12 One Must Eat Carrots.

Bai Jingfei quietly walked behind the two guards over to a large shop with the name "Jade Medical Hall" plastered all over it.

Bai Jingfei had never heard of the place despite having tons of bitter medicine specially ordered from this very place each day. If she were to find out, her respect for the majestic looking hall would not increase, rather it would decrease by quite a lot.

Inside the hall decorated with auspicious talismans, with herbs spread out all over tables were two men squabbling over a herb.

Bai Jingfei looked around the grand hall, admiring the red paint while thinking of how many patients they'd have to kill to get enough blood to paint the hall.

After approximating the amount to about 81 people, considering factors such as multiple coats to get the bright color and regular wear and tear, Bai Jingfei had made her conclusion.

'These people probably have hitmen if the coloring is blood'.

Needless to say the paint was not blood, and the two men squabbling in front of her were getting increasingly violent as she drew closer.

"The heavenly doctor is here. Bow" proclaimed a guard.

The two men almost instantly stopped fighting and bent their heads in respect towards Bai Jingfei. Without Her having to ask what had happened the men walked over to her, desperate to paint themselves as innocent.

"Master Ming, I am in severe need of this Blood Pearl Grass. As you know I was bitten by a fierce beast in the mountains. This medicine will clear my blocked meridians and-"

"Master Ming, the pain from my meridians is leaving me unable to sleep at night. Minister Shu only wants to clear his meridians so he can advance his career. I am in pain-"

Bai Jingfei's head was spinning as the men blabbered on and on about how each of the men claimed that they needed the medicine more.

"Stop." whispered Bai Jingfei in fear that her voice would give her away.

There was an uncomfortable silence in the room as Bai Jingfei thanked her lucky stars. If she was told to give these men a diagnosis she would be in severe trouble, this was hard, but not nearly as hard as giving a diagnosis.

Looking at the two men and their respectful gazes, Bai Jingfei felt a mix of emotions ranging from a sense of elation and pride to extreme panic.

If her emotions could be measured, it would be 90% panic unfortunately.

The two ministers were almost prostrating to her in respect. Whoever this "Heavenly doctor Ming" was, he had his priorities sorted out.

Bai Jingfei was close to tears and decided to just mindlessly say whatever she felt like and then make a run for it.

Without a single thought she blurted out, "True pain is of the heart, not of the body."

Bai Jingfei was close to sweating buckets out of panic but she held her ground and looked up and down the two ministers disdainfully.

After a few minutes of her stares, she walked out of the hall while the deafening silence remained in the hall behind her.

Another man sheepishly walked up to her, "Master I'm unable to pass stool-"

Bai Jingfei was now thoroughly frustrated. If frustration could make cookies, she would have an entire bakery.

"Go eat some carrots."

And without another word Bai Jingfei walked out of the silent hall and onto the main road, this time in the direction towards home. She would likely reach back home within a few minutes.

Reaching back to where she had left from she quietly retraced her path to the costume room before changing back into her clothes.

She would then hide her candy as planned.

Bai Jingfei was happy with the outcome of her little adventure but back in the medicinal hall there was some severe confusion.

"Master Ming, you're back already?"

Heavenly doctor Ming was extremely confused, he'd been gone for more than a couple of hours and had almost gotten mugged on his way back, and no one came to search for him despite the delay.

In the hall sat minister Shu, and minister Cao, both looking pensive.

"Master, you are right!" they said in sync, bowing their heads.

Heavenly doctor Ming was bewildered, he could not remember talking to these men more than once or twice, what exactly were they talking about?

"Don't you both need Blood Pearl Grass? Meridian unblocking was it not?"

The two ministers instantly shook their heads violently in denial.

"Master, I don't need it anymore. Especially if minister Cao cannot get any for himself."

"Master, If minister Shu cannot have any, I shall not partake in it either."

The two ministers left the hall firmly after bowing to the now baffled Heavenly Doctor. They laughed together like old friends as they left. No one would believe that they had been squabbling just under an hour ago.

"What exactly were those two talking about?" asked Heavenly Doctor Ming, scratching his forehead in wonder.

Looking at heavenly doctor Ming, we can see that he looked exactly like Bai Jingfei's disguise. Head to toe matched. He even had an effeminate voice and suspicious looking wrinkles.

If Bai Jingfei were to see him, her conclusion would be that he too was a loli in disguise, but Heavenly Doctor Ming was an old man.

Unmarried, old man, probably because of his strange appearance.

"If they really needed Blood Pearl Grass I could've gotten some from the storage box. When has there ever been a shortage of that weed?"

The two guards looked around, confused, now realising that the 'Heavenly Doctor Ming' they had brought in before was probably not Heavenly Doctor Ming after all.

They were probably in for some punishment.

"I'm running a business here, how am I supposed to pay my bills if these people won't buy their darn medicine?" grumbled Heavenly Doctor Bai.

From the corner a man walked out.

"Heavenly doctor I'm unable to pass st-"

Heavenly Doctor Ming had truly had enough. He yelled at the man, full of frustration at losing two customers who would buy his expensive weeds.

"Go eat some carrots."

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