Country M Was Built On Human Rights, No One Can Be Left Behind

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"What in the world…"

"What's going on? Why are there still people on Earth?"

"Our great country, Xia1, is the best. We did not leave a single person behind."

"Haha! I am going to die of laughter. Isn't Country M2 all about human rights? How could they leave someone behind? Xia has billions of people yet not a single one was left behind."

"Heavens, look at where he is… He must have been fast asleep. Why is he naked?"

"Upon observation, he sure looks like a fierce man…"

"Earth is so big and he's the only one left on it. Does that mean he is now it's conqueror?"

"I have never seen a domineering person…"

"Blonde hair, blue eyes… That's probably a citizen of Country M."

"What about Country M's human rights policies?"

All sorts of opinions sprang out of the netizens on the spaceships' interconnected communications system.

The citizens on the spaceship belonging to Country M, dark-skinned, fair, tanned, and all various other complexions, were shocked.

They strongly protested that such a mistake could not have been made by Country M.

"How could our M Nation leave someone on Earth? When we boarded the spaceship, didn't we go through all kinds of confirmation tests?"

"Could it be that the man lying in the hotel is some kind of big shot? Was he left behind on purpose?"

"Maybe... Otherwise, under normal circumstances, who would have been able to afford the presidential suite?"

The whole world had been turned upside down in preparation for the mass migration. How could a person have been left behind?

The netizens on the interlinked communications were in an uproar. This flood of messages could be viewed by all the countries of the world.

The pressure from public opinion could have crushed one's soul.

An emergency meeting of the Army Alliance of Country M was being held on its spaceship.

"Have you found any useful information?" The General shouted at the group of experts that had been in charge of their country's migration plans.

One of them quickly called up the information and said, "The person who was left behind is called Shawn. He is 18 years old, 1.9 meters tall, 230 pounds, and has blood type B. A thousand years ago, he came to the M Nation from Great Britain with his grandparents. He is of pure-blooded heritage. His grandparents passed away when he was very young and he relied on welfare after that."

The expert who had recited this data was a blonde beauty. As she flipped through the data, she could not unsee what she saw. She blushed and said, "There's more… His manhood is 20…"

In the room, all the men looked down subconsciously.

F*ck, what was the use of that last piece of data? Was it necessary to have read that out loud? Everyone in the world had heard it.

Shawn would never have thought that he would one day be displaying himself to the entire human race.


"Ten years ago, he went missing. He was registered as a missing person and his identity was revoked. If it had not been for the global migration and his image appearing on the screen, I would not have guessed that he was in that hotel."

"That is all we have on Shawn. Any further information has to come from his lips. As for his current occupation, that is unknown. He could even be unemployed."

Everyone's eyes looked to the large electronic screen once again.

"Everyone, let's discuss this. What should we do?"

An old man in a military uniform on the main seat of the spaceship said in a low voice.

An officer massaged his golden eyes and said, "Our country's population is only one-fifth that of the Country Xia. Country Xia, using digital scanning of bloodlines, has not missed a single person. All of their citizens boarded their country's spaceship."

"In our country, with everyone shouting and screaming about human rights, that would have been hard for us to do."

"Country M had been the leader on human rights issues and was guiding the rest of the world. Now, we have left someone behind on Earth. If this is not handled properly, this will have a serious impact on our national standing once we arrive on Kepler."

"We must severely punish whoever was in charge of this."

"Alright but now is not the time to be pointing fingers. Let's talk about more important things. What should we do?" The old man said quietly.

An old professor stood up and said, "On the issue of this global migration, we cannot afford to be careless. We are the country that leads the world on the issue of human rights. The whole world is watching us. If this matter is not handled properly, the public will riot. I suggest we launch a special mission to rescue Shawn from Earth."

"If we do that, we can silence the people who are pointing their fingers at our nation. It will also look good for our reputation. In the future, when we have reached Kepler, we will have a bigger platform to stand on."

"Bullsh*t. How can we turn this whole spaceship around just to save one person? Do you know what that would mean?" Someone objected strongly to the professor's suggestion.

The whole room fell silent.

Everyone understood the price they would have to pay.

The spaceship has already left Earth and to turn back for just one man? The economic losses would be incalculable.

The fleets of all the countries of the world had already set off. Every moment, every second, they could travel tens of thousands of miles.

They had to make a decision right then and now. Otherwise, negative opinions would spread and it would not reflect well on the M nation.

Most importantly, there was another problem. Hundreds of super spaceships were filled with the citizens of the world. How could they return alone?

No one could have predicted this.

It just so happened that during the broadcast of the Earth, the entire world had seen the one person left behind in a high-class hotel located in Country M.

Nobody has ever faced such a predicament.

Everyone on the spaceship remained silent.

Finally, everyone looked towards the old man in the military uniform.

The old man didn't speak. He merely gestured to his assistant standing beside him. He didn't need to speak.

The assistant instantly knew what the old man wanted.

The assistant gracefully retrieved a thumb-sized cigar from an exquisite small box and handed it to the old man.

A metal cigar lighter came to life with a click. Its sound was so sharp that it rang throughout the room.

Everyone waited with bated breath.

Despite sensing the depressing atmosphere, the expert in charge of the spaceship's energy storage said, "At the speed that we are going, we will be reaching the speed of light soon. Every minute, every second, we are going faster and faster. Once we enter the hyperdrive mode, it will be too late."

Everyone's heart skipped a beat.

Had they all understood the man correctly?

If they wanted to save the person back on Earth, they had to make a decision now. Once they reached hyperdrive, the spaceship would be moving at super speed.

The old commander took a deep puff of his cigar.

His gaze swept across the room as he blew out a huge ring of smoke.

"Our country is built on the foundation of human rights. If we forgo our morals in front of the entire world, in the future, when we reach Kepler and everything starts anew, it will be very difficult for our nation to get a foothold."


Everyone's heart was in their throats.

The old man's face became serious. "Think of a way to coordinate with the other allies. Even if we had to build another spaceship, we have to think of a way to save our citizens. They are our people and we cannot give up on them.