75 Seduction Battle Begin!

While Bai Jingfei could definitely be tempted by a pretty older sister, she wasn't going to abandon her handsome dowry man for it. Especially since he was the one keeping her happy and catering to her whims.

Plus Bai Jingfei had gotten insanely possessive when it came to him. There was no way she would let anyone else have him.

She had the urge to lock him up to her side and never let him go, and lucky for her, Song Yongrui exactly reciprocated her emotions.

Of course in his urges he was the one to lock Bai Jingfei up but they could debate that once they were married. There was plenty of time in the future for both of them to lock each other up.

Bai Jingfei felt comfortable being hugged from behind by Song Yongrui.

She definitely wasn't going to struggle. Rather she was completely prepared to nap on that wide chest of his. While Song Yongrui had a rather toned, slim figure, Bai Jingfei was so tiny in comparison that she could use him as a bed if needed.


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