72 FeiFei Meets a Bona Fide Priestess and Also Tries to Kill Her

Bai Jingfei ran into the room they had previously occupied like a little rocket. She zoomed past all the obstacles, large vases, walls, pillars, and then sprinted into the room as she pushed the door open with a loud bang.

Then like a bunny she jumped on to the bed, right next to a lump, completely covered by a blanket. Bai Jingfei, being the oblivious brat she was, definitely didn't notice the lump or didn't care about it to say the least.

"MeiMei! I call dibs on this bed!" she yelled as she giggled and kicked around on the bed.

Sun Mei strode in solemnly, her long legs giving her the aura of an experienced warrior.

"Remind me why we picked the jianghu leader up and brought him with us?" she sighed. She was most definitely regretting allowing this sort of nonsense.

Bai Jingfei pouted, "Was I supposed to just leave him there then?"

"Yes! That's his home FeiFei!" shouted Sun Mei, "He's not a homeless dog that you just pick up and bring along. He's an adult man and the leader of the darn jianghu!"

Bai Jingfei stared at Sun Mei with her big and watery eyes that glimmered in the sunlight. As soon as Sun Mei caught a glance of Bai Jingfei's tears she felt herself weakening and her resolve crumbling away.

"He's my future husband!"

"FUTURE! And nothing is guaranteed. I can show you a few very nice looking men who aren't in such turbulent positions of power. They will treat you better than this jianghu mobster ever could!"

Bai Jingfei leaned back, onto the lump. She straightened her skirt and looked at her feet in her tiny embroidered shoes, with a covert grin. She then lifted her head, tears brimming yet again.

"I won't. I'm not going to talk to you anymore MeiMe- Sun Mei."

Sun Mei realized she had probably gone too far. But she was angry nonetheless. It wasn't her fault that FeiFei had chosen a messy, troublesome man. The man was no good at anything other than being a temptress.

'How dare that man seduce FeiFei like this!'

Her priority, however, was appeasing Bai Jingfei. That wasn't something easy to do. Bai Jingfei was the type to milk as much as she could from someone. In this case she was going to be milking Sun Mei.

She kept her pout and firmly looked away from Sun Mei. She refused to make eye contact and crossed her arms over her otherwise flat chest.

But then she felt something wriggling under her.

Bai 'cave creature full of bravery' Jingfei did what the most brave of warriors would do when faced with an unknown wriggling object.

Scream and try to kill it.

Bai Jingfei jumped on the lump screeching as if she was in Jurassic park and a velociraptor had just flown away with her love interest.

It was a pained grunt that stopped her from crushing the lump to death. Sun Mei was also very helpful in catching the jumping Bai Jingfei and moving her off of the lump. Then the blanket was pulled open and the lump's contents were revealed.

It was a slim young lady, covered from head to toe in a traditional red gown. She had a fan next to her and a headpiece like a dignified shaman from the ancient times, albeit a little messy.

She rubbed her eyes and slowly got up, yawning.

"What is going on here?" she said in a sweet and melodic voice that made Bai Jingfei feel sleepy. Just as Bai Jingfei was about to fall asleep she heard Sun Mei's voice again.

"You must be priestess NingNing?"

Bai Jingfei, who was priestess NingNing, but not really, woke up hearing a name she hadn't heard in a while. She grinned as soon as she figured out she had no reason to stay awake.

"Yes. And you two should be…" she looked at Sun Mei and Bai Jingfei one by one, "Bai Jingfei… and Sun Mei?"

Sun Mei nodded with a smile and then bent Bai Jingfei's head forward and whispered sharply, "FeiFei apologize!"

Bai Jingfei meekly bent forward and apologetically rubbed her hands together.

"Sorry for almost crushing you to death. I didn't want to kill you, I just didn't see you there…" Bai Jingfei's voice gradually trailed off as she realized she really didn't have to say everything she was saying, and that a mere 'sorry' would have been sufficient.

Priestess NingNing laughed.

"It's fine. I heard some very interesting things here though. Is it true you wish to marry the head of the jianghu?"

Bai Jingfei nodded vigorously.

Her plan included marrying him, taking all his money as dowry, stealing his superior genes to have a child and then retiring happily, using him as her servant.

She'd pictured a perfect, 'Boss of the jianghu is my slave' life without realizing she was basically thinking of a pampered married life. It was quite romantic if you looked closely enough. Very romantic.

'Stealing superior genes' was such a shady but loving term. As long as you interpreted it correctly you would understand that the term meant nothing more than 'Seduce handsome and talented man and carry his babies'.

"Yeah." said Bai Jingfei blushing, "I want to marry him~"

Sun Mei frowned but reigned herself in. This was not the time to contradict the blushing bride. She could only listen silently if she didn't want Bai Jingfei to cry again.

Bai Jingfei wasn't the type to cry though. She was only doing the crying act because she liked Sun Mei. Anyone she didn't like would've gotten bitten and had to get a rabies shot because of a certain mad dog loli.

"I've heard he's an old man. If such a cute young woman were to fall for him then it must not be true. I'm sure he's handsome beyond comparison."

Bai Jingfei caught her hands and smiled. Finally someone understood her.

"I want to marry him but I don't know if this will work" she said with a slight frown thinking of her family and status.

Priestess NingNing laughed and then took a look at Bai Jingfei's hands.

"Let me see your hand, I will predict your future marriage." she whispered.

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