53 Chapter 53: Reward Rules_1

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Just then, the prompt sounded again in Leo Ray's ear.

[Congratulations, the Moonwhite Tribe has felt your generosity and their submission has increased by 5 points, currently at 73 points.]

After listening to the prompt, Leo Ray slightly pursed his lips.

"Well, these 100 half-elves have actually managed to raise the overall submission of the 560-member tribe by 5 points.

It seems that the magic medicine is even more attractive to them than I had imagined."

"Alright, everyone listen up."

Then, signaling his subordinates and half-elves to pay attention, Leo Ray said, "Once the walls of the territory are completely reinforced,

the next key task is to seize every opportunity to train and be ready for battle at any time."

At this moment, Leo Ray's slightly sharp gaze turned to Gavin Sullivan and his other Tier 1 Subordinates, continuing, "Of course, this includes all of you.

Although many of you have never even held a real weapon before,


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