Reviews of Evolving into a Great Dragon From a Koi Fish


Evolving into a Great Dragon From a Koi Fish

Eternal Dream

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I hope this gets picked, it looks interesting and I’m a fan of the non human mc’s . . . . . . . . . . . [img=recommend]

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The problem is with the boring petty clichés, and the perverted petty character of the hero (Do the Chinese all think about girls and Lolita??!?), Doesn't force lead to domination, monopoly and occupation through cruelty, blood, and a cruel sword without mercy!? This is what we are looking for, real human characters, we don't want perverted Chinese characters and cartoons, I hope other readers will publish my comment in all the Chinese trivia novels, so that the officials can see them and make some changes, heroes of justice, bad guys, good guys, just childish words. We don't want such trivial words


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The prompt is MC was killed by a humongous fish that ate the cruise ship he was on as a part of some kind of evolution a lot of animals and humans were going through because of presumably nuclear waste but it seems to have more to it. MC needs to eat to evolve and it just seems a little boring to me. His little sister and her friend are in a good relationship with him and the main plot is about everything that's evolving in the world including humans which leads to various situations. The first 18 chapters weren't very interesting, the strength margins with each evolution he's going through are very small, all in all, just doesn't seem very interesting. It's not even that it's too slow-paced it's just that he's a fish, and he needs to eat food to evolve. The only real stimulation i can think of here is him protecting his sister and her friend but this is also not interesting at least to me. TL: DR - MC is a fish that needs to eat to evolve. Seems boring after 20 Chapters. Wouldn't recommend




Probably the most interesting one for this week batch. The others are basically copy and paste novels with very bad stories. I do hope this get picked to be translated.


This is a nonsensical story. The plot jumps from event to event with things that don't make sense happening just to progress the plot. Mutants, cultivators and evolvers jump out of the woodwork randomly to make events happen. Translation quality is pretty good but the base story feels like it was written by a middle school student. Overall not for me, I give it one bland bar of soap.


This is the most Idiotic Mc that I know The f**k your telling someone your entire identity in chapter 44 I dont want to read this anymore it triggers me


Good start but i am dropping it because of the heavy nationalism and this recurring hatred towards a certain country….is not rational and ridiculous! What was a great novel became a real pain and was of time 🥱


Garbage novel, broke the number one rule of transmigrating or reincarnation novel. Never reveal your secret. Also for being a monster, he is still a Chinese dog, pathetic waste of a human and monster. Webnovel giving garbage novel without allowing the ability to veto the vote.


This book is similar to i can turn into a fish, but not completely alike because at this point he is only a fish. Looks to be earth with its spirituality only just started, has good potential.


Take down the cover image, Astral Pet Store already has this cover. Unless you want a copyright Strike. I advice you take it down and find another cover.


I think MC is too coward, he should go to the sea after he cant level up in the lake. Instead he go with Pipner the first time he get the offer. Too timid, how can he leap the dragon gate if he timid


I don't like how he let's his fate get controlled easily and his is no different from pig waiting for experiment at how powerless his is☹😡


Very dissapointing, trash tamer novels that get picked over actual quality...all your gona get is word count chapters, dragged story and sudden cliques.


Characters are kinda meh..world building is mediocre and the writing is nothing special even for this site.The complete turn off for me was that he he works for his government and the Nationalism that comes hand in hand with it.And the hate towards a certain nation and its people.


Reveal spoiler


I'm a logic reader so when something doesn't make sense I find it hard to continue but although this story may have its "unorganized" moments its beautifully crafted and perfectly well writin author please but a proper order on mc's leveling points required and lastly please upgrade the release date I'm all ready having fear that it might be dropped last but not least I tip my hate to you🎩


A perverted Chinese novel, the beautiful and gentle sister cries with great sadness as if she has lost the world to the death of her hero brother who becomes a fish, with time they will fall in family love A disgusting thing, a family aberration always The author has a beautiful mother, a smart sister Lolita, a sexy aunt, a big breasted aunt, that's how he imagines The author is a family harem


I have not started to read this book yet but i noticed that the cover of the book is the same picture as another novel called astral pet store the only Difference is that the image is flipped around, just something that i noticed.