46 Daughter Pampering War: Mine is Pampered More

Bai Jingfei yawned, hearing her name.

Her father had stopped patting her head and was now staring at the emperor with eyes full of what could only be described as fury. He stood up and glared at the emperor.

"With all due respect your majesty, my daughter has a weak constitution, she cannot and will not be heading to the Fa district at this time."

Prime minister Bai's voice boomed through the hall, catching the attention of every minister who sat there. They all instinctively knew who was speaking. There were only 2 ministers who dared to speak to the emperor in that tone.

Prime minister Bai and general Sun.

While prime minister Bai was trying to exempt his daughter and give the emperor "all due respect" which was none, general Sun was happy that his money blowing daughter would finally be able to prove her worth.

She had recently spent a hefty sum of one hundred and forty thousand gold coins. And the main point of concern for general Sun was that he had no clue what exactly she had spent the money on. Sun Mei refused to tell him.

He believed maybe sending her to a disaster affected region would change her mindset and make her realize how truly pampered she was.

"Prime minister Bai, your opinion is heard, but I cannot follow it. Your daughter will head for the Fa district tomorrow" said the emperor.

"Your majesty, she shall not be going. The Fa district is in no state for a young miss like my daughter to go any time soon." retorted prime minister Bai, not the slightest bit afraid of losing his head for the crime of lese majeste.

Then a third party stood up. General Sun was now shooting daggers at prime minister Bai with his eyes. While he was eager to send his daughter to the region, what prime minister Bai said made him feel like he was the one who was torturing his daughter.

'It was clearly the other way around!'

"Are you implying that my daughter is any less of a young miss, Bai? I will not hear of it." he boomed. If he had his sword with him he would've drawn it by now.

Prime minister Bai sneered.

"If you wish to spoil your daughter, fight his majesty, not me. It's not my fault you refuse to pamper your daughter." prime minister Bai stopped to give general Sun a mocking glance, "I heard you screaming at her just a few days ago over a paltry 140 thousand gold coins. How cheap."

General Sun wasn't going to take this insult just lying down.

"Well your daughter left home less than a few weeks after waking up. You must not pamper her enough…"

If there was one thing prime minister Bai did well, it was pampering his daughter. If he had been a little stronger he definitely would've walked over to general Sun and punched him in the face.

However prime minister Bai was a frail old man, and general Sun was, well, a general.

He would definitely take a punch from general Sun if needed but right now he had to focus on trying to have the emperor overturn his decision.

From the back a delicate and soft voice sounded. It was cave creature Feifei.

With her tear filled, doe-like eyes she looked at general Sun, "I didn't leave my father, general Sun. My father wants the best for me, that's why he sent me to study under heavenly doctor Ming. He wants me to be able to be independent and strong."

Prime minister Bai felt himself tear up after hearing his dear Feifei defend him in front of his colleague. He then shot a grin at general Sun.

"I heard your daughter refused to come today? Is it because she doesn't want to be seen with you?"

Bai Jingfei decided to chime in and have some fun.

"Papa, don't say that! Sun Mei definitely doesn't hate her father." she then lowered her voice into a whisper as if unsure of herself, "Well maybe not too much."

General Sun felt that sentence pierce into his heart. He sighed and sat down as if the weight of a few elephants or emperors was on his shoulders.

In an exhausted voice he finally said, "Your majesty I won't send my daughter either. If Bai won't send his daughter, I won't either. My daughter deserves the same, if not better treatment."

The emperor was now exhausted at the screaming match. While he could take one minister trampling all over his dignity, he couldn't take two of them. He wasn't going to listen to any of this.

"You need not fear, general Sun. Both daughters will be treated the same."

Prime minister Bai smiled. He had suspected he already won this battle.

"They shall both be heading to Fa district, no exceptions."

Prime minister Bai sighed again and the scowl that had just disappeared, returned to grace his face agan. The emperor simply wasn't listening to him.

'This dodo emperor. This stinky emperor. Trash. Scum. Waste.' he grumbled in his mind, thinking of his next best course of action. Was it yelling or just direct murder.

Now two thirds of the Bai family had contemplated killing the emperor. How incredibly loyal of them. At least none of them had voiced their thoughts out loud.

"Would you two rather marry your daughters off to my sons? We don't have a crown princess yet. Your daughters can compete for the position…"

To prime minister Bai this was a bigger punishment than sending his daughter to a flood affected region. Sending her there for a few weeks was a few weeks of pain, but marriage to the scum bloodline was a lifetime of pain.

General Sun appeared to agree with prime minister Bai on this topic.

Two voices resounded in sync, baffling the emperor who thought they would compete for power.

"I shall send my daughter to the Fa district tomorrow!"

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