6 Her Baby Dragon and Little Phoenix (3)

The peacefulness of their morning was disturbed when a woman burst into their home, dragging a suitcase behind her. She was wearing a fitted red dress and a pair of sunglasses. Her long curly hair fell in soft waves behind her.

"Hello, my darlings! Did you miss your Auntie Mei?" The woman winked at the trio.

Tang Moyu rolled her eyes at her friend's flashy appearance. She hadn't seen her in two months as Li Meili was busy traveling around the country because of her work.

When Tang Moyu was banished from Shenzhen and gave birth to a pair of twins six months later, she only had Li Meili on her side through it all. Li Meili was the only one who didn't turn her back on her when she had lost everything.

"Auntie Mei!" The twins called after Li Meili in unison.

"How're my favorite nephew and niece doing?" Li Meili sauntered to the kitchen and gave the twins a kiss on their cheeks before taking her seat next to Xiao Bao. "I hope you've been angels to your Mommy while I wasn't around."

"We behave as promised, Auntie Mei!" Little Star answered back.

"I thought you'd come back next week." Tang Moyu told her.

Li Meili shrugged and removed her sunglasses.

"What can I say? I just miss these two little buns. I know I have to return sooner." Li Meili said and pinched Xiao Bao's cheek before checking her phone. "Hey, Moyu. I got a new friend to meet tonight. Wanna do a double date?"

Tang Moyu scoffed and shook her head. She wasn't into dating. Her priority right now was her children and having a man in her life meant trouble, and she didn't want any of that when she only wanted to become a good mother to her children, regardless of her past.

"Look at this, Moyu." Li Meili turned her phone to let Tang Moyu, who was busy drinking her tea, see a picture with several men in it. "Amongst them, who do you think has the greatest 'D Energy'?"

Tang Moyu almost choked on her tea and was glad she was able to step back as some dripped on her chin.

"Li Meili!" She fiercely glared at her friend.

Li Meili furrowed her brow, not understanding Tang Moyu's reaction until she followed her friend's gaze.

"Oh, shit." She cursed to herself. She forgot that the twins were in the room with them. Darn, how could she forget to watch her words.

"That's two for today, Meili," Tang Moyu warned her. She understood now what she'd done.

Just when Li Meili thought she'd escaped the worst, Little Star's question to her mother sealed her fate.

"Mommy, what's D Energy?" Little Star asked her mother curiously.

Li Meili almost vomited blood and wanted to die right then, never to see the sunrise again. She should've paid more attention to what she was saying in front of the twins.

"Nothing that you need to worry about, Little Star. Auntie Mei is just making it up."

Tang Moyu finished her breakfast and let the excited twins converse with her best friend. She went to the door to pick up today's newspaper and mails.

As she went back to the kitchen and placed the newspaper on top of the counter as she checked on her mail. Her smile waned. A particular mail took her attention. There was one from them.

When Li Meili noticed the deep frown on her face, she helped the twins clean up their mess and helped them wash their hands and faces before returning to Tang Moyu's side who was still holding the mail in her hand.

"What is it?" She asked curiously.

"Meili, they want me to go back…" Tang Moyu sighed and placed the mail on the counter. She sighed and ran her fingers through her thick mane. "I wonder what they want from me this time?"

Li Meili picked up the same mail and read the contents of the letter. She inwardly snickered at how the sender wasted time, handwriting such a letter and sending it via snail mail when he could have emailed Tang Moyu instead.

She now understood the meaning of 'you can't teach the old dogs new tricks' especially to these elders who refused to accept the fast paced technology nowadays.

The letter came from the patriarch of the Tang family asking her friend to return home and help the Tang Enterprise as soon as possible.

To be clear, Tang Moyu didn't need the Tang family now. In terms of money, she had more than she could admit she had. She could live a decent life and support the education and the future of her twins with the money she hadn't touched from her investments in Shenzhen over the past five years.

Feng Tianhua might be able to blacklist her at Shenzhen but the value of a person like her wasn't based on her face and family background but her skills as a business strategist.

It was no wonder Feng Tianhua tried hard to destroy Moyu so that no one else would be able to benefit from her after her dismissal from Feng Conglomerate.

'A bunch of fools!' She thought. 'Where were you when Moyu asked for your help? Didn't you close your doors on her and refused to hear her pleadings?'

Li Meili had been traveling back and forth from New York to Shenzhen so she wasn't really surprised to hear that the Tang Enterprise was now on the brink of bankruptcy. Not only were they pressured and destroyed by Feng Tianhua after Tang Moyu left, but there wasn't anyone in the family who was capable of running the decades old family business.

It must be karma biting them hard in their asses for turning their backs on Tang Moyu when she needed their support the most.

"So… are you going back? You know Feng Tianhua wouldn't take this lightly. He might come after you as soon as you step back into Shenzhen." She asked.

No… actually, Li Meili thought that Feng Tianhua realized now that he'd made a grave mistake uplifting Xing Yiyue's status as his wife, discarding Tang Moyu from her rightful position. Right now, it was either he could get Tang Moyu back or destroy her.

As she looked at Tang Moyu, she understood the predicament she was in. Moyu had once told her she didn't want to seek revenge for her children's sake. She was afraid that people would hurt them in return and she didn't want harm to befall on them because of her.

"The old man is gravely sick and this is his last wish for me…" Tang Moyu muttered while Li Meili groaned.

Such a selfish and cruel family, then what about Tang Moyu's wish? Why should she put herself and the twins' future at stake for their sake?

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