1 Death of a drug dealer

A young man clutching a suitcase is running down a rainy alley in Greenville, SC. Two men wearing trench coats are chasing him. As the young man rounds the corner believing he will lose his pursuers he picks up speed to scale the chain link fence that impedes his freedom.

Clang clang! he scales the six foot fence with relative ease.. only to have his pants leg catch on the top slamming his face into the fence and suspending him upside down. Crrtear.. before he could brace himself his jeans tore dropping him head first onto the wet concrete below.

He groggily wakes up to see the men standing over him before one man pulls a gun and Bang! a bright light and a loud noise the young mans consciousness fades to black..

BAM! "ouch my.. Where's my head!?!?, wait a minute where's my body! oh my God I'm in a coma! those f*ckers shot me and now I'm in a God D*mn*d coma.. Funny I figured comas where supposed to be like dreams and here I am monologuing in the dark.. WAAAAKE UP!! STUPID F*CKING BODY WAAAAKE UP!!.."

"Well guess I have an excuse for my finals... wonder if prof. Bursley will give me an F anyways.. d*mn*t... ouch!! how does my whole body hurt if I don't have a body! Screw it I'm tired.."

"Aaand I'm awake again.. felt like I was out for a few days.. Hey! it's getting kinda brighter, man I feel kinda cramped in here.." Rumbling noise "Whoa!! was that an earthquake? great I'm in a coma for an earthquake.. I hope I'm in a decent hospital at least.. Soo sleepy, how do I get tired in a coma?"

More rumbling and shaking "I'm up I'm up already!" The shaking stops "Did that work? I can feel my toes!! holy sh*t am I gonna wake up soon? so sleepy yet so hungry... I hope they have decent food.."

"Man it feels so tight in here.. I got feeling in all my limbs but why does my *SS feel so weird? I can feel something pressing against the back of my legs.. man I need to stretch" Crick crack!

"What the hell was that?" Crick "Gotta move some more my back feels itchy" Crackle crunch! "ooh yeah feel that breeze on my *ss"

"Who's grabbing my butt hey! a kick should stop... nope they just grabbed my foot.. f*ck me! this dude's strong I'm getting tired just fighting him off.."

"shkikiki!" "Uhm excuse me?.. whoa!" Crick crack crunch "So bright.. What the F*ck!!" I finally open my eyes to see my assailant is a giant lizard monster much like a humanoid godzilla... and the leg he grabbed ahold of is covered in scales.. My leg is covered in scales.. I think I'm gonna pass ou.."

Darkness.. "ugh Why do I feel like I slept on a rock.. oh it was a rock.." "Shkikiki" "yeah yeah Shkikiki back at ya"

Ding! " Passive skill 'Draconian language' (swamp dialect) comprehension increased to level 1." A gentle female voice announced in my head.

"Huh" But instead of being answered by the gentle voice a raspy shrill voice answers. "I said wake up Lazy scales! your clutch mates have all hatched save for you.." Godzilla said while staring at me with what I'm assuming is annoyance.

"Oh uh.. sorry?" I stand there looking around apparently I'm in a cave or something, there are rock walls with some kind of glowing moss growing out of them. "Go out and hunt your fill whelp!" Mr Godzilla roars at me.

"Yes sir!" I Yelp and run down the cave towards the light. As I step out the mouth of the cave the world that greets me is obviously not mine. There are two suns and a moon in the green sky..

"Well this is obviously a coma dream, I went crazy in my own head and I'm having a coma induced mental break down." As I talk to myself at the cave entrance a mini Godzilla runs over to me.

A squeaky voice escapes its reptilian tooth filled maw. "Hi Hi! You hatched finally! we were hoping to have some egg tonight but another brother is just as good." Mini-zilla said while nodding it's head sagely. Not quite sure how I'm supposed to respond to that.. "Uh yeah I'm happy I hatched too, so where are we hunting?"

As mini-zilla rambled on about everything within a hundred foot of our cave I noticed some strange blurry letters above it's head. When I focused on them. Ding! "Active skill appraisal has reached level 1." Oooh the nice lady is back. "hmm appraise?" I muttered under my breath.



Name: Sha Na (Meaning: Mysterious rain)

Race: Draconian (Swamp variant)

Sex: Female

Level: 1

Age: 2 days (whelp)

Class: Shaman (novice)

Sub-class: N/A


"What's your name?" I ask my little lizard pal. Sha Na stared at me for a moment and cocked it's head to the side reminiscent of a curious puppy. "I haven't got my name yet? we don't learn our names till we reach level 5."

"Oh then what should I call you till then?" after I ask Sha Na a perfectly valid question she started laughing before replying "just start hunting once we hit level 5 we will know each others names." She 'smiled' afterwards.

After following Sha Na a few feet away from the cave I noticed she became visibly more alert constantly turning her head from side to side. Not wanting her to feel like she's the only one hunting I copy her while keeping an eye out for food.

Ding! Active skill 'Search' has reached level 1. I love this woman, Marry me! "Search!" the moment I spoke the skill name it felt as if all color faded from the world. A blur of red streaks past me like lightning "Over there" I say in a hushed tone to my scaley friend.

"Skree!" Sha Na pounced on the blur as she screamed in... delight? aaand that's a lot more blood than I was expecting.. F*ck me I think she just ripped an arm off of the fluffy bunny, dear sweet Jesus the screams! just put the poor thing out of it's misery already!

"Hey I think you'd have an easier time eating it if it was dead first" I say as I try to keep from looking at Sha Na's blood covered face. "But it's more fun when they struggle?." Oh God... my first friend here is a psychopath.

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