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Luke gotten himsel Isekai'd to the One Piece World But instead of waking up in an island surrounded by water, or in a ship... Luke found himself in the Moon, and he was seal in the moon To be unseal Luke need to change the Canon Plot with the help of a QnA System So he expose the story of One Piece with a QnA, to try and free himself... Read ahead only on https://www.patreon.com/goldengaruda

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Chapter 468 The 5th Question

"You're right, but not entirely. The target of the Straw Hat Pirates is indeed Kaido, but the reason why the Straw Hat Pirates decide to go to Kaido to fight is because they are entrusted by others. And that's exactly what Jack was looking for when he came to Zou. When Jack is making troubles in Zuo, the reason is because he is looking for someone in Zou, and the Mink would rather risk being wiped out than hand over that some one.

So the 5th Question: Who is Jack wanted to find in Zou?

There are four options here:

A. Caesar.

B. the remnants of the Whitebeard Pirates.

C. the remnants of the Kozuki family.

D. Heart Pirates.

The time limit is three minutes, and the timer starts. "

Kaido is very curious about why Jack went to Zou before.

Hearing this topic, Kaido immediately turned his attention from the Straw Hat Pirates to the topic.

He hasn't paid much attention to the first two options, but when the third option pops up.

Kaido's face suddenly sank.

His intuition told him that is the answer.

The remnants of the Kozuki family.

Except for Kozuki Oden who was killed by him that year, almost all of Kozuki Oden's men and his son and daughter fled, except for a kappa who was arrested a few years later.

And they also left Wano a prophecy emerge, 20 years later, the samurai of the Kozuki family will come back for revenge.

And two years later, exactly 20 years after Kozuki Oden's death.

At this point in time, Jack will be sent by him to Zou to find someone. He didn't forget that the cat and the dog on Zou Island were two of Oden's Nine Red Scabbards.

This basically confirmed that what Jack will be looking for is the remnants of the Kozuki family.

Originally Kaido didn't care about this prophecy.

After all, Kozuki Oden didn't do anything to him when he was alive.

Kozuki Oden was dead, what about the remaining kittens and puppies?

If they really have the ability to defeat him, they won't have to wait until 20 years later.

So it's just a bluffing joke.

He Kaido has been running and traversing the sea for so many years, but he is not scared. There are not tens of thousands but hundreds of thousands, or even more, who want him to die.

If a few words could kill him, he would be dead long ago.

The so-called prophecy is just a joke.

But now it seems that something unexpected has happened, and a group of shit sticks are mixed in here.

Straw Hat Pirates.

It's not a good thing to have these guys mixed in.

However, the remnants of the Kozuki family want to rely on a Straw Hat Pirates, Mink Clan, Heart Pirates, and Whitebeard's remnants want to deal with him.

Kaido laughed, Let them come and die in his hand.

It happened that he is looking for it.

He would have to see what gave them the confidence to do things that they couldn't do twenty years ago.

With a straw hat Luffy?

Hehe, he's not a rubbish like Doflamingo.

Kaido looked disdainful on this side, while the current shogun of Wano, Kurozumi Orochi, is watching the live broadcast of the QnA with a group of his men.

Hearing the remnants of the Kozuki family in the options, Kurozumi's expression changed suddenly.

It is as if the fear etched in his bones had been awakened.

Although he has been the shogun of Wano for so many years, there is a kind of fear that has been lingering in his heart, and he can never feel at ease.

Because the influence of the Kozuki family in Wano is too great, as long as Momonosuke appears in the name of the Kozuki family, they will be able to revolt.

If the blood of the Kozuki family is not cut off, he will not feel at ease for a day.

But since 18 years ago, Kozuki Oden's son Momonosuke disappeared.

Also disappearing with him are the Nine Red Sccabard.

Originally, this is nothing, but there is one of his people among the Nine Red Scabbard. If Momonosuke is still alive, then that person would definitely pass the news to him.

But there is no news, his man had disappeared out of thin air, leaving only a prophecy that they would come for revenge in twenty years.

This mysterious thing, coupled with the nine red scabbard who have never been captured, now he hear that the remnants of the Kozuki family reappear, and they have also drawn a group of people to Wano to take revenge.

Kurozumi Orochi panicked immediately.

20 years later these guys really reappeared, half of the prophecy is fulfilled, and if it is all fulfilled, then he is done.

Because of the appearance of Luke, it is now predicted that this kind of thing has an extraordinary influence in this world.

Almost all of Luke's predictions have been confirmed as reality.

The world does not dare not believe it, nor can it not believe it.

In addition, the legends of the fishmans and the prophecy that the world will undergo a major change in the near future have all been confirmed by the broadcast and should be true.

This makes people dare not take other prophecies lightly.

Kurozumi Orochi saw that the time was right, and the person who had been unable to find it appeared on time, so how could he sit still.

Immediately he let his subordinates ask Kaido to discuss countermeasures.

He managed to have his current status with great difficulty, and there must be no accident.

After asking his people to invite Kaido, Kurozumi stared at the screen for a moment, wondering what will happen in the future?

He want to know where these guys are now, he wants to nip the danger in the bud, and what happened to the spy he arranged in the Nine Red Scabbard, why there is no news for so many years, is it possible that he has been found?

Kurozumi Orochi, who is immersed in panic, did not notice the change in the eyes of a man with a strange face among the group of subordinates sitting beside him.

This person is Kurozumi Orochi's subordinate, but his real identity is Denjiro, one of the Nine Red Sccabard. His face change because of the shock of the year.

This also made Kurozumi Orochi fail to recognize his identity, and he also took the opportunity to change his face and go dormant beside Kurozumi Orochi.

He had been waiting for the opportunity all these years, and when he saw the answer, he who had been disguising his emotions couldn't control his expression for a moment.

But soon he controlled his expression again. This is Kurozumi Orochi's mansion. Orochi's ninja force, , hid in the dark to protect Orochi at all times, monitoring the surroundings so that they could not detect anything wrong.

Fortunately, when heard the words of the Kozuki family just now, almost everyone in the room changed their expressions.

The people of the Kozuki family are coming back, which is like a bomb dropped in Wano.

It spread directly across Wano like a stormy sea.