Evolution begins with an ant colony

Akun, along with his classmates, was summoned as heroes by a goddess to save the world from the demon king. Akun, doubting he has what it takes to save the world, asks the goddess to send him back. Little did he know that this request infuriated the goddess. "How dare a mere mortal go against my will," she thought to herself while maintaining her facade. She opens a portal for him to go back. Little did he know, the goddess had something else in store for him. As he passed through the portal, his soul was separated from his body, and he fell through the sky and earth until he landed in the body of an ant in the godforsaken forest. Left there to die by the hands of the goddess, Akun awakens the "Endless Evolution System." [Ding!! The Endless Evolution System has been activated!! Grind to gain evolution points and evolve yourself and your comrades!!] "Endless Evolution System? Evolution points?" "Does this mean there's more to my transformation? Can I evolve even as an ant?" [Ding!! Unique skill detected!! Skill: Super Gamer Shop!! Evolution points can also be used on this skill to buy items!!] Follow Akun on his new epic adventure, and find out exactly what awaits him, maybe some conquest and retribution. Tags: Evolution, Dragon, Magic, Action, Fantasy, System, Reincarnation, Weak To Strong, Demons, Supernatural

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Summoned As A Hero But Reborn As An Ant

As a weeb, you know there are a lot of things I fantasize about, but it's not like those things could actually become reality. But, of course, I do wish they did; after all, that would be a dream come true for me.

So, I was practically speechless with the scene I saw unfolding right before my eyes, one that looked like it was whisked right out of one of the games I used to play.

I and the rest of my classmates found ourselves seemingly transported from our classroom to this... space, hovering in the air, perched atop a cloud as it soared through the star filled skies. Before us stood a majestic figure, a being whose actions would forever change the course of our lives.

Heroes," she began, her melodic voice was enough to put anyone to sleep. "You have all been chosen to save this world from the clutches of the Demon King."

Gasps of astonishment and disbelief filled the air.

Upon hearing the goddess's request, my face lit up with excitement. My cheeks were flushed, and my fists, clenched. I could feel the blood pumping through my veins. "A real fantasy world!" I mused, the excitement in my tone was unmistakable. "One with knights, magic, and dragons. An action-packed world filled with adventure. You can't be serious!"

As I was lost in thought, my sights fell on a rather peculiar figure—Ken! The boy who had devoted his time and energy to making my high school days a living nightmare. From forcing my head down toilets to turning me into his personal errand boy, all of Ken's actions toward me were always brushed off because of his family's background.

Ken's gaze met mine, sending a shiver down my spine. He raised his thumb to his throat, gliding it across with a smug smile, conveying a straightforward message: "Once we reach this new world, you're dead."

Panic surged within me as my thoughts raced. "Wait, he can't be serious, right? I mean, he can't do that. I'll call the police..." My thoughts came to a halt as I realized, "Wait, in a fantasy world, there is no law enforcement or police. There might be knights and priests, but that's it. There's a higher chance of a person just mysteriously dying in a fantasy world, and no one would really care. They would simply bury my body. No investigation, no snooping around, that would be it! Case closed!"

And then, it also hit me.

"And even if I wasn't killed, I would be going there with the rest of my classmates, they would most definitely give me a hard time."

After all, it wasn't only Ken who gave me a hard time. I was picked on by all of my classmates, for reasons I am still yet to understand.

I clenched my fists, a mix of anger and regret coursing through me as I reflected, "As much as I'd love to venture into a fantasy world, I can't let it happen. No matter what, I mustn't set foot in that world with these bastards."

I then began to make my way through my classmates, approaching the goddess, my thoughts racing even further. "Besides, I'm certain that after all these jerks are gone, I'll finally be able to live a normal life again. So, it's a win if I stay back on Earth... I guess."

As I made my way trough, my thought raced even futher, "Hopefully, this goddess isn't one of those self-righteous types who thinks the world revolves around her. If she is, things could get really bad, really fast. And how the hell do I convince her to send me home... I know exactly what to do." I concluded with a plan in mind

Setting my plan in motion, I stepped forward. "Goddess," I stammered, "I appreciate the honor you've bestowed upon us, but I... I don't think I'm capable of being a hero, someone as weak as I am would simply be a burden. Please, send me back to my world, so I may not impeed this grand mission."

I then smiled slightly as I mused, "Nice, I nailed it—body language, voice tone, and everything. She's sure to send me back with that."

The goddess paid attention as I begged, her expression showing a composed and peaceful demeanor. But beneath her calm appearance, she was actually feeling a mix of anger and strong disagreement. something I would learn about much later on.

"How dare this mortal defy my will?" she thought, her voice thoughs with annoyance. "I may not be able to decern his intentions, but he is obviously lying, to I, a goddess, I will make sure to teach him a lesson."

Her eyes narrowed, concealing her fury. She could not allow her anger to surface; she had to maintain her divine grace.

"Very well, young one," the goddess responded, her voice sweetened with false understanding. "If that is truly your wish, I shall grant it."

With a flick of her wrist, she summoned a portal, a pathway back to the world I so desperately wanted to return to.

But as she opened the gateway, a glimmer of mischief appeard in her eyes. She would teach this mortal a lesson, a reminder of the consequences of defying a goddess's will.

"Step through the portal, young one," she said with a soft smile, the sweetness of her voice, hid her true intentions. "May you find what you seek."

I then exclaimed, thoughts raced, "Nice! All that's left now." I looked at my classmates, who were all focused on me as I my thoughts raced further, "is to leave this place without sustaining too much emotional damage."

As I took hesitant steps towards the shimmering portal, my classmates couldn't resist the opportunity to revel in my perceived cowardice. Laughter filled the air, their voices were filled with mockery.

"Look at him, finally running away like the scared little mouse he is!"

"Haha, guess Akun really isn't 'Hero' material."

Mina, who was supposed to be my childhood friend, joined in with the laughter. "Oh, Akun, always the timid one. I guess you'll just be a burden after all!"

I then gritted my teeth and clenched my fists as my thoughts raced, "Laugh all you want; it's not like we'll ever see each other again."

After I bravely stepped through the portal, the goddess observed my departure with a mixture of curiosity and anticipation. "Now he's gone," she murmured to herself, a faint smile spread at the corner of her lips.

With my absence, the goddess turned her attention back to the remaining students. She raised her delicate hands, channeling divine energy that coverd each of them in a bright glow. The students could feel the power coursing through their veins as the goddess bestowed her blessings upon them.

"Now, my chosen ones, may my blessings guide you and protect you," she said, her voice echowing with a mixture of authority and compassion. "May you discover the strength within and rise to the challenges that await."

As the goddess finished bestowing her blessings, a surge of energy rippled through the students, intertwining with their very essence. They felt a renewed sense of purpose, an inner flame kindled by the divine touch.

The goddess then waved her hamds with grace, and a magical aura coverd the students. "Now, I will send you off to the land where your mission begins."

In an instant, their bodies started to transform into particles of light. The magic circle beneath their feet glowed brightly, carrying them away from the celestial realm and towards the world where their heroic journey awaited.

Just as they had disappeared, they reappeared, finding themselves in a colossal room with priestesses and priests surrounding them. Upon laying their eyes on the summoned heroes, their eyes lit up with excitement as they all swiftly hurried to their sides, treating them as guests of utmost importance.

"Welcome, brave heroes!" one of the priests exclaimed, his voice carrying the weight of respect. "We have long awaited your arrival. The kingdom rejoices at the sight of you."

The students exchanged suprised looks at each other, their hearts racing with a mix of exhilaration and uncertainty. They had stepped into a world far beyond their own, where their presence was met with awe and respect.

The priestess next the the prist from earlier, her eyes gleaming with excitement, stepped forward. "You have been chosen to stand against the encroaching darkness. The fate of our world rests in your hands. But fear not, for we shall guide you and support you in your noble endeavor."

As the students took in her words, they all seemed to wear serious expressions, each of them ready to prove their worth in this new world, and fuffil this grand mission placed upon them.

While all that was happening, I found myself falling from the boundless sky. My body had taken on a seemingly bluish, semi-transparent state, with a growing sense of fear and anxiety. Slowly, I began to realize that the goddess had tricked me, separating my soul from my body instead of providing me a way back to my world.

"Damm it, that stuck up goddess tricked me!" I thought, his voice echoing within my own mind. "Why did she? Was she angry? Was it something I did? Damm it all, women are so unpredictable!"

I fell for hours on end; it seemed like there was no ground, and that I would simply fall forever. Suddenly, my endless fall was stopped. "What the heck is going on?" I tried to find out the cause of this sudden new development. As I looked around, I suddenly heard a voice beside me.

"So, you were discarded, I see." I turned around but couldn't find the owner of the voice; it seemed like it was echoing from the very fabric of reality itself.

"Who are you? Show yourself!" I demanded, wanting to find out the identity of who, or what, was behind this.

Suddenly, the voice echoed again, "This could be an opportunity for me. I never get to watch anything fun because of all the work I do. Why don't I make this fun for both of us?" the voice echoed. Suddenly, my bluish, semi-transparent body began to glow. I thought maybe this mysterious being wanted to save me, but what happened next was far from my expectations.

Suddenly, the voice added, "now, that should be enough."

"What?" I muttered in confusion. The voice then added, "Alright, off you go now." Out of nowhere, my fall continued.

"Darn it all, I thought you wanted to save me! What the hell!" I exclaimed. My face clearly showed how surprised I was.

Eventually, I saw a thick forest below, its green leaves seemed inviting like a safe haven. However, appearances can be deceiving; that forest wasn't a sanctuary but the dreaded god-forsaken forest. A place said to have been cursed by the gods themselves.

I braced myself for impact. Surprisingly, my soul effortlessly passed through the forest floor, as if it were merely an illusion. My fall continued.

The unexpected passage through the forest floor left me suprised. I pondered the implications, his voice carrying a blend of confusion and awe. "Am I just a specter now? A wandering soul with no place to rest?"

Suddenly, out of nowhere, everything went black. I had no idea what was happening, and I couldn't make out anything.

Suddenly, a voice echoed in my head.

[System integrating...]

"What was that? What is happening? Where even am I?" I had so many questions.

Suddenly, the voice echoed again.

[The player should please calm down.]

[The system is yet to be online and, as such, cannot answer any of your questions.]

The voice had a somewhat emotionless vibe about it, sounding artificial and lifeless. Suddenly, the voice echoed.

[System integration completed!]

[Ding!! The player has earned a title!]

[Ding!! Title: Reincarnator!!]

Upon hearing the voice mention that title, I thought, "Reincarnator? Reincarnation? Have I been reborn?"

The voice echoed again.


[Ding!! The Endless Evolution System has been activated! Grind to gain evolution points and evolve yourself and your comrades!]

"So wait, a system and rebirth. Are you saying I'm like all those Isekai protagonists who were reborn into another world with a system? Sounds cool! The adventure, the magic, the danger, the excitement, I can't wait!" I exclaimed.

"If I have a system, I must have a status window, right?" I asked.

[Ding!! The system will now display the player's status window!]

"Oh, this is the good part."

[Name: Akun

Species: Monster Ant (hatchling) (Male)

Grade: Insect (1st Stage)

Experience: 0/4,000


- Strength: 0.1

- Agility: 0.2

- Stamina: 0.1

- Intelligence: 0.9

- Wisdom: 0.9

- Mana: 0


1. Poison Secretion - Level 1

2. Dig - Level 1

3. Bite - Level 1

Unique Skill:

- Super Gamer Shop -

Evolution Points: 0]

Looking at my status window, I mumbled in confusion and disbelief, "Wait... I'm a what!?"

power stones ⊂(・▽・⊂)

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