1 Reincarnation, Golden Carp

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"Brother, why did you leave me just like that? Didn't you say that you would take me on a trip after graduation?"

"Sob, sob, sob, you scoundrel. If you leave just like that, what should I do in the future..."

In the bedroom, a young girl was crying softly at the photo in front of her.

The young girl slowly caressed the photo, her tears falling uncontrollably.


"You've been taking care of me all this time. Now that you're gone, you didn't even leave behind a body. How can I feel at ease?"

Chu Ying's brother, Chu Ze, had passed away unexpectedly a few days ago.

Chu Ying, who had lost her brother, felt as if she had lost the entire world. The moment she heard the bad news, Chu Ying felt as if the world was spinning and she lost consciousness in an instant.

After she woke up, Chu Ying saw her brother's photo. Her parents had already gone to the travel agency with the others.

The moment she saw Chu Ze's photo, Chu Ying's tears fell like pearls that had lost their string.

"Brother, I've made the bracelet you wanted with my own hands. I'll give it to you when you come back."

"But you can't even hear my voice now."

A few days ago, Chu Ze left home and went on a trip with his high school classmates.

It was graduation season, so everyone had a pleasant trip together. After the trip, they would go to all parts of the country to enter university life.

During the first half of the trip, the weather was always nice and sunny.

Chu Ze and the others were on a yacht on the sea, enjoying the scenery of the sea. They had planned to fish and flirt with girls when they reached the place.

After buying some souvenirs for his sister, Chu Ze met with an unexpected accident.

While they were sightseeing on the sea, a huge shadow that was earth-shattering came out from under the sea.

Standing on the deck, Chu Ze's mouth was wide open. He was extremely surprised.

This kind of situation had only been seen in movies. No one could imagine that such a thing had happened to them.

The earth-shattering black shadow came toward the cruise ship. When the black shadow approached, the people on the cruise ship could see clearly what the black shadow was.

In fact, they couldn't see it clearly because they could only see rows of huge teeth pressing down on the cruise ship at this time.

This was definitely an unrecorded species. Even the largest whale in the world couldn't swallow such a huge cruise ship in one gulp.

After seeing the huge mouth, Chu Ze was stunned. He turned his head to look at the others. They were almost the same as him, staring blankly at the huge mouth swallowing the cruise ship.

In the blink of an eye, the huge cruise ship disappeared into the sea, leaving only a few fragments.

Chu Ze, who did not know how long he had stayed in the darkness, heard waves of crying. The crying made him a little upset.

After opening his eyes with great difficulty, he saw a familiar scene.

"Hey, isn't this my sister's room? Am I not at sea? How did I get here?"

After asking, Chu Ze saw his sister, and then he went up to greet her.

"Ah, it hurts. What is this thing?"

After carefully observing for a while, Chu Ze found that he was now in a fish tank made of glass.

The decorations in the fish tank looked familiar, and then he suddenly remembered.

"Isn't this the gift I gave my sister? I made the decorations in the fish tank myself."

With the help of the slightly reflected light from the fish tank, Chu Ze saw his current situation clearly.

It was a small light golden carp.

"D*mn, isn't this the small carp I gave my sister? How did I become like this?"

This was the difference between a human and a carp. He had simply recognized himself through the reflected light.

He could recognize himself in the mirror with just a glance. Many animals with low IQ could not pass this simple mirror test.

"Impossible, this is absolutely impossible." After recognizing himself, Chu Ze still could not accept his own situation.

How could a good person turn into a carp? This was illogical and unscientific.

Although this situation was unscientific, it was already the truth. Now, he could only accept the fact that he had been reincarnated into a carp.

"Sister! Sister! I'm here!"

Chu Ze called out to his sister in the fish tank. However, only a series of bubbles appeared and no sound was made.

It was normal because the carp had no vocal organs at all.

Looking at his sister crying over his photo, Chu Ze couldn't help but feel a little sad.

"A person's life is neither slow nor fast. It could end in an instant, or it could start over like this."

"Since I've become a carp, let's start over again."

[ Ding! ]

[ Detected perfect fusion between host and carp. ]

[ Infinite Evolution System activated. ]

[ Host ] : Chu Ze

[ Level ] : 1

[ Species ] : Carp

[ Skills ] : None

[ Skill points ] : None

[ Evolution points ] : 1/10

"Eh? Things really aren't that simple. I didn't expect there to be an evolution system."

"This 'Level' is probably about the same as the level in the game. The higher the level, the stronger you are."

"This 'Evolution point', infinite evolving. Hmm... Looks like this evolution point is the key to evolution. I just don't know how to obtain this evolution point."

"But why is there nothing about this skill? Doesn't swimming count as a skill? I'm afraid there's no better human than me swimming in this world, right?"

Thinking of this, Chu Ze was silent. "Sigh... now I can't be considered a human anymore."

At this time, Chu Ying washed her face in the bathroom. She collected her emotions and walked to the front of the fish tank.

"Brother, this is the last thing you left for me. I will definitely take good care of this little carp."

As she spoke, she took out the fish feed and poured it into the small fish tank.

"Mmm, it's about time. I checked online, you can't feed too much to this little carp. It will be stuffed to death."

Looking at his sister in front of him, Chu Ze was speechless. "Why would I eat fish food? I won't eat fish food even if I die today. Even if I die outside and jump out of this fish tank, I won't eat a single grain of your fish food."

"Yeah, it smells so good!"

Although he said that he wouldn't eat food, he couldn't resist the feeling of hunger.

Moreover, now that he had become a carp, his taste organs were no longer the same as humans.

In the end, Chu Ze, who could no longer endure his hunger, took a bite of the feed.

"Ah, it tastes really good. I'll eat it, I'll eat it again."

[ Evolution points + 0.2 ]

[ Evolution points + 0.2 ]

"Not bad, I can add evolution points just like that. I wonder what it can evolve into?"

The system seemed to have heard Chu Ze's mutter and took the initiative to respond to Chu Ze.

[ Infinite evolution, infinite possibilities. ]

"Infinite evolution, that's good. As the saying goes, a carp leaps through the dragon's gate. I want to evolve into a divine dragon."

Seeing the little carp happily eating the feed, Chu Ying's mood was a little better.

"It seems that the little carp really likes to eat this feed. I was afraid that if I didn't raise it well, I would raise the little carp to death."

"Why don't I add a little more feed? The little carp doesn't seem to be full."

Chu Ze almost laughed out loud when he heard Chu Ying's voice, but he still couldn't make any sound.

"Yes, yes, yes, add more. Just a little more is enough for me to evolve."

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