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Chapter 464 Is there a spy

Of the three commander, two fell to Luffy's hands, and the remaining one, Smoothie, is not as strong as Katakuri.

Not a single one can resist the boy.

Bunch of trash!

The members of the Charlotte family bowed their heads in shame from their mother's eyes.

It's no wonder that mother is so angry, even Katakuri failed to beat the straw hat Luffy, which is really a shame for mother.

Isn't this a joke?

Perospero grew his mouth and looked at Katakuri. The news shocked him even more than he is killed by Pedro. This is Katakuri, and he lost.

What's going on.

Katakuri's Observation Haki is invincible, how could someone keep up with Katakuri's Observation Haki?!

Katakuri looked gloomily at Luffy on the screen.

He lost to this kid?!

Katakuri, who has always been very confident in his own strength, felt offended.

Until now, he hadn't paid attention to the straw hat Luffy.

In his opinion, although Straw Hat Luffy has done a lot of things, his strength is still too weak.

Hard Fight against Doflamingo

A narrow victory against Cracker.

and his strong is stronger than Doflamingo and Cracker

Such a kid could beat him.

He didn't believe it.

But he couldn't help but believe it.

Because Luke said it.

None of what he said so far has been proven to be false.

Various facts are fully proved.

No matter what Luke said about the past, or what he said about the future, it is the truth.

In other words, if Luke said that he is defeated by the straw hat Luffy, it means that this kind of thing does happen.

He lost to this kid.

Katakuri stared at Luffy on the screen, and his mood is very complicated. He actually lost to this kid, which simply trampled his self-esteem

Seeing her mother's angry eyes, Katakuri said solemnly: "I won't let this happen."

"Hmph." Big Mom said, staring at Katakuri, "Don't let me down."

Mom hates incompetent guys the most.

Big Mom is very angry, but also very helpless.

Katakuri is his strongest son, even if he loses, the rest is useless.

Four Commander, even if Katakuri is replaced, no one can replace him.

She needs more useful children.

The current ones don't work.

Seeing that his mother's anger had subsided a little, Perospero quickly said: "But mother, it's not all Katakuri's fault for this. Luke's question is that someone taught that Straw Hat Luffy's to master a higher state of Observation Haki, and Straw Hat Luffy defeated Katakuri. Otherwise, how could it be possible that he can defeat Katakuri. We must pay attention to this person."

Hearing Perospero's words, everyone couldn't help nodding their heads.

They had already seen Luffy's strength before the fight against Katakuri through the video.

His Observation Haki is definitely not as good as Katakuri's glimpse into the future.

In other words, Some master in the Banquet Teach Luffy when he escape.

How could someone be able to raise Straw Hat Luffy's Observation Haki to the level of a Katakuri in such a short period of time.

Who the hell is that guy?!

What method is used?!

Katakuri's Observation Haki is already the top, and it is from many battles he has fought over the years to become the Master this ability.

Now Luffy has Master it in such a short period of time.

What exactly is going on?

They are very curious.

And Big Mom's face sank again.

Because it seems to be saying that their Big Mom Pirates have once again have a traitor.

This is her base, and the people from the Straw Hat Pirates have basically appeared. They all have no such ability, let alone Luffy, the strongest among them.

And Capone Bege, Germa 66 they are even less.

As for Jinbei, as far as they know, he has no such ability.

Then there is only one possibility.

There is a guy in her force who helps Luffy the straw hat on the run, and helps him master the higher level Observation Haki.

If not, Straw Hat Luffy can't beat Katakuri, then they can't escape at all.

Who the hell is her traitor at this time and became the master of Straw Hat Luffy?

Who is it?!

Big Mom's eyes were fierce, and flames were burning in her eyes.

She hated the appearance of traitors one after another.

She swore that she would never forgive any traitor.

Make sure they pay for their betrayal!

Everyone in the Big Mom Pirates immediately felt the murderous aura from their mother.

But they were also curious about who else in their place would actually be the master of Straw Hat Luffy.

Not to mention how outrageous it is to be able to help Luffy raise Observation Haki to that level, and do they really exist here?

If you want to help people raise Observation Haki to that level, you should at least have this level yourself.

Otherwise, how can you be a master of others?

As far as they know, there is only Katakuri who has this level of Observation Haki here. Is it possible that there is hidden master?

It shouldn't be Katakuri.

If this person's Observation Haki can also see the future for a short time, then maybe he can really hide from everyone's eyes.

They still have such a wicked guy hiding here.

This is definitely big news.

Who the hell is this guy?

It has to be found out.

Otherwise, it would be too dangerous for a guy with such strength to hide in their home.

Everyone in the Big Mom Pirates looked at the screen, waiting for the imposter lurking among them to be uncovered.

On the screen, Straw Hat Crew was in lost.

The previous question is a little easier, but now there is another difficult problem.

How do they know who is Luffy's second master.

And what about options?

There's no option whatsoever.

How can they answer?


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