Excuse me, idiots! I'm Not A female Lead! Book

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Excuse me, idiots! I'm Not A female Lead!


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In The novel teen romance with plenty of smut scenes between the female lead and five different tyrants, The Novel was called Lust (lose) in The Villain World. Shin Lydia Hong Jaeyeol Han Yeonjun Kim Taecyeon Lee Yeonbin and me as the extra character in this novel, Song Ara. My only purpose, when the first time I was freaking out and released this was the novel world it is I want to enjoy the moment between Lydia and four other tyrants while eating the chicken popcorn and drinking a coke. And then I was dreaming of being a sidekick for Lydia tp guiding her life into the happy ending with one or maybe two of those tyrants lists. ahh!!! this is so exciting!! just imagine about it make my heart beat so fucking fast! I completely couldn't wait anymore for the scene when fated bought them together!! But. I didn't know the little extrovert act toward the tyrants could give my life this troublesome effect... "Why..why you not..teasing me again? are you bored of me? or are change your target. Ara, please don't stop teasing me like usual. I miss your naughty side.*blushing*" what the hell this is emotionless freak hong jaeyeol blushing because of me? before this, whatever I tried to talk, prank, or embarrass him he never reacts to all my stupid interact. He completed ignored my existence.. but..why..why God? why!!!!!!! you show that emotions to me but not Lydia! "I always do as you told me to do. helped that new girl with her homework, accompany her eating in the cafe plus I walked her to her house every three days. but.. why. why I have never received any reward from you, Ara. *grabbing my collars* either you should reward me a kiss or I would humility that Lydia girl. choose Ara. which one?" My goodness. The obedient puppy-type tyrant suddenly turns out to be an aggressive wolf that rampages after realizing his master dumb him, Han Yeonjun has a thousand faces behind those characteristics. what is wrong with you? you never complained before? is somebody provoked him or what? "I don't want to learn about that Lydia girl but I want to know about you. what are all of your favorites? and more importantly, I wanna know the way how to make you happy not Lydia girl. so this time...teach me the Ara subject, one of my favorite knowledge *smile*" The Hen.. what has happened to the most introverted boy who loves studying more than anything and is anti-romance because his freaking brain thinks it's was wasting things to do in the academy. But Right fucking now, Kim Taecyeon wanna know about me? He was supported to learn about Lydia, not me, are you sure you're not possessed by a spirit, or are you thinking of changing this fucking flow of my favorite novel! "I..think you're cute.. cuter than my cicada.." This bastard.. is he picking a fight on me or innocently complimenting me with a terrible poetic word? Lee yeonbin, rumored to be a silent monster because of his strength like a monster and beats all the people who want to fight with him without a single word. Even his voice is rarely heard by the other students. But..why other than Lydia this silent guy always talking to me with a hoarse voice yet soft.. as if he treated me like a precious gem. Haaaaa... really? I'm so exhausted thinking about them! please idiots, please!!!!! just take care of your heroine!!! Shin Lydia who supported to be a delicate, nice, and friendly type of heroine slowly turned into a cunning fox, wagging her tail and always whining every time she spend little time with the villains. this is not my favorite novel suppose to be!!! why..why!!!!!!! and stop disturbing me, you idiots!! leave me alone!!!!!!!