42 “Oh mamaman! On dong dong dang! Mi nana nami!”

Zou Deming, who had just regained consciousness, felt another heart attack coming along. When Bai Jingfei said heart attack she meant it quite literally.

The dumb gangster bear-man hybrid boss fell to the ground clutching his chest in pain.

The bandits fell into a state of panic as soon as they saw their strong and burly boss collapse. They could only imagine how strong the spirit was if it had managed to bring their muscular boss down.

"Please, head priest-" said Wonky Teeth desperately before turning to Bai Jingfei, "head priestess, help him!"

Heavenly doctor Ming turned to Bai Jingfei and she immediately ran over to Zou Deming who was lying on the floor motionlessly. She checked his pulse and breathing and found he wasn't breathing at all.

"He's not breathing…" she said softly, "Let me try pushing the spirit out of his body."

Bai Jingfei instantly began chest compressions, the speed of her hands and her skill, surprising the bunch of gangsters.

This small, teenage looking girl was "pressing the spirit out of their boss's body" and they, fully grown men, were standing around and watching. They felt embarrassed and started rustling around, coming closer and closer to see if they could help.

"Move away!" said Bai Jingfei, "the spirit might come for you if you are too close!"

In reality she just needed space so she could finish her compressions. She was quickly running out of energy so she turned to Wonky Teeth.

"You! Come here!" she screamed, pointing at Wonky Teeth.

"Me?" asked Wonky Teeth, pointing at himself.

"Yes! You with the wonky teeth! Stop dilly dallying and come here!" she yelled, frustrated with how long it was taking to get his attention. Wonky Teeth was so dumb that it was annoying her, the boss of dumbness.

As Wonky Teeth ran up to her she began giving him instructions on how to do the chest compressions and CPR she was performing. Within seconds he had taken over and Bai Jingfei could go and help heavenly doctor Ming.

Heavenly doctor Ming had been digging around in his bag for white willow bark pills. If he were to find it he could probably fix Zou Deming. If not, probably not.

The pills gave Zou Deming a 90% chance of survival. No pills meant 0%.

However heavenly doctor MIng himself had no clue as to where the wretched pills were. He was sure they were in the bag but he simply could not seem to find them.

So he called for Bai Jingfei.

Bai Jingfei knew exactly where the pills were.

She had memorized the locations in the unlikely event that she would have to rob heavenly doctor Ming and run. Actually that situation was quite likely.

Especially in this current situation she was highly tempted to pick up all of her things and a few of his and run.

Within seconds she had pulled out the white willow bark pills and handed them to heavenly doctor Ming.

Waving a leaf above Zou Deming's face he began chanting some strange syllables before covertly stuffing a pill into his mouth. It was all done in one swift motion, so fast that no one else noticed, probably.

Bai Jingfei waited as heavenly doctor Ming kept chanting his nonsensical verses while waving his hands around like a madman. Or priest.

"Oh mamaman! On dong dong dang! Mi nana nami!"

"Oh mamaman! On dong dong dang! Mi nana nami!"

"Oh mamaman! On dong dong dang! Mi nana nami!"

Bai Jingfei joined in and eventually so did the bandits. It was a beautiful, touching moment where a bunch of fools were prancing around and chanting nonsensical lines.

If you saw it with no context you'd never realize there was a half dead man lying on the ground in front of them. Well that was the only bad thing.

But when bad things happen, they happen in a bunch.

Bai Jingfei felt a drop of water fall onto her face with a big, wet splash. It was raining. Quite heavily at that. There was no avoiding the rain. It was definitely going to flood.

"Where is your base?" asked heavenly doctor Ming, "let's head there with him. The spirit is trying to stop our exorision with the rain.

So the bandits carried the bear-man hybrid bandit boss down to the bottom of the mountain to their base. It was a long and arduous walk but Bai Jingfei and heavenly doctor Ming who took their carriage down didn't think so.

After all, the carriage had some high class padding.

Upon reaching the base Bai Jingfei looked around and saw piles of meat just lying around on the floor. She could also smell the scent of greasy, fatty lard.

It all made sense to her now.

So the gangster gang primarily ate meat fried in lard! It would be no surprise to a doctor that they would face issues at some point or the other. It would be more surprising if they didn't have problems after their diet.

After placing Zou Deming on a cot, the gangsters turned back to heavenly doctor Ming who was staring at them casually. He poked Zou Deming with a silver needle, instantly causing him to open his eyes.

He spluttered a little and then coughed, before lying back down with his eyes wide open.

The bandits were shocked but felt the urge to celebrate now that their boss was awake again. They had partially given up on the boss when Bai Jingfei had said she couldn't exorcise him alone.

Now the atmosphere was casual and light again, and a few bandits were even pulling out what looked like a carton of wine. The celebrations were just about to begin.

"Thank you head priest. You saved our boss!" said Wonky Teeth, stretching his hand out to shake hands with heavenly doctor Ming.

Heavenly doctor Ming smiled and shook his hand casually.

"So that'll be seventy thousand gold coins!" said heavenly doctor Ming with a smile.

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