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Chapter 460

They were worried that after mother heard the news, she could not accept the reality because of the shock, and then she fell into a madness.

Then they will be in trouble.

However, to their surprise, Big Mom did not do this at this time, but had some doubts in her eyes.

"Perospero, what happened to those guys from the Straw Hat Pirates? Is there anything wrong with me eating until I'm content at my birthday party?"

Big Mom doesn't understand the answer yet?

Everyone in the Charlotte family is a little puzzled.

How could mother not think of something so easy to think of.

Big Mom is not the brainless straw hat Luffy on the screen.

After Perospero heard his mother's words, after a little thought, he understood what is going on.

Big Mom is resisting the answer, her instinct kept her from thinking about it.

After all, she ate her favorite Mother Carmel.

How can such a thing be accepted.

Even Perospero suspects that she may not be ignorant of this truth.

She may not understand it when she was young, but as she get older, the more she know about her own body, the closer she is to the truth.

It's just that she doesn't want to accept this truth.

Realizing this, Perospero immediately smiled and said, "Of course it's fine, Mom.These guys may have had a stomachache from eating the wrong thing."

Perospero's scalp is numb, this is simply a proposition, if he answered truthfully, then his life would be in danger.

Whoever dares to let the mother face the reality, then mother will kill that person.

When the others heard Big Brother Perospero's answer, they immediately understood the wisdom of Big Brother's answer.

As expected of Big Brother Perospero!

"That's it." Big Mom glanced at Perospero, and this look scared Perospero into a cold sweat behind his back.

However, Big Mom did not continue to entangle on this matter, but murmured: "MOTHER...Everyone, where have you all gone? I miss you so much..."

All the members of the Charlotte family were stunned by the words of Big Mom.

If they heard their mother say this before, they could still feel a deep sense of longing.

But now, it can only feel creepy.

Even though they have experienced many years as pirates, it is the first time they have seen this kind of behavior, and it is their mother who did it.

Seeing the expression on their mother's face, they were relieved.

The impact brought by this truth is not ordinary, who knows what the mother will become.

However, Luffy on the screen didn't seem to understand the answer at this time.

"Hey, what's wrong with you, what's wrong with this answer, why are you all looking like this." Luffy puzzled.

The members of the Charlotte family were so touched by Luffy's question.

Fortunately, everyone in the Straw Hat Pirates just looked at Luffy like a fool.

"It's best that you don't know, otherwise you won't be able to eat anything later." Usopp envied Luffy's "innocence" a little, so he didn't have to be disgusted by such disgusting things.

"Impossible." Luffy said flatly, "No matter what it is, it won't affect my eating... um, I seem to be even more hungry.""

Everyone didn't continue to pay attention to this foodie, and all looked at Luke.

They had already answered the first question wrong.

This is not a good start.

If the next question is wrong again, then this live broadcast they will not get any good rewards.

"Now then please listen to the second question, although Big Mom is greatly affected by the shattering of Mother Carmel's photo, she did not become as fragile as Capone Bege expected, but fell into a frenzy.In this state, Guy's gas missile is shattered by the Conqueror's emanating from her body before it touched Big Mom.The assassination plan with the trump card failed, and they could only flee according to the original plan, but another accident occurred. They were surrounded by the Big Mom pirates. What's more serious is that Big Mom, who fell into a frenzy, did not lose her combat power. The furious Big Mom aimed her hatred at the Straw Hat Pirates who destroyed Mother Carmel's photo. The situation suddenly became precarious, but Germa 66, who had been rescued because of them before, didn't want to owe them favors to help them create a chance to escape, and they seized the opportunity to flee towards the Thousand Sunny docked on the coast. However, Big Mom is chasing the Straw Hat Pirates all the way to the Thousand Sunny.

To make matters worse, Big Mom's eldest son, Perospero, is the first to freeze the entire Thousand Sunny with power candy.

Straw Hat Crew's last life is also cut off.

Luffy wants to break this situation, but is stuck fighting Katakuri.

As long as Big Mom arrives, the Straw Hat Pirates will be destroyed.

However, at this moment of life and death, there is a person who is full of bombs and rushed towards Perospero and wanted to die with him. As long as Perospero died, his ability would disappear, and the Thousand Sunny would be able to move again.

Only hearing a bang, the explosion sounded, and Sugar coating of the Sunny disappeared.

Question: Who gave Straw Hat Crew a chance with their lives?

There are four options here.

A. Capone Bege.

B. Vinsmoke Judge.

C. Pedro.

D. Pekoms.

The time limit is two minutes, and the timer starts.


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