60 Boom *Improved Edition*

Bai Jingfei stirred the pee for a few seconds as thick, dense fumes with a strong ammoniacal smell spread through the room.

Not only did it stink to the high heavens, the fumes enveloped the entire room and suffocated those in it. The warm fumes against Bai Jingfei's face made her want to puke but reminding herself that she was half way through kept her from running out of the room.

She kept heating the pee, stirring in chemicals till there was nothing but a white lump at the bottom of the cauldron.

She removed some mud from her pocket, passing it through the filtration tubes as Song Zihao continued choking. Within seconds, the soil and a brown gas escaped. She proceeded to mix the brown gas and some water to form a yellow liquid.

Song Zihao stood, awestruck as Bai Jingfei messed with the items as if she had been doing this all her life.

"What the heck are you doing?" he whispered through his choking.

"Shush. Don't disturb me. Open the window if you're dying." reprimanded Bai Jingfei cruelly. She had no patience for Song Zihao, even if he was her future brother in law. He was bugging her during her fun time, and that was inexcusable.

Song Zihao coughed but out of pure frustration to prove himself as a strong macho man he refused to open the window and kept staring at Bai Jingfei with a 'deep and brooding' look.

Unfortunately, to Bai Jingfei he looked like nothing but a clown.

Nothing he could possibly do would make Bai Jingfei think of him as a 'macho man'. At best he could be upgraded from 'sissy wussy boy' to 'slightly sissy, slightly wussy boy'.

She removed the yellow liquid, slowly pouring it into the cauldron, combining it with the white powder that had been sitting in it for quite some time.

Bai Jingfei then popped a lid onto the cauldron and the smog slowly disappeared. She opened the window casually without taking a single glance at the fool choking in the corner.

Song Zihao felt fresh air rush into his constricted lungs. He suddenly felt like he should have opened the window earlier on. He was a wreck.

Song Zihao was covered from head to toe in spider webs. While the maid had cleaned the room, she hadn't touched the cauldrons in fear of damaging them. Thus when Song Zihao removed said cauldrons he received nothing short of a heart attack.

"That was disgusting. What the heck are you doing?" spluttered Song Zihao.

Bai Jingfei laughed and shrugged. Her casual attitude was infuriating to Song Zihao who felt as if he had fought a war.

"I knew it. You don't know what you're doing. This is just a ruse to seduce my brother." he yelled, stumbling around like a fool, while pointing at Bai Jingfei. He was ready to run and snitch to his brother.

"Seduce your brother smelling like pee?" laughed Bai Jingfei, clutching her prettily embroidered pink dress. She ran a single hand through her hair like a femme fatale and then cackled till she was choking.

"I don't know- maybe you wanted to torture me."

"So I'm boiling pee for you to smell? I'm standing here smelling it with you." said Bai Jingfei, her expression now serious, "You really are a fool."

That shut up Song Zihao, at least for a few minutes.

"Oooooh, Song Yongrui~ I'm wearing your favorite perfume! Your brother's boiled piss. Wanna sniff~?" play acted Bai Jingfei in a high pitched voice.

"Okay okay I was wrong." Song Zihao sputtered again. He walked over to the cauldron frowning, and took a peek into it, through the smog.

He kept his eyes on it, waiting for it to do something.

"If that's a pill, I'm not taking it." he glared.

Bai Jingfei was a pill expert under heavenly doctor Ming, yet another pill expert. The chances were that if she was making something, it would be a pill. Maybe a performance enhancing one? A strengthening one?

"Oh it's definitely a pill. I boiled your pee for you to eat. What do you think it's for?" asked Bai Jingfei, clearly being sarcastic. Any normal person would notice, but Song Zihao was a fool.

"Does it make you strong? So that they can finish the construction and break down the mountainside faster?" asked Song Zihao innocently.

"Yep. Here, try some." said Bai Jingfei as she scooped the powder out of the cauldron with a small jar, "Go on. Take a bite."

Song Zihao grimaced in disgust. "No. That's disgusting. I won't try it."

"Well that's good, since it isn't a pill." laughed Bai Jingfei, "It's not toxic but it definitely won't help you either."

Song Zihao was understandably angry, but he was more curious about what the nasty powder was for. He was almost tricked into eating his pee powder but he didn't mind at this point. He was burning with curiosity.

"Show me what it does!" he yelled enthusiastically.

Bai Jingfei silently dropped a tiny pinch of the powder on a tree outside the shed. It was a considerable distance from anything else so she didn't mind.

"Don't be so stingy, put some more." edged Song Zihao while giggling.

Meanwhile Bai jingfei pulled a lamp off from the shed and ushered the maid to move away. Safety concerns. She was crazy but not enough to harm an innocent maid.

He was waiting for the tree to suddenly bloom or explode into flowers.

And explode it did.


The tree exploded, taking the shed with it.

The entire tree was now on fire, because of the tiniest pinch of the powder. The explosion was not only fearsome but huge. The noise was loud enough that Song Zihao thought his eardrums would burst.

Song Zihao stood there shivering, but Bai Jingfei was like an experienced soldier weathering the rough seas. She had seen many many many explosions. Far too many for a normal person's liking but Bai Jingfei was not a normal person.

"Ah~ ammonium nitrate. My favorite." sighed Bai Jingfei.

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