Deafening roars and cheers filled ears as I groggily woke up."Grr...!!Come on!!"

A deep baritone could be heard not too far from me.

WAH!!! WOW!! more cheers rang out.

By the time I tried to sit up, a sharp pain was felt from my sides,

"Ugh!...I know that feeling, definitely a broken rib again!" I grumble, reeling back in pain and My eyes shot open.

"Haa!, you live Torug!...get up, for we shall finish this!!"


"Great chieftain!!!"

"Olog the Great!!"

"Cough!...grr...What is this!!?" I queried, feeling quite shocked at the Green muscular arm that held my body up.

Then what stood before me was rows of large green men with potruded fangs surrounded me and an even larger green Man while cheering for the larger male.

"ORC!!!???" I unconciously exclaimed in shock, allowing me to notice my unnatural Deep Voice.

Immediately, I was forced to my feet and pushed forward. At this time, what caught my attention was my perspective Of thing had changed.

'when did I get this tall??...transmigaration?!'


"where you look at...Glob?!!" The opponent says as he sends me flying backwards with a punch.


"Ugh!..." I couldn't help but grunt as soon as I landed.

"Too weak!!" He said, circling around me with a sickening smirk on his rather ugly green face.

'what kind of situation is this, looks like I'm in some kind of duel but I don't quite get the details.' while he tried to think about his situation, a change occured as an Orc came running while shouting.

"HuuMan!!...Huuman warriors!, they come!! strong!!"

My opponent gave me one last condesending smirk before he roared.

"ROOOOAR!!! Brothers we fight!!!"

"WAAA!!! WOOO!!!""

"Olog the Great""" they cheered in support.


Arrow came raining down within the settlement, disrupting 'Olog's 'speech?'



A massive fireball landed between us destroying things around where everyone had gathered and an insestant ringing kept sounding within my ears, almost driving me crazy.

My sight turned murky once more and everything shook for a while.

Soon I could hear sounds off in the distance, it sounded like people were yelling, forcing me to hold my head in my hands as my eyesight gradually got better.

Suddenly, a sudden pain blossomed on the sides of my head 'I probably hit my head on a stone or something. Then my head cleared as I started discerning what was going on around me.

But what I saw left me more shocked and confused, Several hundred Humans and Orcs mixed up together in battle. The battlefield was a mess as Orc caused heavy damage in their patchwork equipment, giving them a Barbaric atmosphere.

'This!'... I remember heading out for a get together with my colleagues from the Office, how did I get here?.

I looked down at my hand that were like nothing i've ever seen, the blood stains on my palm were now sticky.

'it seems the original body owner died during the Duel, not like anyone would know that, may his soul rest in perfect peace.' I said sarcastically.

this were my thoughts as I staggered to regain balance a bit.

"DIE ORC FILTH!!!" a brown haired male shouted as he swung his mace at me, heading straight for my head before I could dodge, His silver armor's reflections triggered the memory of headlights shining before my eyes.

DONG!!!My head recoiled backwards as the hit brought me back to my senses, before he could deliver the next hit, I acted on reflex and sent him a punch which was followed by a sicknening crunch as his chest caved in. He had this incredulous look on his face as he looked at me with wide eyes.

Though all this happened, the only thought in my mind was "I died?".

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