80 A Fake Funeral

"I am not going to ask any questions about what just happened."

Ted stared at Madorn over his plate of fried octopus bites.

The plate was so full that the high cor doubted the ability of his slender belly to take it all in.

"I wouldn't answer those questions, anyway," he sighed. "But we need to lure Eknie out. I have a feeling the spy did something to her, she's scared of Blake, she won't come out unless we do something about it. We need to arrange a funeral."

Ground funerals were free-form due to there being no lasting traditions. People tried their own things, and what nobles did, became the model for many.

Ted grimaced as he realized he would have to send letters to all living relatives to get a proper burial. He would have to shed so many crocodile tears.

"Madorn, can you act as my right hand?" he asked. "I am going to need someone to pretend to be the strong one while I play the part of the weeping widower."


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