57 Song Yongrui in Love

"That'll be thirty thousand gold coins." she grinned.

"What? Why would I have to give you money?" said Song Zihao, springing up violently. Within seconds of springing up, he fell back down, groaning. He was rubbing his hip in pain after crashing to the ground, and finally looked back into Bai Jingfei's eyes.

Bai Jingfei took a peek at his indignant response and laughed. She looked back at him as if he was pigeon shit on the fancy wooden flooring.

"I'm doing you a huge favor. I should be paid for it should I not?" she grinned, eyes filled with contempt and haughtiness.

Song Zihao, who had initially opposed her dating his brother, because she was too innocent and tender, now had a different reason to oppose it. This woman would definitely make his life hell if she moved in.

"What favor? You're just bullying me right now." whined Song Zihao as he squirmed around like an earthworm.

"Does heavenly doctor Ling know you're part of the jianghu?" laughed Bai Jingfei, "Does he?"

Song Zihao's eyes widened in understanding. No self respecting noble of the Wang kingdom associated with the jianghu. Especially since the emperor was trying to get rid of them, or at least get rid of some of the jianghu's power.

Song Zihao stared in silence for a couple of seconds.

"Uh- he-"

"So he doesn't know," said Bai Jingfei, crossing her arms around her chest. Her chest might be flat but that didn't stop her from the action anyway.

There was no law that only well endowed women could act dominant.

While it was odd to her, as her previous body was well endowed, she had quickly gotten used to her new body. Although it was initially sickly and weak, the lack of curves made her feel lighter.

Her face had contorted into a smug grin that made Song Zihao infuriated. He wanted to fight her, but it was true, heavenly doctor Ling didn't know that he was part of jianghu. Heck, he was the jianghu boss's little brother.

If he were to find out, it was likely that he would remove Song Zihao from his tutelage and try to save some face. Worst case scenario it could spiral into conflict with heavenly doctor Ling.

Song Zihao could afford to bribe Bai Jingfei, but most definitely couldn't afford to get into trouble with heavenly doctor Ling. He sighed, got up, brushed his backside and headed to get the money.

He had no other choice after all.

"I'll be back with the money in ten minutes. Wait here please." he begged. He then speed walked back in the direction of the pond, to his room.

Bai Jingfei sat around for a good ten minutes before Sun Mei came walking over to her, a maid trailing behind her. She was looking around, and then let out a sigh of relief as soon as she spotted Bai Jingfei.

"Did you get to talk to him, FeiFei?"

"Yep!" said a grinning Bai Jingfei. She got up and stretched her arms for a few seconds, yawning again. She could probably sleep 23 hours a day if given the opportunity to.

"Let's go to our room then" smiled Sun Mei, then turning to the maid, "Lead the way."

The maid nodded politely and gestured for the two to follow her.

Bai Jingfei skipped next to Sun Mei and they headed to their room to catch up on their sleep.

"Miss Bai, there's a separate room for you." whispered the maid as Bai Jingfei entered the room, glancing around like an energetic bunny. She was hopping around enthusiastically as she tried to peek at every corner of the room.

"It's okay! I'll stay with MeiMei."

Bai Jingfei knew that if she stayed in the same room as Sun Mei, she was guaranteed head pats and lots of attention, which she had come to realize, she quite adored.

Sun Mei grinned too.

Even though Bai Jingfei was unpredictable and generally a pain to deal with, she was quite sweet, and even more cute. She was going to enjoy staying with Bai Jingfei.

On top of that, if she stayed with Bai Jingfei, she could prevent any jianghu scum from hitting on her or trying to mess with her. She would guard Bai Jingfei.

Meanwhile, back in the hall, Song Zihao huffed and puffed before realizing Bai Jingfei had left.

"Darn that brat!" he clutched onto his hair dramatically and pulled on it, "Why'd she leave if she wanted the money!

"Who wanted money?" asked Song Yongrui, sneaking up on Song Zihao, which led to Song Zihao jumping in fright and almost stumbling into the pond behind.

Song Zihao thought for a second before deciding not to tell his brother what had happened. It would be quite embarrassing to admit what had happened.

'A little girl just blackmailed me.'

Song Yongrui, however, was much smarter than his dimwitted brother. He knew who the scammer was, and had a vague idea of how the scam worked. He had no plans of helping his brother, he just wanted to watch the drama.

"Well, if you owe someone money, go repay your debts. Why should they hound you down for money that you owe them?" said Song Yongrui, waving his hand in a 'shoo shoo' motion.

"Brother, you've truly changed," wailed Song Zihao.

Song Yongrui had taught him the principle of 'do not incur debt, steal or scam' and here he was, convincing him to pay off his debts in a steadfast manner.

Somewhere in Song Zihao's mind, the money Bai Jingfei was scamming out of him had become debt. He didn't realize but Song Yongrui did.

"I'll go then." whispered Song Zihao, dragging his sack of gold behind him. His drooping back and dejected face made him look like a clown of sorts. Song Yongrui was enjoying this quite a bit.

'Ha... She really is the best' sighed a satiated Song Yongrui.

"I was right to make sure Song Zihao didn't know I told heavenly doctor Ling about his background."

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