26 Chapter 26: Why do they always appear from behind?

After listening to the system and Robert felt that getting 1,000 experience points may not be hard as he thought. If 10 Energy points are needed for 5 experience Points then he would need...

Robert started doing calculations.

10 Energy points = 5 Experience points

then, X Energy points =1,000 experience points...

Robert felt his head hurt thinking about this, He is not good at maths but he calculated for a while and got the answer. He would need 1,500 Energy points to get 1,000 Experience points.

His face was black when he got the answer. 1,500 Energy points? How long will it take to collect this?

Should he raid another tribe for resources? Like he did with the Boar tribe?

He immediately shook his head, This time they barely survived after raiding the Boar tribe. He did not want to take risks again.

He thought about different ways to get Energy points and suddenly he remembered the Nine Colour strange flower that White Fang gave him. it's still inside the cave where he previously lived.

He touched his chin with his paw, If he remembers correctly the Nine Clour strange flower will give him 100 Evolution points, If it is converted into Energy points then he would get around 500 Energy points.

That's one-third of what he needs.  He was surprised after thinking of this, Looks like it's finally the time to eat it. He looked down and saw that White Fang and others were chatting.

He looked at the surroundings and saw that they are near White Fang's house. He looked down from the boar and shouted, "Hey you guys go with Little Fang I am going to my previous house to get some stuff."

"Robert, can I come with you?" White Fang heard him and asked with expectation, Every time she goes to Roberts place she can eat something delicious.

Seeing her shining eyes Robert guessed her thoughts and said plainly, "I am not going there to eat something. I will be back an hour."

After saying this he did not gave her a chance to speak and jumped into the forest and disappeared from their vision.

"Hey don't go, What about our dinner!" White Fang shouted hurriedly, She carried such a big boar because according to Robert it can be cooked into a delicious dish with mushrooms. Finally when they reached her home Robert Left? who will cook then?

"He has already left and he cannot hear you now." Slither looked in the direction where Robert left and said. He was quite surprised to see him leaving just like that.

"And it should be something important that's why he left in a hurry. Don't worry he said that he will come back in one hour." Slither comforted White Fang who was upset seeing Robert leave.

"Hmm"  White Fang nodded with a pout on her face. He doesn't respect her at all. She is a Core Formation Realm Spiritual creature.


Slither is right, Robert is indeed in rush. He has left Nine Colour strange flower inside the cave he previously live.

He was worried that some other creatures come and eat the flower he stored for so long.  

He wanted to slap himself. Why did he forget to bring the flower with him? 

The cave does not have any defence mechanism therefore anyone can come in easily without any obstruction.

After running for almost 10 minutes Robert finally reached the cave. He did not rush inside the cave directly but looked at the surroundings carefully trying to detect traces.

There were no traces of any creature. Seeing this he was relieved and walked inside but he was still alert.

After walking inside the cave he arrived at the place where he kept the Nine Colour Strange flower.

He saw relieve seeing the flower safe and sound. He picked up the flower and kept it carefully with him. 

After that, he looked at the cave for one last time and walked outside. 

Now that his objective is achieved he will return to White Fang's house. He looked up in the sky and saw that it's evening already.

This is the time when all the creatures inside the forest became restless. He became vigilant, He did not want to attract any unnecessary attention.

He walked into the forest slowly trying not to create any noise. 

"System Prompt: The 6th Level of Qi Condensation Realm Creature detected..."

"System Prompt: The 10th Level of Qi Condensation Realm Creature detected..."

"System Prompt: The 9th Level of Qi Condensation Realm Creature detected..."

"System Prompt: The 5th Level of Qi Condensation Realm Creature detected..."


Robert heard systems prompts several times but he did not bother as they were only Qi Condensation Realm Creature. They don't pose any threat to him. As he Cultivation is already at Peak of Qi Condensation Realm.

He only changed his route when he encountered Foundation Realm Spiritual Creature. He is still not sure if he could beat them. So avoiding them is the best choice.

Just as he thought that he could reach White Fang's house easily he hears a dull roar behind him and a nasty breadth enveloped him completely.

"System Warning: A Nascent Soul Demonic Creature Detected. It is recommended to escape as soon as possible."

"System Warning: A Nascent Soul Demonic Creature Detected. It is recommended to escape as soon as possible."


Robert heard the system and hair on his body stood up. He felt an unimaginable amount of terror in his heart. He wanted to move but could not do so as if his body is not under his control anymore.

He wanted to cry but had no tears, Why does he encounter a situation like this? Why does he encounter far stronger enemies than him?

And why do all these creatures like to give him surprise from behind? Is this some sort of fetish?

First, it was python them octopus then just recently he faced a boar… All of these creatures are out of his league. One person can is said to be lucky if he encounters one of them… But he encountered three of them in a streak…

And this time System prompt came late but he did not have time to ask the system about this.

Should he escape in the direction of White Fang?

No that would be stupid. Her cultivation is just at Peak of Core Formation. Instead of helping him, she will die…

Am I going to die? Robert panicked as his heart was in chaos because of helplessness and terror.

He tried to calm down and suppressed the terror in his heart. He needs to move his body. Otherwise, there would be no chance for survival.

 If the unknown creature wanted to kill him it would have already done so but the fact that he is still alive proves that the creature does not have any intent at least, At least for now…

After the fear disappeared he could move his hands and feet.

What should he do now? escape? 

No, Not to mention if the creature will allow him to run but even he tries to escape he cannot outrun a Nascent Soul Realm Spiritual Creature.

This is not the safest option. He needs to know the type of creature that he is going to face before he could make a decision.

He took a deep breath and slowly turned around but no matter how hard he tried to calm down his heart was filled with anxiety about the unknown creature behind him.

When he turned around his face stiffened as he saw a 30-meter big silhouette in front of him.

It is the first time he saw a creature this big...

Core formation Realm Creatures? No, they are kids in front of this guy!

In front of him was a Gigantic Creature which looked somewhat similar to Hedgehog but it has huge black claws that no normal Hedgehog has. And his eyes are gold and black which look particularly creepy in the darkness of night.

Currently, it was looking at him without doing anything. His eyes were filled with inquisitiveness, Playfulness and greed.

Robert perceived these emotions and gulped with nervousness. This Hedgehog is a pervert? What does it want by giving him that look?

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