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Chapter 466 Outrageous

Hearing this question, the expressions of everyone in the Straw Hat Pirates suddenly became solemn.

This is definitely a very, very important question.

Because they are a pirate crew that care for their member

It is impossible for half of the crewmates to remain indifferent when they learn that Sanji had been captured.

Especially after Luffy decides to go to the face Big Mom to save Sanji.

So there must be some reason for their disappearance

What happened in Zou.

Why only half of them go with Luffy to save Sanji.

What is it that makes them have to give up to save their mate?

So here comes the problem.

This is another question with no options, and the difficulty is getting higher and higher.

The members of the Straw Hat Pirates were in a predicament.

"In addition to the fact that I was taken away by the Big Mom people, what happened in Zou?" Sanji wondered.

"Yes." Robin said to everyone: "Before we got to Zou, a big thing happened on Zou."

"You mean that Jack attacked the Mink?" Nami asked curiously.

"Could it be that the Zoro and the others went to Wano to avenge the Mink?" Chopper exclaimed.

As soon as these words came out, the atmosphere suddenly became stagnant.

The people in front of the screen open their mouth, some can't help themselves, and their eyes are full of suprise.

Is this...this...?

Wano, that is the base of another Four Emperors Kaido of the Beasts.

Does this mean that the Straw Hat Pirates are attacking two of the Four Emperors at the same time?

Such a crazy thing suddenly caused an uproar all over the world.

A pirate group that had just entered the New World not long ago actually had a fight with two of the Four Emperors at the same time.

This kind of thing is no different from courting death.

Is there really such a crazy thing?

The Straw Hat Pirates...are they really...so outrageous?

People were shocked, and Marine is equally too.

Looking at it this way, they Marine would be a little embarrassed.

In order to deal with a Whitebeard pirate group, they gathered all of Marine's power, and they still had hostages in their hands. They took advantage of the time and place, and paid a heavy price to kill Whitebeard.

But, the Straw Hat Pirates went head-to-head against two Four Emperors.

It literally slammed their faces to the ground.

Impossible, absolutely impossible.

Going to Kaido's turf to trouble Kaido with just a few crew members is a total death sentence.

Even joke has a limit.

After people were shocked, they put this speculation aside one after another. They didn't even dare to think about it, let alone do it.

Those who can do such things are either lunatics or fools.

They should have gone elsewhere.

And at Whole Cake Island.

Everyone in the Big Mom Pirates was almost stunned by these words.

Even Big Mom is pissed off.

"Are they underestimated me? These little devils, who do they think I am?! I'm Big Mom of the Four Emperor"

Big Mom burst out with a powerful momentum, and Conqueror's Haki is fully displayed, and the dress and hair rustled under the impact of the momentum.

She had never suffered such humiliation in her life.

"Straw Hat Pirates!!!" Big Mom roared up to the sky, how could she endure this humiliation.

From the beginning, these little devils were humiliating her, and now it's even worse.

If she doesn't get rid of these little devils, what face will she have.

Big Mom could only feel the blood rushing up her head again.

There is a feeling of wanting to destroy everything.

Now she just wants to kill these little devils to vent her hatred!

And on the other side is Wano, Onigashima Island.

Kaido, who is watching the broadcast, is drinking, and it is very interesting to see the joke that Big Mom was humiliated by a group of kiddos.

suddenly heard the racoon on the screen saying that the people who did not go to Totto land came to Wano.

A somewhat drunk Kaido buckled his ears and thought he had heard it wrong.

"What is that racoon just said, I didn't hear it clearly, repeat it to me." Kaido said, looking at his subordinates.

"Master Kaido, the Racoon said that the other half may have come to Wano to take revenge." Hearing his subordinates repeat it, Kaido realized that he had heard it right.

"To take revenge? Only half of the crew came?" Kaido's face suddenly sank.

Has he been underestimated?

And even the captain of the Straw Hat Pirates didn't come, and only sent a few minions to seek revenge on him.

Kaido, who is still a little drunk, suddenly sobered up.

Anger is running high.

Chopper said this, and even he himself couldn't believe it.

Even confronting one of Four Emperors has already caused them to flee.

How could it be possible to fight two Four Emperors at the same time.

And still go to other people's turf.

"Impossible, I don't think so." Chopper rubbed his head and laughed.

Others also thought Chopper's assumption was outrageous.

But Zoro and the others didn't go to Wano, so where could they go?

The only places in Zou associated with them are Totto land and Wano.

Beyond that is Dressrosa.

They also have no reason to go back.

The problem came to a deadlock.

Looking back, they found that all the options pointed to the most unlikely answer, Wano.

It seemed that the impossible assumption that Chopper said was their only answer.

Everyone in the Straw Hat Pirates is silent.

They seem really crazy.

Go and fight two Four Emperors at the same time.

Is this something normal people can do?

Are they all influenced by Luffy?

Everyone worried about their IQ for dozens of seconds, and then told Luke their answers.

"Answer: Wano"

After answering, their hearts were all pounding, and even they themselves couldn't believe the answer, but they could only come up with this answer.

They don't have a clue at all, and if they're wrong, they're wrong.

When the Straw Hat Pirates said the answer.

The people in front of the broadcast were in an uproar.

They actually thought this was the answer.


How crazy!

After Big Mom and Kaido heard the answer from the Straw Hat Pirates, murderous intent and anger instantly ignited in their eyes.

If the straw hat pirates in the prophecy did such a thing, it would be a humiliation for .

So now the Straw Hat Pirates actually think that this kind of thing is really possible, which means that these little devils are underestimating them now.

For a time, the two were surrounded by murderous auras, wishing they could directly slaughter this group of ignorant little devils on the screen.

Let them understand what the title Emperor mean.

At this moment, Luke replied to the answer from the Straw Hat Pirates.

"correct answer"

As soon as Luke said these words, the whole world fell silent.

Even the Straw Hat Pirates stayed where they were.

They really went to attack two of the Four Emperors at the same time.

Whitebeard laughed at the answer.

"Ace, your younger brother is more powerful than you, haha..." Whitebeard remembered the time when Ace brought his Spade Pirates to challenge him.

He originally thought that Ace, the older brother, had enough "courage"

Unexpectedly, Ace's younger brother is braver than him.

Ace picks one, Luffy picks two.

Whitebeard has been a Four Emperors for so many years, and this is the first time he has heard of a pirate who has come to the New World to attack two Four Emperors at the same time.

This is the first time ever.

Today's young people are really brave.

When Ace heard his father's words, he couldn't help but smile bitterly.

Fighting two Four Emperors at the same time, to put it nicely, is called courage, and to put it badly, it is death.

How could his younger brother let his older brother at ease.

Just entered the New World and went to fight with two Four Emperors at the same time.

How could this kid become more daring as he got older, so daring that he would scare people to death.

Whitebeard laughed, Big Mom and Kaido looked extremely ugly.

It turned out to be true, these guys actually dared to do this.

Who do these guys take them for?!

Straw Hat Pirates!

Big Mom and Kaido immediately sent their men to inquire about the whereabouts of the Straw Hat Pirates.

If they come to New World, report them as soon as possible.

Their dignified Four Emperors were actually humiliated to such a degree by a fledgling kid.

If they don't kill them, others will think they are easy to bully.

People were shocked by the news for a while before they reacted.

Fighting against two Four Emperors at the same time, even the World Government has to be cautious about this kind of thing. As a result, the Straw Hat Pirates not only acted separately, but also went to other people's territory.

This is really brave.

If this is successful for them, then the five emperors will undoubtedly deserve his name.

They are now more and more curious about the outcome of the Straw Hat Pirates fighting two Four Emperors at the same time.

It would be interesting if they really won.

On the other hand, the Five Elders are more and more afraid of the Straw Hat Pirates.

It is only after arriving in the New World that they are able to fight two Four Emperors at the same time.

This is not good news for the Five Elders.

Not only the straw hat Luffy, but also Luffy's companions cannot be underestimated, because it is not Luffy who went to Wano.

If group of guys grew up, and that might be the second Rocks Pirate.

This is definitely not what they want to see.

One Rocks Pirate in this sea is enough, and there must be no second one.

This danger must be wiped out before it can grow.

Otherwise, the disaster will be endless!

The Five Elders raised the danger level of the Straw Hat Pirates by one level and ordered Cipher Pol and Marine to search for the whereabouts of these guys.

Once found, attack immediately.

The rate at which these guys are growing is scary.

At this rate, the Five Elders even suspected that Marine Admiral wouldn't be able to handle them after a while.

After all, these guys just arrived in the New World and went to fight the Four Emperors.

The current Straw Hat Pirates are much stronger than the future broadcast Straw Hat Pirates.

The Straw Hat Pirates in the future broadcast haven't taken any potions, Enhancement scrolls.

No matter what, these guys can't be allowed to live!.


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