68 Bai Jingfei Wants Attention From Her Husband

Bai Jingfei took a little less than an hour to reach the cliffside at which the dam was being built. Her only task left was supervision of the construction but she knew she could rely on Song Yongrui for that as well.

"I'm back!" she yelled, sprinting out of the carriage as she leaped into Song Yongrui's arms.

Song Yongrui grinned and picked her up, spinning her around for a few seconds before slowly putting her down again.

"You should eat more. You weigh less than one of those sacks of "cement"..." he said. He tousled her hair for a second. Then, as if he regretted his actions, he picked at her hair for a few more seconds to put all the strands he had messed up back in their places.

Bai Jingfei stood patiently as he fiddled with her hair. There was a blush creeping down her neck but she didn't want to admit it.

"No. You're just weak. Can't even lift me eh?" she teased.

Song Yongrui clenched his chest and doubled down laughing. Everything Bai Jingfei did was so unexpected and entertaining to him. He enjoyed every minute of his time with her.

He walked over to Bai Jingfei and lifted her again, this time swinging her over his shoulder like a sack of potatoes. "Can't lift you? I could probably throw you off the cliff."

Bai Jingfei really wanted to edge him on and say something brave and dramatic. 'Throw me if you can.' for instance. But unfortunately, she was deadly terrified of the cliff so she was going to pass on that one.

"Please don't." she whispered, evoking yet another chuckle from Song Yongrui.

As he gently put her down, Bai Jingfei could feel his warm breath on her neck. The warmth of his touch had yet to fade from her skin but the heat of her blush was taking over.

Bai Jingfei fanned herself for a second, as she hoped to cool herself down and compose herself. As soon as her feet touched the ground, she lightly hit Song Yongrui.

"Stop bullying me and finish the work~" she whined.

"Okay, okay milady!" laughed Song Yongrui with a little bow.

Then she walked back to the tree she had sat under the last time, and leaned on it.

They say a man is most attractive when working but that definitely wasn't true.

For one, Bai Jingfei liked the attention from Song Yongrui. Work meant that his attention was on the dam and not her. She was slightly regretting sending him off but the work had to be done.

Now she was bored. At least she had a nice view of Song Yongrui and the skilled jianghu members. Them building the dam was much like a circus daredevil performance. It was accurate, fast and entertaining.

Meanwhile back at heavenly doctor Tang's house things weren't so fun.

Heavenly doctor Tang had arrived just on time for the butler to clean out the alchemy room, but not to fix the door. That didn't matter all that much in the end. The door could be explained, the alchemy room could not.

'Master, a wild bull ran head first into the door.'

'Master, there was a hurricane while you were gone.'

'Master, a hippopotamus gave birth and needed something to eat so I fed it the door.'

The butler paced around thinking of an excuse as heavenly doctor Tang and a servant unloaded the luggage. Soon they were walking toward the butler and the butler decided to go with the third excuse. Compassion toward hippos may make heavenly doctor Tang happy.

"Where's the door?" asked the servant boy who had gone on the trip with heavenly doctor Tang.

The butler felt shivers down his spine and prepared himself to say his dialogue. The air felt stickier somehow and his master's stare felt harsher than ever.

"Don't speak nonsense. When did this house ever have a door." said heavenly doctor Tang with a grunt.

The butler felt intense relief wash over his body. The master was so oblivious and almost dumb, that he hadn't realized that they had a door. It was great fortune for the butler.

"Take me to the alchemy room. I must see my babies after being separated for so long."

His 'babies' were, of course, his glassware and alchemy tools that he had collected and maintained over the years. They were his precious tools. Nothing else came close to how much he valued them.

"Yes master."

As soon as they entered the room, heavenly doctor Tang's sharp eyes darted from corner to corner as if inspecting the room. He licked his finger and stuck it into the air and then sniffed.

"Someone has been in here. Who was it?" he said, his eyes filled with rage, "Bring me my cauldron."

The butler dutifully brought out the cauldron and flashed an innocent smile. He then unnaturally stuck his hands behind his back with his shoulders slumped.

"A scratch." he bent forward to touch the inside of the cauldron, "Will you tell me who did this or should I assume it was you!"

Then the butler fell to his knees and pulled out the sheet of paper and a small bottle.

<Had to borrow your supplies. Will leave a gift.>

At the bottom of the sheet there was a scribble that heavenly doctor Tang could not decipher and decided he didn't have to. He was done. He had seen enough.

He was going to make rat burgers out of the rat that had left a scratch on his precious alchemy materials.

Bai Jingfei didn't appreciate being called a rat but it was a pretty apt description for her. She was small like a rat, messy like a rat, noisy like a rat and annoying like a rat. But then again, Bai Jingfei was a cave creature.

Heavenly doctor Tang had bloodshot eyes and a bloodthirsty stare.

He looked like a rather muscular and tanned, dying vampire.

"So this bottle is the gift the princess~ left me, EH!" he yelled, cracking it open, "Let me see what kind of trash this is."

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