrets, confront fears, and discover the true meaning of power and sacrifice in this spellbinding novel. Ideal for fanatics of problematic plots, dynamic characters, and sizzling romance, this fan fiction will maintain you on the edge of your seat from begin to finish. Join Elara as she navigates a global of magic and mayhem, where every twist and flip may want to mean the difference between doom and salvation. Tags: villain, genius, werewolf, vampire, Satan, killer, dragon, abandoned, Harry Potter, anime Dive into the exceptional and permit "destiny's shadow: the chosen one" to enchant your heart and ignite your imagination. Get ready for a story in which legends come to life and destiny awaits.

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Taming the Villain After Transmigrating to a Reverse Harem World

Cordelia is overjoyed as her favorite novel comes to a close with a staggering 2000 chapters, but just as she is about to read the last chapter that would unveil the mysterious plot, tragedy strikes and, in a twist of fate, she dies. She opens her eyes in an unfamiliar place but finds her mouth closed by an oxygen mask as her vision turns blurry once again. Before she can comprehend anything, she is thrust down the stairs but is mystically teleported out in the so-called 'Summoning Process'. "What? This is the world of 'The Mary Sue's Secret Lover'!!!!!!" She screamed as soon as she comes to her senses. —————————— Excerpt- Cordelia, after accepting the gripping reality that she has been transmigrated as an extra fated to die into her favorite novel, is determined to stay alive and live her life to the fullest. 'Don't worry, I will make sure that they pay for what they did to you', she promised the original Cordelia. "Sign this," demanded the cold voice of the man in front of her, also bringing her out of her reverie. Heir of the Bayer Clan, Juder Bayer, a billionaire, single, and not interested in having a woman in his life. "A marriage contract?" Cordelia voiced rhetorically as she perused the contract. "Alright," she signs it while inwardly thinking, 'This is my best bet to survive'. Yet right when she talks about divorce, she finds herself unable to continue. "Divorce? Who said you could leave, woman?" He domineeringly mocks her, pushing her to the bed. She finds herself at a crossroads, questioning his actions. Just… Why is this unlucky star of a cold husband trying so hard to chase her? Stop sucking my life force already! Our marriage is only a contract! I want to divorce! —————————— As a newbie author whose first language isn't english, I hope you all can forgive my mistakes and help me improve with your feedback!! PS: The FL will be fierce, not just in front of other but also the ML. She wouldn't blush just coz she got pushed at he wall by a handsome man!! That's a no go!! Nor will she stand for idiots and would much rather find the truth than trust others! And since I hate misunderstanding, angst, and a lot of things, be ready for a roller coster ride if you sign up for reading this novel. It's going to be a fun ride!! ///////////////////////////////////// The cover is AI-generated. I am new to this, so any help and advice is much appreciated. Also, this is my entry to the Cupid Quill contest, so any support is much appreciated!!

Gypsophila_ · Fantasy
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21 Chs


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